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  1. It will definitely be a discussion at the IHSWCA clinic tomorrow and Friday. I think it will be a huge benefit to talk to other coaches, but to also see what kind of guidance Robert Faulkens may provide. We have talked about these groups of 4 pods at our schools, but even then my admin mentioned how they couldn't be around each other in the locker room, at meets, on the bus etc for contact tracing. Nearly an impossible position.
  2. My favorite post in a long time is hearing a dedicated wrestler trying a different sport! it’s what we preach to other sports to come try wrestling. If nothing else, the mental, break will be nice for him.
  3. The fall to winter thing really just won’t work I don’t believe, unless you were to do like October, November, December for Fall sports. January and February are just too cold for outdoor sports. Winter to spring makes sense, And spring to summer, but I don’t know how fall sports will work in winter.
  4. The vote took place Monday evening: 4A (Did not require a vote as the 2 teams were so far ahead in points) Carmel Avon 3A Roncalli 2A Boonville Norwell 1A Southmont South Adams It's going to be an exciting tournament.
  5. The last I checked, The IHSWCA vote was 17% of coaches wanted it reduced to 13 weights.
  6. All the teams that are being considered for the final two spots were asked to send a report to our data collection guy. He puts all of the information together and sends it back to our panel of coaches who have looked over the "resumes". In a few weeks, the panel will vote on the final teams after discussions.
  7. I talk about this rivalry every year to my team... Clark beat Macke by something like 14 at MD Classic. Then like a major at semi-state. Then 1 at state. Then Macke beat Clark at Team State. Maybe my memory is rough at this point, but I'm pretty close there I know.
  8. To be fair, Girls State is not an IHSWCA event.
  9. No one has contacted me from New Castle. Can you send me the coach’s email? I emailed the AD.
  10. Invitations sent out today. So far no declines. That doesn’t mean there won’t be some, but half said yes within 5 hours. This situation happened a few years ago when team state was on a Saturday and then all the holiday tournaments were just three days later. A goal is still to get this to be the following weekend in future years, but the venue (or anything comparable) and officials were not available for January 9.
  11. This was brought up in surveys to IHSWCA members in the past and didn’t receive great support amongst any size school surprisingly. The IHSAA looks for high numbers of support amongst members for proposals (80% and above really). The numbers were not close to being proposal worthy.
  12. I don’t know what is right here, but I would find it hard to believe that a class system that puts schools of 700 together with schools of 4000 seems right. I guess if I were to buy into class system, that seems like too much of a disparity.
  13. You guys don't even understand how amazing @maligned is... This is crazy work on his part. And he doesn't even live in this country. A lot of people go into making this Team State possible without the help of the IHSAA, but I think person 1 is Maligned. Thanks!
  14. This was last March by some athletic directors from Southern Indiana. I don't know how often AD's can do proposals, but I will look into it.
  15. So, this was a discussion after an athletic director proposed it as a rule change. I was just part of the explanations and not the proposal. But if I remember the explanation correctly, the commish said it was not proposed correctly. If the proposal had said something to the sorts of competing against teams outside of the travel restriction, as long as they came to us or a neutral place within our travel limits, that most likely would have passed. But because the proposal was about lifting travel restrictions, they would not go with it and to try again the next proposal series.
  16. Having sat in on the meetings where this travel rule was discussed, I at least was interested to hear the IHSAA's side of it. They worry about lifting a travel rule and it helping the rich get richer. Say little Edgewood couldn't afford monetarily to send a team past 300 miles (nor should they) and big a wealthier school could. Now say that Edgewood has some super stud that was open to considering other schools. Now they see a schedule that offers going to Las Vegas for a tournament and my kid transfers schools. Transferring seems out of control these days anyways, but
  17. There is a GPA cut-off. Therefore anyone meeting that criteria is in. More the merrier!
  18. It's sectionals time. Such a fun time of year to honor our hard work and athletic accomplishments. The IHSWCA wants to make sure we are rewarding our academic accomplishments as well. Academic All-State nominations are due by Monday February 3rd, 2020. Honorable Mention is 3.25-3.74. Academic All-State is 3.75 and above. JUNIORS: Email JD Minch at jsaminch123@sbcglobal.net your athlete's name, grade, school, and a copy of their transcripts. SENIORS: Email Mark Line at markaline65@gmail.com your athlete's name, grade, school, and a copy of their transcri
  19. Working to make things even better... just need a few days to hammer out details!
  20. There was a survey put out to all IHSWCA coaches last fall regarding this. Overwhelmingly people felt 4 classes was best for the sport. You don't want the state duals to become watered down. So going 12 per class felt that it would be watered down and too big. I understand the concern of having 8 in 4A but half the schools. I guess I consider it the same as football state. They have 32 in class 6A and the other classes have 64. 8 is a cleaner bracket. 8 per class makes it about the same as previous years. One of the good things about this setup is that in
  21. ehscoach

    Edgewood vs. Martinsville

  22. No. Sorry that was misleading. My understanding is that the if you go 5 tournaments than you could have 7 duals. Or 4 tournaments and 8 duals. we were told that “points” weren’t really a thing anymore when the 6 duals became the standard.
  23. There aren’t “points” per say anymore. You can have no more than 6 tournaments (or an event with 3 or more matches). The conference counts as one of your 6. you can also have 6 duals. Triple duals count 2 of your duals and not one of your tournaments.
  24. Terre Haute South
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