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  1. TeamInjuryTime07

    Jimtown RTC

    Going down tonight in the Scrapyard at 5:30pm. Room has been solid all year with around 35-75 kids a week trying to get to the next level. We will have RTC every Tuesday except moratorium week. Enter Door A2, Must have USA card
  2. TeamInjuryTime07

    Jimtown RTC

    Back in action tonight at 5:30pm in the scrap yard. Enter door A2, Must have USA card
  3. TeamInjuryTime07

    Jimtown RTC

    Scrap yard is open again at 5:30pm tonight, room has had some very quality wrestlers every week from all over Northern Indiana, and a good group from Michigan comes in as well. Enter Door A2, Must have USA card
  4. TeamInjuryTime07

    Jimtown RTC

    We will be in the scrap yard tonight at 5:30pm gearing up for a big weekend. Look forward to a great room. Enter door A2, must have USA wrestling card
  5. Indiana Elite will have a few teams at the Midwest Grand Challenge Dual tournament in Kalamazoo, MI on May 4th. The following weights are open 97 102 167 187 X 2 220 X 2 285 If you are interested contact Paul Bachtel via call or text at 574 361 9561
  6. TeamInjuryTime07

    Jimtown RTC

    Scrap yard tonight at 5:30pm! Looking forward to another great room tonight. Studs from all over have been coming in and making each other better. Enter Door A2, Must have USA wrestling card
  7. TeamInjuryTime07

    Jimtown RTC

    Tonight at 5:30pm we will be back in the scrap yard. Room has been great all off season with some of the best around and some up and coming guys putting their time in ready to turn heads. Enter Door A2, Must have USA wrestling card
  8. TeamInjuryTime07

    Jimtown RTC

    Great room once again in the scrap yard! Kids from all over the area working hard to get to the next level. Culver academy studs made the trip and added to the excitement!! Back at it again next week at 5:30
  9. TeamInjuryTime07

    Jimtown RTC

    We will be getting after it in the scrap yard tomorrow night at 530pm. We have a had a great turnout every week so far. State place winners from all over northern Indiana and good group of Michigan guys drop in too. I expect that to continue as next years goals are still not complete! Enter door A2, must have USA wrestling card!
  10. TeamInjuryTime07

    Jimtown RTC

    Tomorrow night 5:30 in the scrap yard! Great opportunity to gear up for some upcoming tournaments. If you didn’t get to travel for spring break baugo is always beautiful this time of year! Enter A2, must have USA card
  11. TeamInjuryTime07

    Jimtown RTC

    We had another great room this past Tuesday night. Some great battles between current studs and some future hammers mixing it up too. We will still be having RTC next week April 2nd at 5:30pm. If you don't have spring break plans it is always warm and sunny in the scrap yard! Enter door A2 must have a USA wrestling Card!
  12. TeamInjuryTime07

    Jimtown RTC

    Tomorrow night at 5:30pm the scrap yard will be jam packed with studs from across the area. Great opportunity to work on some technique and get a lot of live in with some phenomenal partners! Enter door A2, must have USA wrestling card!
  13. TeamInjuryTime07

    Battle on the Baugo (3rd Annual)

    Battle on the Baugo Cost: $325 for each entry, teams may be school/club based Eligibility: Accepting teams consisting of 7th - 12th gr. wrestlers (incl. graduating seniors) Format: Pool & Round Robin format, each team should get 5 matches Weight Classes: 102, 110, 118, 125, 132, 138, 145, 155, 167, 180, 195, 220, 290 Satellite weigh-ins, each team will be responsible for entering their teams on trackwrestling You will be sent a link; make sure we have a good email address Skin checks will be performed between 7:30- 8:15 am on Sunday, May 19th Officials: Licensed IHSAA Wrestling Officials on every mat. Newest rules will be implemented. Start Time: Doors open at 7:00 am, coaches meeting at 8:30 am, wrestling starts at 9:00 am Additional info: ● $5 gate fee for all non-competing wrestlers/coaches ● Coaches are responsible for arranging their exhibition matches ● Team champions will receive custom t-shirts ● Mouth guards/headgear not required ● Periods will 2-1-1 ● Hospitality room will be provided for coaches and table help ● College out-of-bounds rules (space permitting) ● On site trainer will be available ● Concession stand will be open Registration/Payment: 59021 County Road 3, Elkhart, IN. 46517 Attn: Jerimiah Maggart Questions/Concerns Jimtown Wrestling Club (Please contact) Paul Bachtel 574-361-9561 Jerimiah Maggart 574- 298-3524 Registration: Please include the following: Head Coach, Assistant coach/s and table worker (each team needs to provide 1 table worker)
  14. TeamInjuryTime07

    Jimtown RTC

    Great crowd in the scrap yard tonight, thanks to coach Wilk for showing technique. Some of the live goes I saw were incredible. Definitely some guys who are going to be making a run next year. Back at it next week at 5:30pm!
  15. TeamInjuryTime07

    Jimtown RTC

    We are back at it tomorrow at 5:30pm in the scrap yard with legendary coach Henry Wilk as our guest clinician. He will show some technique before we get in some live! Great opportunity to get better and learn something new! Room has had 70 or more getting after it through 2 weeks. Enter door A2, Must have USA card

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