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  1. AC Computer

    Adams Central vs. Warsaw

    Adams Central
  2. One suggestion for a new feature - On the information screens that list wrestler, coach, or team; how about adding an alphabet link to the top of the page that jumps you to the first entry that starts with that letter. Then, if I want to see the information for Marion or a school somewhere in the middle of the alphabet I can get close in one click instead of paging through several screens.
  3. We used it for the first time last year and will use it again. Easy to use and score mat-side. And, if the tournament is run on Track Wrestling, like all of our tournament series events, you can use their scoring for stats and not score your own on the app.
  4. Fabio is going to Expose himself? Is it going to be a fold out?
  5. The Adams Central school board named Tony Currie the new head coach for the Jets at their meeting last night.
  6. Probably because they knew the 27th was a bad date to have it. Same logic should apply to this tournament. I hadn't heard that the 27th was the announced date. Just figured it would be the 3rd since that's the corresponding date from last year's schedule.
  7. Hope its not 12/27. That's close enough t Christmas that a lot of families, including mine, will be having their family Christmas get together on that date.
  8. Mrs. Culp told me that wrestlers can also set up a personal profile that includes their off season tournaments as well as the high school seasons. If I understood her correctly the highlighted names have personal profiles and the others do not.
  9. I don't have all of the spreadsheets, but here are some numbers for the FW Semi-State (Note a wrestler with < 10 matches before sectional who did not advance is counted as NONE so the entries are a little low): [table] Class# Schools# Entries# NONEQualifier U/S/TPlacers U/S/T% Qualified U/S/T% Placed U/S/T 3A19234325/20/253/10/1310.75.6 2A273225613/12/256/5/117.83.4 1A272671112/4/60/0/02.20 [/table] Some things jump out. There are a lot more NONE values in class 1A. Seniors are mor likely to advance in 1A and 3A, but 2A was about even this year.
  10. The title in the subject was IHSAA Team State, so I was talking about how I'd like to see the IHSAA run a classed team tourney and wasn't talking about the IHSWCA one.
  11. And if the top 4 teams advance from sectional you'd have 8 teams per regional. My thought was to have 16 classed sectionals with 6-8 teams. The top two advance to 4 regionals of 8 teams, again with 2 advancing. The final 8 teams per class vie for state at a common site. Teams could be reseeded at each level, but with the representatives from the same sectional or regional separated (so basically you'd seed the top 3). Benefits are that only 3 mats are needed so smaller schools could host sectional & regional; two teams advance so there's a better chance that the top 2 make it to state, and the whole tourney could be run in one week with sectionals on Tuesday, regionals on Thursday, and state on Saturday.
  12. At Fort Wayne: 113 Jared Hangren, Winchester replaced Alex Abbott, Jay County 120 Hunter Kellogg, Northwestern replaced AJ Nelson Kokomo 153 Leandro Rodriquez, Conocord replaced Chris Morris, Elkhart Memorial
  13. I have one other question about the multiplier. How far into the tournament does it project the individual's ability to advance? For instance, Jay County sectional has one of the lower multipliers and then in the regional they match up with Delta Which is slightly higher. Does the multiplier take into account that the chances to advance past the regional are slightly less because entries will be facing foes from a higher rated sectional? Or, vice versa, a wrestlers who advances from the Carroll sectional would face an opponent from a lower rated sectional, so his chances to advance would be slightly better. Would it be more accurate to have separate multipliers for each level?
