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  1. We have an opening in our Jimtown Super dual 12/5 if you are interested contact me at jmaggart@baugo.org
  2. Jimtown has advanced to Round 2 in the bracket challenge! If you wouldn’t mind helping us out and voting again we would greatly appreciate it. We are facing a team from Ohio and we know Indiana has a much better fan base than Ohio!
  3. Barbarian Apparel is having a bracket challenge for a free set of Singlets and Jimtown needs your help with votes! I believe we are the only Indiana team in the bracket from my quick glance, if you have the Twitter we would be grateful if you Would give us a vote. Round 1 is underway now and we are pretty close to the team we are facing. thanks for your help https://twitter.com/barbarianwear/status/1244610856199106560
  4. Tonight 5:30pm in the Scrap yard! Word on the street is NAIA All American Matt Gimson will be in the house, first one to score a takedown on him gets a free shirt. Enter door A2 Must have USA Wrestling card
  5. Tomorrow night it’s going down first Jimtown RTC of the season. Folkstyle State coming up this weekend expect a good room of studs! enter door A2, Scrap yard is on the left Must have USA wrestling card
  6. Jimtown RTC will start 3/10/20, we host the boys basketball sectional so we are unable to have it next week. Great opportunity to work on technique and wrestle live with a lot of quality partners. Room typically has between 35-65 kids each week with many different sizes and skill levels. Please Enter Door A2 and the Scrapyard is on your left Must have you USA Wrestling Card!
  7. Riley Horvath Jimtown placed 2nd at Elkhart Memorial. I was told at the tournament the first girl to make the finals and advance out of this sectional.
  8. Edwardsburg(MI)
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