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  1. Drooke, at the time I didn't exactly know what I was getting myself into!! It was a freestyle tournament, but the match started and he controlled my left arm, then he hit me with a firemans. He guted me twice and won the 1st period 6-0. The second period he was kinda tired and only beat me 3-0!! He also wrestled for Appalachian State for 4 years. Anyway it was a good time and he is a tough guy. Yeah Im glad to see him back in Indiana, I talked to him about getting with a Bloomington school, but he said he might go small and start destroying all the big schools!!
  2. DevilDog, there are a couple of the Brandon kids that have joined our beloved Corps!! Eddie Hutchison and his brother Nick were state place winners for the Brandon Eagles and are now Marines!! I am over here in Okinawa and had the pleasure of wrestling Eddie at an open tournament this past year!! He has since joined the Marine Corps wrestling team. Watch out for him on the international stage here within the next couple years!!
  3. Sure would like to see him in a Hoosiers singlet!!!!
  4. Last one I seen was in 2003. Still find myself checking the boards and watching the finals every year!!
  5. Quit it!! You would never hear him say he was the 1A State Champion!! He did have a great workout partner though?
  6. Ryan Pribble says it all!!
  7. Thanks! I was thinking they went on sale around the state finals last year.
  8. TAE, Its Kevin Fulton. I'm in Okinawa, Japan and didn't have a chance to get my copy of the new book. I was wondering how I could get my hands on this great book!! Thanks ;D
  9. Trying to find wrestling posters to put in my kids room. Anyone have any good sites or stores?
  10. Ryan Pribble- giving small school kids hope everyday ;D Cant belive more people haven't mentioned 12X Team State Champion coach Mike Goebel
  11. Remember when Woodson won and put on the #1 shirt. Thats was sick!
  12. Any insight on the Bohannon match?
  13. Congrats to Bohannon from South Vermillion and Wimsett from Rockville.
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