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  1. Adams Central
  2. Adams Central
  3. One suggestion for a new feature - On the information screens that list wrestler, coach, or team; how about adding an alphabet link to the top of the page that jumps you to the first entry that starts with that letter. Then, if I want to see the information for Marion or a school somewhere in the middle of the alphabet I can get close in one click instead of paging through several screens.
  4. We used it for the first time last year and will use it again. Easy to use and score mat-side. And, if the tournament is run on Track Wrestling, like all of our tournament series events, you can use their scoring for stats and not score your own on the app.
  5. Fabio is going to Expose himself? Is it going to be a fold out?
  6. The Adams Central school board named Tony Currie the new head coach for the Jets at their meeting last night.
  7. Probably because they knew the 27th was a bad date to have it. Same logic should apply to this tournament. I hadn't heard that the 27th was the announced date. Just figured it would be the 3rd since that's the corresponding date from last year's schedule.
  8. Hope its not 12/27. That's close enough t Christmas that a lot of families, including mine, will be having their family Christmas get together on that date.
  9. Mrs. Culp told me that wrestlers can also set up a personal profile that includes their off season tournaments as well as the high school seasons. If I understood her correctly the highlighted names have personal profiles and the others do not.
  10. I don't have all of the spreadsheets, but here are some numbers for the FW Semi-State (Note a wrestler with < 10 matches before sectional who did not advance is counted as NONE so the entries are a little low): [table] Class# Schools# Entries# NONEQualifier U/S/TPlacers U/S/T% Qualified U/S/T% Placed U/S/T 3A19234325/20/253/10/1310.75.6 2A273225613/12/256/5/117.83.4 1A272671112/4/60/0/02.20 [/table] Some things jump out. There are a lot more NONE values in class 1A. Seniors are mor likely to advance in 1A and 3A, but 2A was about even this year.
  11. The title in the subject was IHSAA Team State, so I was talking about how I'd like to see the IHSAA run a classed team tourney and wasn't talking about the IHSWCA one.
  12. And if the top 4 teams advance from sectional you'd have 8 teams per regional. My thought was to have 16 classed sectionals with 6-8 teams. The top two advance to 4 regionals of 8 teams, again with 2 advancing. The final 8 teams per class vie for state at a common site. Teams could be reseeded at each level, but with the representatives from the same sectional or regional separated (so basically you'd seed the top 3). Benefits are that only 3 mats are needed so smaller schools could host sectional & regional; two teams advance so there's a better chance that the top 2 make it to
  13. At Fort Wayne: 113 Jared Hangren, Winchester replaced Alex Abbott, Jay County 120 Hunter Kellogg, Northwestern replaced AJ Nelson Kokomo 153 Leandro Rodriquez, Conocord replaced Chris Morris, Elkhart Memorial
  14. I have one other question about the multiplier. How far into the tournament does it project the individual's ability to advance? For instance, Jay County sectional has one of the lower multipliers and then in the regional they match up with Delta Which is slightly higher. Does the multiplier take into account that the chances to advance past the regional are slightly less because entries will be facing foes from a higher rated sectional? Or, vice versa, a wrestlers who advances from the Carroll sectional would face an opponent from a lower rated sectional, so his chances to advance would be s
  15. I think the multiplier range is too large, also, but don't have the math background to justify it. I would think a +/- .15 would be more fair, but that's just personal opinion, not any kind of calculation. Part of my opinion is that the multiplier is based on the Genius Rating for the current year. As I understand them its a method similar to that used to predict point spreads for college and/or professional contests. I'm guessing its similar to the Sagarin ratings for HS football. I'm not sure that wrestling lends itself to this system very well, though. First, not everyone reports all of the
  16. Are you talking about the semi-state brackets? If so, there isn't any seeding applied to those brackets. Four regionals feed into each semi-state with the Champion of one regional facing a fourth place from another. The runner-up faces a third place from another regional. The brackets are also organized so the top 2 from any regional are in opposite halves of a bracket, in case they are also the top two in the semi-state. The regionals match-ups vary from weight to weight each year to try to make things random. So, Mr. Robinson's placement in the bracket only reflects his finish at regional, n
  17. Try: http://www.trackwrestling.com/predefinedtournaments/VerifyPassword.jsp?tournamentId=46011 Look under Results>Brackets
  18. ACAC Tournament[table] 1Leo252.52Adams Central2163Garrett2014South Adams1755Woodlan1186Heritage917Southern Wells768Bluffton23[/table]106 ResultsGuaranteed Places 1st Place - Anthony Mosser of Adams Central 2nd Place - Dylan DeMarco of Garrett 3rd Place - Dane Martin of Leo 4th Place - Steven Jones of Southern Wells 5th Place - Kadin Gerber of South Adams 6th Place - Colton Stocksdale of Woodlan 1st Place Match Anthony Mosser (Adams Central) 26-5, Fr. over Dylan DeMarco (Garrett) 20-9, Fr. (Dec 8-5). 3rd Place Match Dane Martin (Leo) 18-12, Fr. over Steven Jones (Southern Wells) 13-15
  19. Schultz's & Currie's trucks were at the school when I got home, so I'm guessing AC had an optional practice.
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