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  1. What brand are they? That will help me with choosing a size
  2. Cant go wrong with a pizza from Harry and Izzys.
  3. http://indianamat.com/messageboard/index.php/topic,15393.0.html
  4. Maybe try some surrounding areas like carmel, greenwood, or something like that.
  5. Can never go wrong with Jeff Jordan's camp.
  6. I am only on my 6th year, been going since i was 14. Im hoping to make it quit a few.
  7. Its like 4 straight Fridays of Christmas Eve!!
  8. 103 Schrober Lykins 112 Pettijohn Schoettle 119 Carmichael Swigert 125 Wilson Ferguson 130 Bowman Mccreary 135 Raley Kriech 140 harrison Giza 145 Ping Clements 152 juliano hayes 160 Mappes Hessman 171 Warner Underwood 189 Stevenson Kernodle 215 Reese Faulkenberg 285 Suter Stevenson Some of these are just guesses. So don't be too quick to shoot me down.
  9. I never wrestled in the NC 2A championship. haha
  10. it did seem as if he was getting razzed on.
  11. android app for indianamat.com would be amazing.
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