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  1. Thought I would start a thread to see if anyone has any points open and see if we can’t get some matchups in before the end of the year. Manchester and Busco are wrestling a dual and both have another point open if someone wants to join in.
  2. ENoblewrestling

    Woodlan Invitational

  3. To answer your questions about any influence that may have in the wrestling community all I can tell you is that I joined the association. I volunteered to help with some committees that they had, volunteered as a regional rep. I ran for the position of secratary twice unopposed. Literally any influence that I have is available to anyone willing to put in some time to help with the IHSWCA. In terms of our wrestling program (which I am not sure has anything at all to do with my ability to volunteer for the coaches association) we are a small community about 10 minutes from Northwest Fort Wayne. We are not Prairie Heights or Adams Central, but I have to admit that I am a little surprised that a small school wrestling aficionado like yourself didn't know we finished 2nd, 1st, and 5th at the first three team states. Thats not to say that we are the greatest team in the state, but we have done some good things for a small team, and are generally fairly competitive for a school our size. Are you advocating that only big schools have a say in the IHSWCA? Is there some sort of success factor you feel should be in place for IHSWCA volunteers?
  4. This is up there with the craziest things i've seen on this site. My varsity was sick. My back-up was ineligible at the time of the match. Your varsity 120 and 152 didn't wrestle that day, no one is making insane accusations that you were ducking kids. Don't be ridiculous, there is not reason why I wouldn't have my 85 pound kid wrestle yours and let him wrestle against Northrop. Quit trying to make up something that doesn't exist. Great idea. BTW we are either in a dual or a tournament with every sectional school except for two- Bishop Dwenger (who we used to dual, but had a scheduling change) and Huntington North (who just joined this year). I have no clue but out of curiosity how many do you see? We are not running from anyone, or trying to cheat any system. We make every effort to see every sectional team. Your accusations on this are complete and total nonsense.
  5. I can't recall who brought the suggestion up. I didn't take meeting minutes because it wasn't an IHSWCA meeting. I can tell you that there was a fruitful discussion that took place on the topic, and that I assume a majority agreed, or didn't voice an opinion on the topic.
  6. It was put on this board in the meeting minutes, and brought up at the spring clinic meeting under Coaches Summit. I agree that more could be done in terms of communication. In my role as secretary I will work to see if we can't better communicate these issues in the future. I can tell you that the group that met for sectional realignment was told to not discuss the realignment meeting, and that is why you didn't hear more on that.
  7. What backdoor shenanigans are you talking about? I am pretty sure it was an IHSAA made the group with the IHSWCA guidance. Either way I know that the IHSAA called for the meeting and it was held and ran by the IHSAA.
  8. To be honest I don't believe that either of these committees where IHSWCA committees, but instead ones that the IHSAA put together. I know for certain that the sectional realignment that the committee put together ended up being different than what the IHSAA put in place. When you refer to an oligarchy are you referring to the IHSAA or the IHSWCA? You know the two are different groups correct? The discussion can be found here.
  9. I don't know what to tell you other than the fact that I hope your kid doesn't get screwed in the seeding, and that I have brought the placement of unseeded wrestlers up as a topic before on this site. I can tell you that while on the committee I fought for it, and to be honest thought that it had passed. http://indianamat.com/index.php?/topic/47315-sectionals-placing-the-unseeded-wrestlers/
  10. Scenario 1 was our kid. Our varsity kid is 15-6. He was sick that morning, never showed up, and wrestled 0-5 matches. He was out of school Monday as well. Our back-up 106 pounder weighs 84 to 85 pounds. He wrestled every other match that day including at the time semi-state ranked, and sectional opponent Quinten Dawson from Northrop. Our kid had a snafu with his body fat percentage papers and was not cleared until literally after our round. We would have had no problem wrestling your kid, but we were not eligible to. If you remember I had my laptop with me and was trying to get onto your wifi because my phone wasn't working. I brought my laptop because I was hoping that the email would come in during the day. We were able to pick-up the forfeit to Dekalb(which we didn't think we were going to until I got the email), lost by pin to the Eastside wrestler in a dual that we lost on criteria, got pinned in :35 to Dawson, and then lost an 8-7 heartbreaker to an 87 lbs Elkhart Central kid. Anyhow, if our kid had been eligible we would have wrestled him. You beat our team 72-9, we wrestled our entire varsity line-up against you and had no problem with your kids beating almost every kid we had, why would I try to duck you with my 84 lbs JV 106?
  11. I need to clarify my statement. The coaches agreed to place the wrestlers in the manner that Y2 had brought up. The way I wrote it seems like we agreed to having them randomly drawn in.
  12. The random drawing of rat tails was discussed, and agreed upon by the coaches. I was under the impression that the new rules would have that wording put in.
  13. I am in the process of filling it in right now. I was mistaken earlier it must be emailed to you by your AD then they review it. It is due tomorrow by 4 so make sure to get it filled in.
  14. Just a heads up the IHSAA Wrestling Officials Survey is due by Tuesday January 9th. It’s on the .net site or available via email from your AD. Make sure to ask them about this if you don’t have it! Coaches if you wrestle this weekend please bring this up in the coaches meetings. This survey is very important in getting the Officials to the correct levels of the tournament and if anything else it is a $100 fine for your school if not filled out. Coaches let’s try to get as close to 100% participation as we can this year!
  15. They are on trackwrestling. http://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/predefinedtournaments/MainFrame.jsp?newSession=false&sport=wrestling&TIM=1513994053843&pageName=&ie=false&frameSize=1390
  16. I was curious about how the numbers are compiled, so I emailed Commissioner Faulkens. He said they come from the Alpha Master Reports.
  17. What weight? Moeller has a forfiet at 145....
  18. Brackets are on track. Top 4 seeds at 145 are undefeated.
  19. Bluffton, Cincinnati Moeller, Churubusco, Coldwater, Delta, Greenville, Jay County, Marion, Monroe Central, Moore Traditional (KY), Muncie Central, Norwell, Oak Hill, Union City, Wes-Del, & Winchester
  20. I have always thought that cutting kids who are not on your level and repeatedly taking them down is bush league. We usually do three takedowns/cut then look for the pin in situations like that. No need to totally decimate the kid.
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