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  1. i wouldnt count on mishawaka winning next year, theyve been tough competitors for a long time, but losing 10 varsity wrestlers is a huge loss, one that i think cp and penn will be able to beat considering all of them are in the same semi state individual, hopefully it will be an intersting year, goodluck to all!
  2. opinions on which teams are going to make it back to team state? runner up? winner?
  3. placing top 3 i think is wat he expects, but everyones goal is/should be 1st... he keeps gettin stronger and i have no doubt that by the time he finishes his high school career he will have a state champ title
  4. Any idea on when the new rankings will be posted for 10-11 season?
  5. What schools do you think have the best chance at making it to team state next yr? Every team has their seniors they lose, but which schools will be able to pick it up?
  6. if anyone is worried about the spreadong of germs then the trainers (or someone) should be appointed to bring a nice little bottle of hand sanitizer
  7. excuses and facts are different, he told u the same thing i did, im glad he sees it like it is, the thing is we both favor our wrestlers and lean more towards their side thats simply all
  8. I would like to see them go to different colleges actually you may get mad on the mat at practice, but most of that stays on the mat and you are still friends after, but the way this turned out i doubt they will be friends anytime soon the past is the past and we all have our bad moments, so let it all go and dont hold grudges, weve all done things that have been disrespectful to someone and not all of them have been posted on indianamat.. basically... dont judge either wrestler's entire life over this no matter what your opinion is on the situation, life goes on and
  9. Honestly i think Vlahos would have beaten Willis if he can put willis on his back in the 1st 30 seconds that impressive
  10. Who cares if his dream was shattered? Obviously him, his family, team, friends, and fans... i dont know why you have to ask... He has shook coaches hands after losing many times. Its not like everytime he loses he refuses to shake hands. Again you are singling him out like hes the one and only to ever do that. Im sure if he wouldve shook your hand if he knew you were going to complain about it this much.
  11. I know vlahos is very competitive and will do almost anything to win, but one thing he isnt is a bad sport.
  12. agreed duck! Also he isnt the only wrestler that walked off the mat without shaking the other coaches hand... I saw it even in the finals. So if you are going to complain about not shaking hands with him, make sure you talk about every other wrestler that has done the same thing instead of singling him out
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