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  1. No, the Back bow is illegal and was an added point of emphasis this past season. 2018-19 NFHS Wrestling Rules p.36 Rule 7-1-5q also, see p.77 picture 83.
  2. So, to put some clarity on this situation, after speaking with the official involved. There was a scoring error. The offensive wrestler had only earned a 2-point nearfall, which, did not earn the technical fall; therefore, wrestling was allowed to continue. The scorekeeper erroneously scored it as a 3-point nearfall which created the confusion. This, in fact, was a computation error, however, once it was brought to the tournament director's attention a conference with the official ensued and it was confirmed that the technical fall was never earned, thus, the reversal and subsequent fall were
  3. Keep in mind the specifics of this situation and the rules as quoted directly from the 2018-19 NFHS Wrestling Rules book. Various situations have different criteria for what can be changed and the time line involved, specifically, tournament (this case) vs. duals. The term to focus on is "earned", not, awarded. Again, once the technical fall has been "earned" the offensive wrestler cannot lose. With regard to other near-fall situations, a 2 or 3 point near-fall may be earned, yet, not awarded for various reasons; most often to allow for the near-fall situation to be concluded or possibly
  4. If the offensive wrestler was subject to a defensive fall, after having 'earned' a technical fall, the match would then be stopped and the offensive wrestler would still be declared the winner; again, once the technical fall has been 'earned', the offensive wrestler cannot lose the match. If the technical fall is "earned" while the defensive wrestler is in near-fall criteria you simply hold off on awarding the near-fall score (that has already been "earned") to allow the offensive wrestler to continue to work for the fall until the near-fall situation has concluded; by fall or surrendering the
  5. As long as neither wrestler had wrestled their next match this was correctable, if the review of the computation of the score confirmed there was an error; however, once either wrestler begins their next match the opportunity to make the correction ends. If this were to occur in a placement match the 30-minute rule would be enforced being that there would be no additional matches to be wrestled and then team score being effected would be the point of contention for correction which is limited to 30-minutes of the official posting of team scores. Keep in mind this scenario applies strictly to t
  6. I must agree with Y2 on this. As officials we are responsible for the accuracy of the scoring of the match. As hectic as it can get at times, we must be able to keep track of the score in our head regardless of what the scoreboard shows and take the time to make corrections and/or review the scoring if necessary; especially, when approaching a technical fall, for this exact reason. That being said, there are also times such as this when it may become necessary to rely and some help from the coaches to ensure that we got it right. We can't be to prideful as to not accept input or be willing to
  7. You are correct... NFHS 2018-19 NFHS Wrestling Rules Page 34 Rule 6.5.a.2... ...Errors involving the computation of match score must be corrected prior to the next match in which either wrestler competes. If the error necessitates additional wrestling, it must be corrected prior to the offended contestant leaving the mat area and prior to the start of the next match on that mat. Being that this situation did not require any additional wrestling and if the score could be accurately computed to demonstrate that the technical fall had certainly been "earned" prior to any
  8. This is no longer the case. The rule was changed a couple of years ago. The offender would still be declared the winner, however, any team points earned within the tournament or dual would be negated and be penalized -3 team points for the flagrant misconduct. The offended wrestler would still technically be the loser and score 0-points. There are two separate examples in the 2018-19 NFHS Wrestling Case/Manual the describe this exact thing. Page 27 5.11.4 SITUATION B & C. Also, if this occurred in a tournament neither wrestler would advance, as, technically there is no winner.
  9. The leg cradle is not considered to be a head scissors and is therefore a legal hold/maneuver. However, as with any legal hold or maneuver, it may become necessary to stop; if it is deemed to be potentially dangerous and/or before it would become illegal due to any other criteria, i.e. beyond normal range of motion, restriction of breathing or blood flow, unnecessary roughness (punishing), etc. Here is the only exception to the rule stated above (7-17-5), please, refer to the picture and caption cited here for a clearer understanding... 2018-19 NFHS Wrestling Rules, page 78, picture
  10. 2018-19 NFHS Wrestling Rules, page 77, picture 83 (caption)... 7-1-5q The back bow is illegal as illustrated by application A clarification regarding the back bow If Nearfall criteria has yet to be met and the offensive wrestler grabs the leg and uses it to turn or attempt to turn his opponent it is to be immediately called as illegal and the match is to be stopped and one point is to be awarded to the defensive wrestler. If, on the other hand, the offensive man simply grabs the ankle but does not exert any pressure it should be stopped as potentially dangerous and you do not
  11. 1) is green always “home” and is that a rule? Green has been traditionally designated for the home team in dual meets. This is in large part due to the design of scoreboards, specifically, because the "home" team on the left of the scoreboard is most often highlighted in green, while the "guest" team on the right is similarly highlighted in red. This is in line with the colored wristbands the officials wear to signal scoring. However, it is no longer mandatory and may be adjusted by the official. In recent years this has become more commonplace, for example, it only makes since to designa
  12. That's all on me, as, the director of officials. In the past I've made it a point to move officials around and utilize as many as possible on the championship mat. Quite honestly, I just overlooked it. I had some issues with a few inexperienced officials and I was focusing on watching those mats/matches and moving things around with them as needed. I just flat overlooked it. That being said, not one single issue was brought to my attention involving the championship mat on either day. However, the officials who dedicated their time this past weekend certainly deserved the consideration of work
  13. 2015 Grizzly Super Duals @ Franklin Community Middle School Saturday January 24, 2015 Wrestling starts at 9:00 Participating Schools... Franklin Community Evansville Mater Dei Perry Meridian Yorktown Mishawaka Bellmont Avon (North) Center Grove Doe Creek (New Palestine) Highland Hills (Floyd Central) Batchelor (Bloomington South) Edgewood
  14. Following are the rules pertaining to your question. Keep in mind that these items should be presented at all weigh-ins to be inspected by the officials and approved prior to each competition... 2014-15 NFHS Wrestling Rules Book Rule 4-1-1 (p. 15) ART. 1 . . . Wrestlers shall wear: a. a one-piece singlet cut no lower in the back or front than the level of the armpits and under the arms no lower than one-half the distance between the armpit and the belt line. If sufficient reason is determined by the referee, a tight-fitting, short-sleeved or sleeveless undershirt of a single, solid
  15. The IHSAA Wrestling Officials Certification Clinic scheduled to be held at Madison High School this Saturday November 8th 8:30-12:30 is being moved to... Anderson Elementary School 2325 Cherry Dr. Madison, IN 47250 If you should have any questions or concerns regarding this change or the clinic in general contact me directly at 812-653-0598 Best regards, Jim Littlejohn
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