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  1. Former Fishers High School wrestler & Lincoln junior College wrestler Joe Lile will be fighting in the Main Event at Colosseum Combat in Kokomo May 17th. Joe Lile's only loss was against a fighter (Kevin Lee) that is now fighting in the UFC. Joe Lile has a record of 5 wins and 1 loss his opponent is Johnny Davis a former Manchester wrestler with a record of 15 wins against 8 losses, also on the card former Arlington wrestler Luis Guerra, and Charles Stanback a former Cathedral wrestler. Come out and show support for these local fighters ! ticket info 317-714-4767.
  2. This is Joe Lile, Luis has been like a son to me the last 4 years, my sister in law Deanna Bauer set up a gofundme account for Luis if anyone wants to donate just go to my fb page you will find link, and please continue to pray for Luis and his family.
  3. Awesome ! I was bummed there wasn't a Regional Preview this year. Bring on the Preview !
  4. You are correct jchas. Not taking anything away from Armuth but this is what the video showed happened Jordan chose down 2nd period he attempted a standup Armuth has his own left leg wrapped around Jordan's left leg and when Jordan went to turn into Armuth the knee popped Armuth then returned Jordan to the mat and they scrambled out of bounds at this point Jordan is limping, now the next standup attempted resulted in a scrambled out of bounds. The last standup attempted Jordan tried to hit somewhat of a jap wizard putting Armuth partially on his back for a split second but Jordan couldnt rotate over and Armuth was able to turn back onto Jordan and about 10 seconds or so Conner secured the pin. I am not posting this to get into any sort of argument but there was no bear hug to the back lol. Armuth is a very talented wrestler and a win like this could be what he needed to give him that certain boost.
  5. #12 Jack Chastain over #11 AJ Belden at 126lbs 4-2
  6. Jordan Lile had to cut to get to 141 for IHPO also wrestled 145 at Freestyle State & Greco State & Junior Duals so not a big surprise he would be going 145 this season as for Ben Harvey its looks to me that he has went through a growth spurt and he will be a good size 145. Ben and Jordan are CIA teammates and I think both of them going 145 is adding some spice to 145 at New castle Semi-State plus a potential match-up at Connersville. With all of this being said thank you Joe Caprino for the Pre-Season magazine I needed the fix, also thanks Zach always good to see the New Castle Semi-State rankings I know both of you & Joe put in a lot time to make sure we all get our fixes..cant wait to see ontherise rankings
  7. Thanks I messed around and didn't register early lol
  8. Jarred Timberman with wins against Josh Davis and Zach Krumlauf
  9. Recent years I have to second the Alex Sparks vote
  10. Before this post takes on a life of its own all I was saying is that I wish the there would have been more Greco matches, not once did I question the handling of the situation. In regards to dstruck post he seemed to get a bit defensive and thin skinned and if he reads my post thoroughly he will see that I said "I appreciate all the coaches and all involved do for our boys". I am in fact friends with 2 of the coaches outside of wrestling as well, so for you dstruck to imply that I was questioning the handling of the situation is a non truth. Once again i am proud of our coaches and our wrestlers for stepping up and representing Indiana..
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