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  1. I think loscoz may be a little bias and I think he meant he saw light not seen.
  2. I'm trying to watch on my laptop and it says content not available and I am in Bloomington.
  3. Ethan Herrin over Blake Jourdan 12-5 in the finals 145
  4. I saw it was 2-2 with some time left in the 3rd, how did Helm score the 1?
  5. Thoughts on 160 weight class? What do we know about Furgason from Jennings? Could he give Koontz a tough match?
  6. Seeing that spladle pin in the finals by Kelly was awesome. You don't see too many great pins like that. Wondering what other exciting pins have been seen under the lights?
  7. Fletcher vs Robinson potentials final 220 will it even be close for Robinson?
  8. I would like to give a shoutout to all of the coaches at Madison for what they have done this year. When I was in high school Madison always had maybe 1 or 2 good wrestlers a year, but not very strong as a team. The coaches there now have really turned the program around, and their whole team is strong. Can't wait to see how good they will be in a couple years with a full team! Personally really happy to see Coach Olds making an impact and having success. Learned so much for him and continue wishing him the best! Congrats Madison!
  9. What happened in the Thacker match? I saw that he got pinned, but how did it happen?
  10. Great match between Partee and Kemper!
  11. How do I change my user/profile name!? I made it when I was in high school, and I have since matured ;D
  12. what time does it start on saturday?
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