  14. I think the multiplier range is too large, also, but don't have the math background to justify it. I would think a +/- .15 would be more fair, but that's just personal opinion, not any kind of calculation. Part of my opinion is that the multiplier is based on the Genius Rating for the current year. As I understand them its a method similar to that used to predict point spreads for college and/or professional contests. I'm guessing its similar to the Sagarin ratings for HS football. I'm not sure that wrestling lends itself to this system very well, though. First, not everyone reports all of their dual results. I try to post every one of AC's results if someone else hasn't already done so, but I see very few results for a lot of other class A teams. How does that affect the Genius Ratings? If a team only reports its wins will it help their rating? I also think that wrestling does not lend itself to this type pf prediction model as basketball or football. In those sports a coach can change his line up, but the team still plays together as a unit to achieve victory. In wrestling its 14 different individual matches that determine the result and a line-up change, like substituting a JV wrestlers to take a forfeit and moving your wrestler up against a very good wrestler from another team can have a greater effect than a line change in the other sports. I think that's why in wrestling more than any other sport you can't compare the team results against common opponents and predict results. The other thing I'm interested in is the points awarded to 5th/6th place winners at sectional. I agree that these wrestlers should be awarded more points than the entry that eliminated immediately and that its more important to a class A team than class 3A, but I think that the difference for class A and 3A teams between SEC5/6 and Reg is too small. The difference for 2A may be too large. A 2A underclassman that advances to the regional scores 13 more points than one that finishes 5th, but 3A only scores 4 more points and 1A adds only 2 points. I think this gives a little too much credit to the 5th/6th place finishers in 1A and 3A. I was curious so I looked at the brackets for all 32 sectionals. There were only 4 sectionals (Carroll, Zionsville, Hamilton Heights, and Northview) where every weight class had at least 8 wrestlers entered. There were also 4 that had at least 10 weight classes with less than 8 wrestlers. In total there were 160 weight classes over the 32 sectionals that 7 or fewer wrestlers, an average of 5 per sectional. The number of small weights doesn't necessarily relate to the multiplier, either. Two of the sectionals with complete brackets in all weights have higher factors, but one, Hamilton Heights, is considered :average" with a .97 factor. And one of the sectionals with more than 10 small brackets, Mishawaka, had a 1.18 factor. All of that means that at least one of the wrestlers in those weight classes reached the 5th/6th place match without defeating an actual opponent. Their only win was a forfeit. I didn't look at the individual matches to see how these wrestlers were distributed across the class sizes, but I'd guess more of them were class 1A wrestlers tn 2A or 3A. Since so many wrestlers didn't really earn a 5/6 place it seems like the value should be less, like half-way between a sectional entry and a regional entry.
  15. Are you talking about the semi-state brackets? If so, there isn't any seeding applied to those brackets. Four regionals feed into each semi-state with the Champion of one regional facing a fourth place from another. The runner-up faces a third place from another regional. The brackets are also organized so the top 2 from any regional are in opposite halves of a bracket, in case they are also the top two in the semi-state. The regionals match-ups vary from weight to weight each year to try to make things random. So, Mr. Robinson's placement in the bracket only reflects his finish at regional, not his ability compared to the other wrestlers in his weight class.
