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  1. There is a GPA cut-off. Therefore anyone meeting that criteria is in. More the merrier!
  2. It's sectionals time. Such a fun time of year to honor our hard work and athletic accomplishments. The IHSWCA wants to make sure we are rewarding our academic accomplishments as well. Academic All-State nominations are due by Monday February 3rd, 2020. Honorable Mention is 3.25-3.74. Academic All-State is 3.75 and above. JUNIORS: Email JD Minch at jsaminch123@sbcglobal.net your athlete's name, grade, school, and a copy of their transcripts. SENIORS: Email Mark Line at markaline65@gmail.com your athlete's name, grade, school, and a copy of their transcripts. Any coach nominating an athlete must be a member of the IHSWCA. If you are not already, you can join at this link: https://ihswca.org/membership/signup/ Good luck this weekend.
  3. Working to make things even better... just need a few days to hammer out details!
  4. There was a survey put out to all IHSWCA coaches last fall regarding this. Overwhelmingly people felt 4 classes was best for the sport. You don't want the state duals to become watered down. So going 12 per class felt that it would be watered down and too big. I understand the concern of having 8 in 4A but half the schools. I guess I consider it the same as football state. They have 32 in class 6A and the other classes have 64. 8 is a cleaner bracket. 8 per class makes it about the same as previous years. One of the good things about this setup is that in each class, the top is about twice the bottom. 3A, was currently 1000-5000 The state didn't want to keep this event. I believe the IHSWCA has made it a very good event. We have continued to propose Team State to the IHSAA each proposal year and they haven't been keen on it. I think that all of the great people putting time into this event have made it better than ever. You wouldn't believe how many people are just donating their time to make this awesome. As always, we continue to evaluate things. If this doesn't end up being what is best, things can be voted on and changed again. I do appreciate reading feedback, especially suggestions on how to improve things. Understand we ultimately are trying to do great things for the sport and put out a great product. Feel free to contact me anytime you have a suggestion or question @ gratliff@rbbschools.net
  5. ehscoach

    Edgewood vs. Martinsville

  6. No. Sorry that was misleading. My understanding is that the if you go 5 tournaments than you could have 7 duals. Or 4 tournaments and 8 duals. we were told that “points” weren’t really a thing anymore when the 6 duals became the standard.
  7. There aren’t “points” per say anymore. You can have no more than 6 tournaments (or an event with 3 or more matches). The conference counts as one of your 6. you can also have 6 duals. Triple duals count 2 of your duals and not one of your tournaments.
  8. Terre Haute South
  9. ehscoach

    Floyd Central vs. Edgewood

    Floyd Central
  10. ehscoach

    Edgewood vs. New Albany

  11. These are instances that Robert has told us coaches to "call him." He used the instance in which an athlete's minimum wrestling weight was 119.7 and wrestling 120. He said "there are things we can do." Seems fuzzy, but make that phone call. What is frustrating to me, is say that your athlete weighed 120.3 (and therefore fat tested over 7%), he/she could then use the parent form to get to 5.5%, but not if they are already below the 7%.
  12. Is a must for what? The training "365 a year" is a big downfall to this whole conversation. We've lost casual wrestlers because a combination of things. But training every day of the year is going to drop retention rates terribly. Youth are getting burnt out from a youth season that starts in November and ends in March. But "if you want to be good you need to do Freestyle and Greco too." So now youth wrestling can be until May. It's no wonder that retention rate of athletes and coaches is so low. This isn't just wrestling, but the youth sports culture is so out of control that parents are pulled 100 different directions. It's easy to stop taking their child to wrestling when they have to travel for wrestling, baseball and basketball, etc... At the high school level, we are asking our kids to train year round because we want them to be the best. But at smaller schools where those athletes do more than 1 sport they don't have time to train year round for 2 or 3 sports. I know coaches that get upset at athletes that aren't there all summer and spring, but if you want to know the truth, those part-time athletes are what is going to keep this sport competitive at semi-state and regional levels. We can't diminish their value because they aren't a state placer or aren't there every off-season practice. More participants will always help increase the competition level.
  13. I don't want to speak for Coach Lorek (but I kind of am), but they were invited to be in the vote-in process this year. He seemed interested, but didn't feel his schedule could allow it currently. I sort of expressed the same feeling that they would probably be close to qualifying for a few years.
  14. I worried that one day we would cut weight classes, but I always thought it would be by 1 to 13 so that there was a logical tie-breaker in a dual meet. I always hoped they added 1 for a tie-breaker. I can’t see how cutting 2 is good for the sport. I do like the idea of 14 total wrestlers regardless of weight class on varsity.
  15. 3A- Avon and Mishawaka 2A- Bellmont and Garrett 1A- Prairie Heights and Eastern (Greentown) All teams have accepted their bids.
  16. It's about time you got this information out! Nothing like waiting until the last minute...
  17. I have not... I’m on spring break and it is good for my marriage to not do much work from a beach. Early this week I promise.
  18. 3A 2A 1A Carroll Jay County Adams Central Roncalli Columbia City Attica Perry Meridian North Montgomery Centerville Mater Dei Wawasee Manchester Brownsburg West Vigo Tell City Columbus East Western South Adams Warren Central Norwell Southridge Carmel Leo Wabash Penn Oak Hill North Posey Cathedral Culver Military Churubusco Automatic bids all set but 1 at this point. Waiting on Cathedral to give us that YES-
  19. I don't really know how to edit a post... so here is the list today. 1A is complete and waiting on 2 each from 2 and 3 A. 3A 2A 1A Carroll Jay County Adams Central Roncalli Columbia City Attica Perry Meridian North Montgomery Centerville Mater Dei Wawasee Manchester Brownsburg West Vigo Tell City Columbus East Western South Adams Warren Central Norwell Southridge Carmel Leo Wabash North Posey Churubusco
  20. I have asked for all responses from coaches to be turned in by Monday March 11th, which is also my birthday. The shortened version is, when I have 10 confirmed for each class, we will do the vote-in paperwork. That will asked to be returned within a week of being sent out. There is no exact date, but mid-april will be our final vote and then we will notify those teams the next day.
  21. as outgoing president, this is Jake O'Neil's fault.
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