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  1. Tonight 5:30-7:00pm, Enter door A2
  2. Tomorrow Night 5:30-7:00pm. Enter door A2
  3. Back at it tomorrow night 5:30pm-7:00pm. Had a solid group the first time back looking forward to another. Enter door A2, must have USA wrestling card If your sick please stay home!
  4. We are excited to get back to hosting Jimtown RTC every Tuesday Night 5:30pm-7:00pm, starting tomorrow June 1st! Enter Door A2, Must have USA Wrestling card! Self monitor symptoms and stay home if not feeling well. Please wear mask entering and exiting the building!
  5. Jimtown Currently has teaching openings in the High School and Elementary and Elementary,MS and High school coaching opportunities Current openings High School Business Teacher KG Teacher If you have any interest in teaching/coaching email me at jmaggart@baugo.org
  6. Shane Perky and Nick Crume 4x all Americans at U Indy, I believe the only ones in school history. Conner and Matt Gimson are 2X with 2 years remaining. Colin Crume all American
  7. Congratulations Conner Gimson on a National Title, and Matt Gimson finishing 3rd. I personally wanted to see the brother vs Brother finals matchup that I have seen behind closed doors that usually ended like most brother disputes do... congratulations to coach Pompei and his staff well earned! Side note: Jimtown legend Colin Crume coaching Jimtown legend Conner Gimson in the finals was a thing of beauty!
  8. Jimtown 106: Wrestling,CC 113: Wrestling 120: Wrestling, Football 126: Wrestling 132: Wrestling, CC,soccer 138: wrestling, Soccer 145 Wrestling, Football 152 wrestling, Football, Track 160 Wrestling, Football 170 Wrestling, Football 182 Wrestling, Football, Baseball 195 Wrestling, Football, Baseball 220 Wrestling, Football 285 Wrestling, Bowling, Football, Baseball
  9. 2018 Conner Gimson Jimtown vs Colt Rutter Yorktown 2007 Travis Dale McCutcheon vs Marcus Shrewsbury CP
  10. Mishawaka
  11. TeamInjuryTime07

    Jimtown vs Bremen

  12. TeamInjuryTime07

    Jimtown vs Whitko

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