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  1. I might be in there somewhere on the right side
  2. Grimes LN. He's coming off a big win and sounds like he's starting to peak
  3. Is it a love affair or a disdain for 103? :-* I appreciate the connection though. thought I would throw you some love ;D
  4. BrennanCosgrove and johnny Dillion
  5. I thought Hall got called for fleeing the mat but if it was a stalling call it should of been called earlier in the match. The kid had him in a single, and I don't think you can really stall when a kid has your leg hiked up in the air.
  6. josh Harper is pretty good. I thought he was going to get that turn on Cash at the Mishawaka tournment
  7. I like that there are only 15 votes at this time but nobody has voted other yet. ;D
  8. That was a wild call. Wasn't Trace in a single leg or the guy had a single leg on him?
  9. I seen this too. I seen Sandafer wearing one to but by the way he looks he prob. had a set of weights in it.
  10. They had a good chance at getting 10 through if Beck (112) didn't get in trouble.
  11. thats funny cause last year it was exactly the other way around people were chanting stalling in porras's favor i remember the ville was in an uproar i couldnt make it tonight but it sounded like a good match hats off to both wrestlers its just wierd how now the shows on the other foot they were chanting stalling on harper again but I think porras was just doing a good job riding him
  12. What was the most exciting match at the merrillville semi-state? If you have any other matches you want to add let me know. I made it if you cgange your mind you can change your vote
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