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  1. Okay one out of 6 schools had no fear.
  2. With that said there is probably a good chance that both Carroll and Homestead will move into the SAC. (FWCS conference) Since we got kicked out of the NHC a few years ago because they were scared of us.
  3. There are 2 middle schools. Blackhawk that feeds to Snider. Saint Vincents that feeds to Dwenger.
  4. I have been interested recently on the the re-alignments we had. When did Wawasee, Warsaw, and Plymouth all change to Merriville/East Chicago? Who did we replace them with? What all schools changed? You are right about Allen County not producing like it should. FWCS dropping middle school definitely did not help they use to produce at least a few state placers and even had years with multiple State champs. The surrounding schools have never been big wrestling schools and many families have moved to those. I would put Carroll, Leo, New Haven and Homestead on the radar for the schools that need to start producing more, unless we can get FWCS to get back to it's glory days. But that may be more difficult since there are many more factors that go into it. Sports are one of the first things to go in a public school system that is already struggling for funding and keeping their head above the water just meeting the testing requirements they now have. Just look at the bus crisis they have. Many kids have to walk to school and in many places there isn't even side walks along the path to the school. So do you think they have buses that run for extra curricular activities? It is a pretty tough battle. The sad thing is we all know what the wonderful sport of wrestling can do for those kids that may have other things missing in their life. Carroll has stepped up and been doing their job. They have a couple years with tough Friday nights but I am sure that will come around. Leo had a great year last year and it was a little down this year with just missing punching the ticket for a couple kids. New Haven qualified a couple and gave it run. Homestead qualified one and had 2 last year with one placer (We are working hard to make that even better). I know the Warrior Elite has been doing a good job of getting some quality kids in there but that can be expensive for some families. Carroll runs a RTC that any wrestler can go to with a USA wrestling card and when someone gets back with us from the ISWA, Homestead would like to run a RTC on Tuesdays. So things are being done in Allen County but the FWCS problem is a difficult one.
  5. Could be the weekend before semi-state. I know we sent around 10 kids to this and almost all of them were JV or lost in Sectionals. I also realize this takes a venue and people to work it. Maybe it can be combined with a local youth tournament in order to combine resources. All and all thank you to whoever has put effort towards this.
  6. Such a sensitive week. Just don't click on the link if you think it will intrude on your safe space!
  7. I will throw Corbin Madoxx from Delaneyville in there from Fort Wayne. Dude was destroying the 220 class.
  8. Personally I think it is awesome to give a reason for the Freshman and Sophomores to stay in the room longer.
  9. Finishing a take down on this kid is no joke. He had a great day.
  10. Northside in the early 90's.
  11. So this is where the wrestle backs discussion has been hiding. I am for all the above. Super regional, more dual meets and less 2 days, and wrestle backs. Just so I understand if we take 5 to State. 4 wrestles 5 the first round. Then we have another round where 1 wrestles the winner of the first round. 2 wrestles 3. Or are you saying 1 gets a bye Friday night?
  12. No offense to New Haven they have done a great job this year developing their wrestlers. They are pretty strong up top. My question would be are you smoking something?
  13. This is how it works and the coach will not be allowed to coach sectionals.
  14. All of these problems discussed are symptoms of a broken system. Doesn't take a genius to see that. So instead of wrestle backs the conversation heads towards no seeding. This is a flipping joke. The Napolean syndrome in me is starting to come out.
  15. Oh you mean those passionate coaches that stand up and fight for the best seed for their kid? It is just horrible. One day out of the year. This stuff pisses me off. If we had true wrestle backs this would not be as big of a deal. But no we can't have that because the people in power like to show their power. So if a kid gets a 4th seed when they should have been 2nd or 3rd his season can be over if the other sectional has 2 studs. Ridiculous! But hey it is all about the kids.
  16. Why do we even seed then? Why take more than one wrestler from any level? Why wrestle for placement? Let's have a total of 4 wrestlers in each weight class at state and be done with it Friday night.
  17. It's going to happen. There is no way I can have a bad hair day! You on the other hand are hanging onto something that just isn't there anymore.
  18. I one time witnessed a parent get on this wrestling board and ask why their kid wasn't ranked.
  19. In general I love the idea though.
  20. ??? Are you saying if you don't have any weigh ins left you can't wrestle in it?
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