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  1. 106: Curtis (Y), Miller (SA), Zadylak (NO), Mosser (AC) 113: Stephenson (Y), Liter (AC), Shoaf (BE), Wills (MC) 120: Hunt (Y), Mendez (BE), Mosser (AC), Wable (MC) 126: Becker (BE), Barr (Y), House (DE), Cooper (MC) 132: Gunsett (BE), Dudelston (JC), Richardson (DE), Wilson (NO) 138: Coy (DE), Rutter (Y), Brown (MC), Macklin (AC) 145: Laughlin (Y), Gutierrez (BE), Green (DE), Prescott (WI) 152: McCormick (Y), Bates (AC), Leonhard (JC), Abbott (DE) 160: Busse (BE), Perry (SW), Hemmelgarn (JC), Fox (DE) 170: Gray (DE), Baumgartner (BE), Hummel (JC), Ashley (AC) 182: Hankenson (BE), Kohler (JC), Pease (DE), Reyes (MC) 195: Maddox (DA), Evans (DE), Baumgartner (SA), Schumm (AC) 220: Pier (Y), Brunner (AC), Butler (BE), Hare (JC) 285: Schumm (AC), Shaw (BE), George (DE), Watson (Y)
  2. 106: Zadylak, Miller, James, Mosser 113: Liter, Shoaf Harris, Fillers 120: Mendez, Mosser, Sanders, Wynn 126: Becker, Goodwin, Swartz, Schwaller 132: Gunsett, Dudelston, Wilson, Strait 138: Siefring, Macklin, Barkdull, Compton 145: Gutierrez, Beeks, Mounsey, Hemmelgarn 152: Bates, Leonhard, Laughlin, Smith 160: Busse, Perry, Hemmelgarn, Stuckey 170: Baumgartner, Hummel, McCune, Ashley 182: Kohler, Hankenson, Hicks, Douglas 195: Baumgartner, Schumm, Roberts, Gerwig 220: Hare, Brunner, Butler, Baronick 285: Shaw, Schumm, Adney, Ferguson
  3. 17 dual wins on a very weak schedule, Sectional and Regional Champions from one of the weakest in the state. I'd say the system did it's job to keep out inflation.
  4. After coming into sectional undefeated, getting man handled by a freshman, stomped twice at regionals in which losing to another freshman, and you are still trying to talk the kid up? Keep dreaming...
  5. 106: Glogouski, Franklin, Mendez, Wright 113: Pepple, Hiestand, Becker, Lorraine 120: Miller, Glogouski, Gayfield, Laughlin 126: McCormick, Aldrich, Early, Gray 132: Chafin, Lovejoy, Shipley, Eicher 138: Krumlauf, Ellinger, Hinkle, Garrett 145: Loe, Marbach, Weimer, Arney 152: Carroll, Gray, Garman, Braun 160: Hiestand, Baumgartner, Jolas, Johnson 170: Wilson, Jackson, Luginbill, Eicher 182: Hinkle, Howard, Gough, Smith 195: Johnson, Omar, Cress, Hiestand 220: Miller, Guerra, Joest, Sadilek 285: Hemmelgarn, Hager, Smith, Hiestand
  6. Hmm...I'm thinking 120, 152, and 285. With Yorktown being heavily favored at 126 and 160.
  7. I think all the finals matches could be really good. I only see 3 or 4 weight classes that seem like there is a clear cut winner. In 145 and 182, you could take the top 4 and it could be different placements every weekend. I'm really looking forward to seeing some of the good South Adams and Adams Central wretlers compete against Yorktown.
  8. Predictions: 106: Mendez (BE), Stephenson (YO), Mosser (AC), Richardson (DE) 113: Becker (BE), Wills (MS), Hiestand (YO), Abbot (JC) 120: Miller (SA), Laughlin (YO), Gunsett (BE), Torbush (WD) 126: McCormick (YO), Gray (BE), Ray (JC), Coats (WAP) 132: Campbell (YO), Bates (AC), Brown (MS), Hutker (BE) 138: Ellinger (AC), Stephenson (YO), Gill (WD), Shaw (MS) 145: Marbach (SA), Liter (AC), Neher (BE), Rench (YO) 152: Carroll (YO), Gray (DE), Braun (BE), Finnerty (JC) 160: Hiestand (YO), Baumgartner (BE), Maddox (DA), Angiiuano (UC) 170: Luginbill (AC), Jackson (YO), Baker (BE), Evans (DE) 182: Gough (WI), Howard (YO), Hinshaw (SA), Taylor (MC) 195: Hiestand (YO), Robertson (JC), Burk (UC), Friedt (BE) 220: Little (YO), Phillips (MoC), Shaneyfelt (BE), Miller (JC) 285: Hemmelgarn (JC), Connell (MC), Hiestand (YO), Bollenbacher (AC)
  9. It would take a huge effort from Bellmont to make it a tight race considering Bellmont only had two wins in the dual earlier this year. They would have to have one of their best showings and get a lot of help from teams like Adams Central, South Adams, and Jay County to pick up some good wins.
  10. Yeah, that was wrong. I also predicted them getting all 14 to Regionals. That did happen.
  11. I was talking about your Sectional picks, and now the pick at Regional of Maddox beating him. I didn't say you had Angiiuano beating him for Regionals. I just thought the pick of Maddox beating Baumgartner was worse than your first choice last week.
  12. You did modify the post after you made this post. "i just changed my mind at 160. i just looked up belmonts 160 and he is quite the impressive freshman. his 5 losses would also be union citys 5 losses. union city just doesnt wrestle anything close to the bellmont schedule"
  13. Must be considering South Adams got 7 through to next weekend. They beat my prediction of 4.
  14. Jeez BigMak, You are still underestimating Baumgartner even after he put an embarrassing beatdown on your Union City guy. He already had a good match with Hiestand this year losing 4-0. You should step out of middle school level schedule of wrestling that you watch and realize their is a world outside the Elite T.E.C.
  15. I was just stating that because of the logic of putting certain people through or to win a match over kids from those schools.
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