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  1. Looks like IN will get 5 cadet AA (FS) In addition to the 4 that are in the semis E. Eldred secured top 8 status through the cons. 4 others in the cons fell 1 match short of AA Good showing thus far.
  2. Well said Maligned. I must say I have been impressed with Lee's wrestling, but watching him handle himself after his only loss, I became even more impressed with his character. He, Micic and their respective coaches put on a display of class and respect after that match. Then saturday night, Lee was on the podium with a giant smile in place of the dejected look I saw from many others. It was refreshing to see. Lee has the potential to carry on the role of ambassador that Micic has played so well. These guys (Davis too) are everything that is right with Indiana Wrestling
  3. I respectfully disagree. I think even if (and I predict that he will) Lee looses to Micic I still think he is the most impressive Freshman in IN based purely on how he wrestles. Micic is soooo good that a loss to him almost shouldn't count. Now I will back talk because I re-read the thread topic...I respectfully agree, Lee would have win to even be in consideration for best freshman campaign
  4. I was looking for this list and thought I was loosing my mind -- glad to see that it did exist. Bring it back!!! It would make discussion like this som much easier. On the combination of in state and out of state accomplishments during high school years, Sliga may have the best combination 2x state champ, 2x 3rd (only losses in state were to state finalists that were 2-4 years older) 5 - Fargo championships; 1 Fila-cadet; cadet triple crown winner; USAW cadet folkstyle national champ; (non-championship accolades include 2x Fila Junior AA - with victories over D1 wrestlers i
  5. I heard he swallowed them alive just to see what nervous feels like
  6. They took out the graduated seniors from there rankings a while ago
  7. Corsaro just beat #1 ranked Chavez 5-3
  8. Come on no nick names for Miller, Tolley and Sliga? How about Mitch "One for the Thumb" Sliga? Or at minimum just Sliga (one name says it all) After all, he is going for an Indiana record 5th Fargo title (5 titles maybe a tie - not sure).
  9. Just saw that Deondre Wilson's first match will be against Colton Schilling of Oregon...This was also his first round matchup in Greco just days ago. I don't think I have seen that before.
  10. I was trying to find some data on this - but my job has kept me from it. It would be very interesting to know the # of times (if any) that a Fargo Champ had 2 earlier losses (or runner-up with 3)...
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