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  1. Gfeller just injury defaulted his 3rd match. Wonder what happened...
  2. I imagine it has already been discussed, but why aren't deondre Wilson and micic wrestling?
  3. Reece didn't break dance when he beat Howe, he did a flip. You get to do whatever you want when you're a champion. Especially a young champion. Get over it.
  4. Mater Dei won the coaches and team trophy that year (2003). They had 4 champs to griffith's 3. MD had 7 in the top 3 that yr and is the best IN HS team I have ever seen. The 2 that lost in the semis that year lost to angel and tsirtsis (macke and weinzy). That was also the only time in t-shirts HS career that an Indiana kid had him in even relative danger. Ahh, memories... To better your argument though, both years LN won, they didn't win the coaches' trophy. The year they DID win the coaches' trophy (1999) they didn't even qualify for the state tourney.
  5. That site is missing a cadet champ at 215 F/S from 1999. I can't remember the guy's name to save my life. It's Mike something or other from Carmel. He teched or pinned everyone he wrestled that year. Killer fball player too. Was plagued w/ injuries his jr and sr year though.
  6. It's a prep school. JT Young went there for a year after he graduated from BHSS.
  7. He won by TKO due to an ankle injury at only 44 seconds of round 1. Anyone know what happened?
  8. Has any other team besides 1999 MD placed 9+ in the last decade?
  9. 1. 2003 EMD 2. 2004 LN 3. 1999 EMD 4. 2009 Mishawaka
  10. How is shaking someone's hand good sportsmanship? Who gives a damn.
  11. Vlahos was kicked out of Fargo last year for doing this exact same move. Fleeger taught it to him if that tells you anything. It's used to intentionally hurt your opponent so he goes over.
  12. 22-0? Is that right? How've they only wrestled 22 matches? Just Al Smith and Calumet alone is 10 matches isn't it?
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