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  1. TeamInjuryTime07

    Jimtown RTC

    It’s that time of year to start getting yourself to the next level. Jimtown RTC has had a great room filled with studs and future studs from all over the area. We will start next Tuesday 2/26 at 5:30 in the scrapyard! Enter door A2 you must have a USA wrestling card!
  2. TeamInjuryTime07

    Jimtown Al Perkey Classic 2/24

    The annual Jimtown folkstyle open has been renamed to honor Baugo Legend Al Perkey. This weekend 2/24 you can weigh in Saturday 3:30-7:00pm or Sunday Morning 6:30-7:30am. Register and Pay on trackwrestling http://www.trackwrestling.com/registration/BasicPreReg1.jsp?tournamentGroupId=83345132
  3. TeamInjuryTime07

    Regional Format

    At our Regional we use 3 Mats Round 1, then they take a mat away and run semi finals and finals on two mats. I am curious how many other Regionals use only 2 mats in the 2nd round of the tournament? I understand the final round on 2 Mats but it seems to add a lot of extra time but not sure if this is how it is done everywhere.
  4. TeamInjuryTime07

    2015 Middle School State

    I agree more time between weigh ins but most of those other tournament don’t offer a day of weigh in either so that means people from out of town have to pay for a hotel room. In this particular situation anyone close by can avoid the fee and weigh in day of. As far as the Ben Davis example, we all have problems,their kids are still given the same opportunity to compete for the same price as anyone else. Those with extra money and feel like it is beneficial to them will pay it and weigh in. I do wish Wrestling wasn’t as costly but unfortunately that’s the way it goes, I love that at tournaments like IHPO and super 32 coaches get a discount or free wristband with a membership card I had to pay $60ish dollars at Virginia Beach to coach my own kids that to me is a bigger issue than weighing in early for $20. There is some advantage but you make it seem like these kids are buying a 2lb allowance, they get some extra time to recover if they are cutting weight. They still have to make the same weight and the opportunity is there for everyone to pay the fee if they see fit. My point was this isn’t new and I think it is smart
  5. TeamInjuryTime07

    2015 Middle School State

    Early weigh in for an extra fee happens at a lot of tournaments. It’s a very smart concept you make some extra money for whatever organization and you get a good chunk of kids weighed in early which cuts down on morning weigh in times so it is a win-win.
  6. TeamInjuryTime07

    Real scores of these results with errors??

    Jimtown 61 Elkhart Central 18
  7. TeamInjuryTime07

    Jimtown vs. Elkhart Central

  8. TeamInjuryTime07

    Jimtown vs. Edwardsburg(MI)

  9. TeamInjuryTime07

    Northridge vs. Jimtown

  10. TeamInjuryTime07

    Jimtown vs. NorthWood

  11. TeamInjuryTime07

    Springboro(OH) vs. Jimtown

  12. TeamInjuryTime07

    Jimtown vs. East Noble

  13. TeamInjuryTime07

    Niles(MI) vs. Jimtown

  14. TeamInjuryTime07

    Jimtown vs. Huntington North

  15. TeamInjuryTime07

    Jimtown vs. South Bend St. Joseph


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