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  1. Dingo thanks just read this 3-3:30pm thursday and felt like it was happenin live great match congrats to the Irish ;D
  2. Don't know what the Putnum Co. schools have this year, always a have a couple who will make some noise.If Bealmear TW130 Richards A145 are healthy that will change things a little bit from county. Judy Danville 103 Hall Avon 112 119 could be one of the best Guernsey Cascade Fuller BBurg Meyers TW Heald Pfield 125 another that could change from county Oakes has the experience but Cundiff A Roberts TW should contend 130 BealmearTW if healthy Arnes Cascade will challenge. 135 I can't pick against the Avon kid (bring on the funk )BBurg kid will be there. 140 Smith Cascade 145 Richards if healthy
  3. Avon wins 112 have'nt heard on the rest yet. 135, 171 both wrestle back to 3rd place match
  4. Steve how did the final end up between CMS AND G2?
  5. thanks that is great get well Tyler good luck the rest of the season.
  6. Does anyone know if Tyler Ferguson is alright.
  7. Heard Avon in semi finals at 112,135,152,160,171,189 still in wrestlebacks with everyone else. 145 140 both sick did not make trip,JV boys stepping up and still alive.
  8. Israel Blevins Avon came here at 25, in his 4th year.
  9. Anyone have brackets? Avon should make noise at112, 145, 152,160,189 and 135,171 could surprise as well.
  10. Gold takes 3rd Blue takes 5th, not sure how middle school team did. many thanks to Brandi for even attempting to put together 3 teams.hope all made it home safely.
  11. Good luck to all this weekend indiv. or team, go Indiana. Anybody know who all is in elem. team on Sun. how many teams? Brandi you out there?
  12. Charlie Pingleton Greencastle wasn't he a 3xSQ 2XSP?
  13. Judy,Hall,Guernsey,Oakes,Arnes,RASSBACH,SPELL IT RIGHT,Smith,Parrish,Alfs,Jones,Brandt,Leach,Howland,Richey 9 out 14 and Richards Avon(sick) Bealmear Tri West(inj) did not wrestle. Avon takes team.
  14. think they have only lost 3 duals all to bigger schools would give them chance to win til I saw they have 2 ff so that would make it tough they have 4/5 kids who will place high but it will take more than that has Cascade ever won county? anybody know?
  15. Judy, Hall, Fuller,Oakes,Bealmear,RASSBACH,Smith,Richards,Kolb,Jones,Brandt, Leach,Howland,Mason Avon will have to place everybody they've got to repeat BBurg always places most of their boys and Cascade will be tuff
  16. our coaches kids wrestle for free that is all we get. would have to price the club out of most peoples cost range to pay coaches for entire year. also pay for coaches card in past but with new system have not done that this year.
  17. too early to say about anybody after the first 5. being from Avon I would say no way we should be that high.
  18. Keith Avon does not have 3 this year as of yet there is one in the room but he is a hall way find. but it is the first time that I can remember of us not having at least 1 and in a few years we should have 2 or 3 battling it out for varsity. I think what you say about the feeder programs is true get them in involved early and it is no big deal but start wrestling as a freshmen at whatever wieght and it is difficult for kids to accept if success is not immediate part that can be linked back to our culture of the quick fix if it doesn't work right away we are fast to give up on it. I am for a la
  19. very nice Y2[move][/move][move][/move]
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