  16. Try: http://www.trackwrestling.com/predefinedtournaments/VerifyPassword.jsp?tournamentId=46011 Look under Results>Brackets
  17. ACAC Tournament[table] 1Leo252.52Adams Central2163Garrett2014South Adams1755Woodlan1186Heritage917Southern Wells768Bluffton23[/table]106 ResultsGuaranteed Places 1st Place - Anthony Mosser of Adams Central 2nd Place - Dylan DeMarco of Garrett 3rd Place - Dane Martin of Leo 4th Place - Steven Jones of Southern Wells 5th Place - Kadin Gerber of South Adams 6th Place - Colton Stocksdale of Woodlan 1st Place Match Anthony Mosser (Adams Central) 26-5, Fr. over Dylan DeMarco (Garrett) 20-9, Fr. (Dec 8-5). 3rd Place Match Dane Martin (Leo) 18-12, Fr. over Steven Jones (Southern Wells) 13-15, Fr. (Dec 6-3). 5th Place Match Kadin Gerber (South Adams) 13-14, Fr. over Colton Stocksdale (Woodlan) 8-18, Fr. (Fall 3:59). 113 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Eddie Lorraine of Leo 2nd Place - Austin Roemer of Woodlan 3rd Place - Zane Hargrove of Garrett 4th Place - Kyle Rothgeb of Heritage 5th Place - Tucker Miller of Adams Central 6th Place - Briar Goodwin of South Adams 1st Place Match Eddie Lorraine (Leo) 27-2, Jr. over Austin Roemer (Woodlan) 20-8, Fr. (MD 13-1). 3rd Place Match Zane Hargrove (Garrett) 12-8, So. over Kyle Rothgeb (Heritage) 16-12, Jr. (Inj. 0:00). 5th Place Match Tucker Miller (Adams Central) 11-13, So. over Briar Goodwin (South Adams) 11-13, Fr. (MD 12-2). 120 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Sawyer Miller of South Adams 2nd Place - Chase Hissong of Leo 3rd Place - Heath Selking of Heritage 4th Place - Ged Hoot of Woodlan 5th Place - Dalton Halferty of Garrett 6th Place - Jarren Gremaux of Adams Central 1st Place Match Sawyer Miller (South Adams) 24-0, Jr. over Chase Hissong (Leo) 14-11, Fr. (TF-1.5 0:00 (17-2)). 3rd Place Match Heath Selking (Heritage) 12-10, So. over Ged Hoot (Woodlan) 8-5, Fr. (Dec 4-1). 5th Place Match Dalton Halferty (Garrett) 10-18, Sr. over Jarren Gremaux (Adams Central) 10-15, Fr. (MD 12-2). 126 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Ryan Fawcett of Leo 2nd Place - Andy Oliver of Adams Central 3rd Place - Nik Hoot of Woodlan 4th Place - Drake Stafford of Garrett 5th Place - Tyler Herschberger of Heritage 6th Place - Keegan Boxell of South Adams 1st Place Match Ryan Fawcett (Leo) 22-8, Sr. over Andy Oliver (Adams Central) 16-10, Jr. (Dec 7-3). 3rd Place Match Nik Hoot (Woodlan) 20-7, Jr. over Drake Stafford (Garrett) 7-12, Jr. (Dec 6-3). 5th Place Match Tyler Herschberger (Heritage) 6-8, So. over Keegan Boxell (South Adams) 7-16, Fr. (Dec 17-16). 132 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Isaac Eicher of Leo 2nd Place - Hunter Bates of Adams Central 3rd Place - Jaden Barker of Garrett 4th Place - Jay Knepp of Woodlan 5th Place - Briar Beeks of Southern Wells 6th Place - Josh Lahr of South Adams 1st Place Match Isaac Eicher (Leo) 26-0, So. over Hunter Bates (Adams Central) 23-7, So. (Dec 3-0). 3rd Place Match Jaden Barker (Garrett) 18-9, Fr. over Jay Knepp (Woodlan) 18-11, Sr. (MD 11-3). 5th Place Match Briar Beeks (Southern Wells) 6-10, Fr. over Josh Lahr (South Adams) 8-22, Fr. (Dec 5-0). 138 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Derek Ellinger of Adams Central 2nd Place - Daniel Beeks of Southern Wells 3rd Place - Cody VanOoyen of Leo 4th Place - Matt Nusshaum of South Adams 5th Place - Zack Zink of Woodlan 6th Place - Carlos Jimenez of Garrett 1st Place Match Derek Ellinger (Adams Central) 30-2, Sr. over Daniel Beeks (Southern Wells) 16-7, Jr. (Fall 1:55). 3rd Place Match Cody VanOoyen (Leo) 14-15, So. over Matt Nusshaum (South Adams) 17-12, Jr. (Inj. 0:00). 5th Place Match Zack Zink (Woodlan) 10-8, Fr. over Carlos Jimenez (Garrett) 4-10, Fr. (OT 6-4). 