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  1. I agree with the Y2 on this topic. You have to love it before you learn it. At the youth club stage it is all about getting some fundamentals in and making sure they enjoy it. Not to say that some kids don't respond better with competition in order to feel like their working towards something. But there are definitely kids it will cause more harm than good. Can you say sharks and minnows!!!
  2. This is the one I am interested in. I don't know anyone that has tried it. I know a person that sells these and I can get you the pricing for it if you need. You can teach your team how to throw with them so the next time you wrestle Prairie Heights you guys can have a launch fest.
  3. No worries. That comment was not directed to you. I appreciated your input.
  4. We had issues in the past with this take down call and then the coaches complained enough that they put it in the rule book. Can we try to do the same for this situation? (Not that we haven't had this one still called wrong)
  5. Do you think I am kidding about wanting to know the actual ruling on this? Please don't respond with philosophical opinions on how the situation should be handled after the fact. I want opinions on what the ruling really should be here. There should not be a grey area. If there is then we need have the rule defined better possibly with pictures. So far the general opinion has been that this is an opinion call. Is that really the way it should be?
  6. Would that be the Shane Perky match? Angel was a blast to watch. It was like he would decide before hand on what technique he was going to drill during a match.
  7. We know that, we have been wrestling and coaching long enough to know when the hand is raised it is over. We are honestly looking for a true ruling. If it is a escape we will argue this for my wrestlers in the future. If it is not then we want to correctly argue this ruling in the future if it happens again. Maybe it will help someone else also.
  8. This is the position we ended up in for about the last 20 seconds. At no time did his head pop out. There was one moment where Drake did not have the far leg but there was never any separation, his head was still tucked, and he was not behind. The match ended in almost this exact position. We know you have to take it out of the refs hands but it is pretty hard to tell that to the kids relatives when you don't have an explanation for it. We accept the loss no matter what but in all honesty I want to know if we are wrong for thinking this was not the right call.
  9. Agreed. But I would go even further and say least productive week.
  10. No one is saying anything is meaningless. Should we stop giving out outstanding wrestler awards at tournaments because it may make other kids feel less important?
  11. This is exactly what I am thinking. I would like to nominate myself to this committee.
  12. Nice job Culp on poking the bear! This actually makes sense.
  13. I thought about this some more and it makes total sense. Coaches already make a ton of money for coaching and they are probably teachers which means they are in the high roller category so they really should pay for their first day also.
  14. Not only did your Friday night go bad. But hey get in line and buy a ticket like the rest of them you bums!!! So nice of them.
  15. That is why the decision is after the semis. Myself I hope Red loses in the semis. But I am extremely biased.
  16. I would agree. Adjust every year as far as I am concerned. Create a committee and have them decide every year what match should be last after the semi finals are done. Call it the main event.
  17. We will rise again!!!! Everyone of you trolls can shut it.
  18. Correct. We have to frame our argument better.
  19. Unless we are missing something taking 5 to State may be a great idea. It may have been explored before but I am not sure. This would be something they have allowed before at the Semi-State level and would bring more attendance to State which brings more money. The logistics of adding another round at the beginning of State would need to be explored. Maybe we do round one of the 5 vs 4 then round two we do 2 vs 3 first then 1 vs (winner of 5 v 4) to give time for recovery.
  20. I love the excitement of the ticket round also. But I personally have been affected by the lack of wrestle backs and I have helped coach way too many heart broken kids that should have made the trip to State.
  21. I could live with this!!! You get 4th or 5th you really have to fight your way back. Actually I would say it gives the 4th or 5th placer a better chance at beating the number 1 placer because they would have that first match out of the way.
  22. That is all understood. That is why we need to gather data on wrestling in every state to backup our arguments.
  23. How many other States do not have wrestle backs?
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