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  1. The ladies at Warren Central do a fine job of making sure you have a nice variety of food, both healthy, and less than healthy choices. Lots of drinks, and just a very nice place to host a tournament.
  2. Um, maybe because thewy have coaches that look out for the best interest of their kids and dont care what people on a message board have to say about it. They did what was best for their kid, period, that is what they always do, and that is why the year after year bring a large number of guys to state that end up placing.
  3. Favorite wrestler of the weekend for me was Glogouski (sp) from Fairfield, the kid just never gives up, I saw time and time again kids get in deep on him, to a point that 95% of the wrestlers would have just rolled over and fought off bottom. He stuck with it and more times than not came out on top.
  4. Cathedral has always had a strong program, and this year put together a fantastic team, and wrestled very well all weekend long and they deserved to win the title.
  5. There are a ton of great coaches in the state. Being from the central section, I will keep my comments targeted at that area of the state. In no particular order, other then how they pop into my mind as I type. Ed "wad of muscle"Pendoski Jarrad Williams Jim Tonte Royce Decker JD Minch Cale Hoover Tim Wright Chad Redd Lance Ellis Coach Humphrey Dulaney I am sure there are many that I failed to mention, but each of the men listed above have given of there time and talents to help kids that they would never see on their own mats, but would be competing against them at sometime either now, or in the future. All any of them wanted to do was to make the sport better, and to help produce quality kids as a result.
  6. Definition of a tough wrestler? Someone that walks into the room each week, win or lose with the intent of becomming a better wrestler. The kid that no matter how he measures success, either by winning the big tourney, or just making it out of the 1st period, comes in and works their tail off trying to become better.
  7. Club parent


    Yeah, that board needs to watch that old Tom Cruise movie again, "risky Business" there is a line in there that would be helpful to them at this time, they need to say it, and just shut that board down.
  8. I am sure this will get me some boos, I use the analogy of homework or chores. Just because they don't want to do it, doesn't mean they can get out of it or that it is not good for them. If dads and moms didn't put a boot in the kids butt every now and again, I think there would be less kids involved with wrestling. I see no reason why a parent should not but there boot in a kids butt once in awhile. Most kids if given a choice would choose to sit and play games, or not go work hard. It is up to us as parents to make sure that while they get plenty of time to be a kid, they also need to get plenty of time to put in some serious work, as long as it is not forcing, but making them realize this is what they need to do, I see no problem with it.
  9. Wow, that weight class alone should be worth the price of admission. If the seeds hold, your semis will be Quiroga V. Cook Spencer V. Odom Should be entertaining, to say the least. Not sure I see anyone stopping perry from taking the team title though, they are again tough from top to bottom. Looks like they have 11 wrestlers with either a 1 or a 2 seed. There should be some great matches throughout the entire tourney. Come on 6:00.......
  10. As a new club parent, I decided to get involved with our club and joined the board. It was recently asked if we should pay our club coaches for the work they put in for the kids. I am trying to find out what other clubs in the state do for this. We are running a elementary dual team program, and will open it up for a folkstyle program, and be followed by the freestyle program. We are looking to have one coach run all three sections. My questions are as follows, do you, 1- Pay your coach for these 3 seasons? 2- if so, how much ? 3- from where does the money come if you pay them, club, or school board ? if you pay the coaches, I do not expect exact numbers, but a ball park would be nice, $ 500.00 per season, $ 1000.00 per year, something along those lines, or do you pay them more. Thank you for any input on this topic as this has the board kind of split at the moment.
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