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  1. I see Karl has 172 cool points. Got me thinking. Is he the coolest poster on the board? Who has the highest or who's the coolest?
  2. I've nevered boo'd anyone before. Figured I might as well try it. It really didn't make me feel any better or tougher. Guess i'll go back to just reading posts. ;D
  3. Y2 you're the best IF its not a pain could you do the updates on new thread for each weight class. then we could discuss the outcome in each weight. If it's hard to do it, please ignore my post. thanks for the updates
  4. Chicks love animal lovers. I own a dog grooming business. It works almost every time.
  5. Thank you, You deserved a wahoo for helping me out.
  6. Wanted say Congrats to Randy Kaufman from Rensselaer along with the Coaches Brad Burvan and Scott Lucero. You all worked hard all year long. Nice to see a little success again. Keep up the good work and good luck the rest of the way.
  7. You really can't compare the two unless your talking about team. Football is a complete team sport. Wrestling for the most part is all individual. There really is no need to have 2 or 3 state champs in ea weight class. Big or Small each wrestler has the same opportunity to improve themself in the off season. If your from a small school what would you rather have? NEVER competing against the big boys or having an opportunity to prove yourself as being a big boy.
  8. I think he was around 140. He had a younger brother that was pretty good at Chesterton. And I will admit that your right about it being less capable now. I haven't been there for many years and know that the size and poplularity has grown quite a bit.
  9. here are a couple more. remember when it was ok and not crazy to put on a plastic suit and run three miles around the high school swimming pool because it was 80 degrees in there Most high school coaches didn't even know what the term body fat meant let alone how to measure it.
  10. insan I have done my investigating. The guy from Merr. was Tom Magera he beat Moon his Jr year in Semis of Regional so he was done. Sr. year he beat Moon in Finals of Reg. and Semi State. Your right, back then the luck of the draw kept a lot of good wrestlers home that 3rd weekend of the tourney.
  11. You could be right. I'm going to have to find out though. It's killing me not being able to remember. Since your around my age do you remember the kid from Winamac I think Miles something. I think he's one of the first wrestlers to come out of Winamac and make some noise.
  12. I don't think moon got knocked out at Regionals. I don't know for a fact in his younger years. But senior yr. I think he lost to the kid from Merr. 3 or 4 times. I think he lost to him his jr year. I really wish I could remember the kids name though. He was Rensselaers first state qualifier I believe. Unfortunately he didn't get to wrestle in MSA because of weather had the state meet in New Castle. That had to be a bummer for the wrestlers.
  13. Lets hear from those small schools that has had that one wrestler that stood out. Who is your best wrestler of all time. I'll start it out. Rensselaer in my opinion has to be Mike Moon. wrestled in mid to late 80's was a state qualifier He always ran into kid from merrillville but can't remember his name, he just couldn't beat him but was always so close.
  14. I don't see why so many people think Mer. is so bad. It's a high school, your not going to have facilities of a college that's a given. If you put it in the Genesis center then people would complain they aren't close to the action or it wasn't a nice area. I really don't see another school being able to do a better job of hosting. It's not an easy job.
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