145 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Boaz Marbach of South Adams 2nd Place - Luke Liter of Adams Central 3rd Place - Jordan Gunion of Garrett 4th Place - T.C. Perry of Southern Wells 5th Place - Mason Kern of Leo 6th Place - Gabriel Martinez of Bluffton 1st Place Match Boaz Marbach (South Adams) 29-1, Jr. over Luke Liter (Adams Central) 20-6, Jr. (Dec 6-0). 3rd Place Match Jordan Gunion (Garrett) 15-12, Fr. over T.C. Perry (Southern Wells) 20-7, So. (Dec 6-0). 5th Place Match Mason Kern (Leo) 16-12, So. over Gabriel Martinez (Bluffton) 12-11, Jr. (Dec 10-5). 152 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - David Hepler of Leo 2nd Place - Sam Lawrence of Garrett 3rd Place - Ryan Ashley of Adams Central 4th Place - Brandon Rohr of Woodlan 5th Place - Andy Bauer of Heritage 6th Place - Drew Pollard of South Adams 1st Place Match David Hepler (Leo) 22-8, Sr. over Sam Lawrence (Garrett) 11-10, So. (Fall 3:05). 3rd Place Match Ryan Ashley (Adams Central) 10-21, So. over Brandon Rohr (Woodlan) 10-17, Fr. (Fall 1:43). 5th Place Match Andy Bauer (Heritage) 13-9, Sr. over Drew Pollard (South Adams) 4-15, So. (Fall 3:19). 160 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Kaine Luginbill of Adams Central 2nd Place - John Isaacson of Leo 3rd Place - Braxton Brooks of Heritage 4th Place - Michael Sexton of Garrett 5th Place - Corbin Bloomke of South Adams 6th Place - Brian Hubble of Bluffton 1st Place Match Kaine Luginbill (Adams Central) 29-3, Jr. over John Isaacson (Leo) 7-6, So. (Fall 3:02). 3rd Place Match Braxton Brooks (Heritage) 19-8, So. over Michael Sexton (Garrett) 4-6, So. (Dec 3-0). 5th Place Match Corbin Bloomke (South Adams) 7-13, . over Brian Hubble (Bluffton) 7-17, Jr. (Fall 4:39). 170 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Aaron Eicher of Leo 2nd Place - Gabe Gunion of Garrett 3rd Place - Karthon McCullough of Adams Central 4th Place - Gage Connor of South Adams 5th Place - Nick Roberts of Southern Wells 6th Place - Mason Berry of Woodlan 1st Place Match Aaron Eicher (Leo) 26-2, Sr. over Gabe Gunion (Garrett) 20-7, Sr. (Fall 4:16). 3rd Place Match Karthon McCullough (Adams Central) 13-11, So. over Gage Connor (South Adams) 8-7, So. (Fall 3:44). 5th Place Match Nick Roberts (Southern Wells) 9-11, So. over Mason Berry (Woodlan) 7-19, Fr. (Fall 2:01). 182 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Klayton Hinshaw of South Adams 2nd Place - Ethan Smith of Southern Wells 3rd Place - Wally Grinager of Leo 4th Place - Paxton Sweet of Bluffton 5th Place - Ryan Hathaway of Garrett 6th Place - Thomas Kettleborough of Heritage 1st Place Match Klayton Hinshaw (South Adams) 28-2, Sr. over Ethan Smith (Southern Wells) 21-6, Jr. (Fall 1:40). 3rd Place Match Wally Grinager (Leo) 15-8, Jr. over Paxton Sweet (Bluffton) 11-14, Jr. (Fall 4:02). 5th Place Match Ryan Hathaway (Garrett) 10-17, Jr. over Thomas Kettleborough (Heritage) 3-14, Jr. (Fall 1:22). 195 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Bo Davis of Garrett 2nd Place - Brian Salmon of Woodlan 3rd Place - Dakota Pugsley of South Adams 4th Place - Kyle Brown of Adams Central 5th Place - Ethan Storms of Leo 6th Place - Cody Harmel of Heritage 1st Place Match Bo Davis (Garrett) 25-4, Jr. over Brian Salmon (Woodlan) 21-6, Sr. (Dec 10-8). 3rd Place Match Dakota Pugsley (South Adams) 7-5, Sr. over Kyle Brown (Adams Central) 1-16, Fr. (Fall 1:25). 5th Place Match Ethan Storms (Leo) 12-18, So. over Cody Harmel (Heritage) 12-16, Sr. (Dec 11-6). 220 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Blake Davis of Garrett 2nd Place - Edwin Barbarena of Woodlan 3rd Place - Woody Kline of Heritage 4th Place - Joe Fuelling of Adams Central 5th Place - Kyle Kilsby of South Adams 6th Place - Sean Sweeney of Leo 1st Place Match Blake Davis (Garrett) 4-0, So. over Edwin Barbarena (Woodlan) 10-18, Jr. (Fall 3:59). 3rd Place Match Woody Kline (Heritage) 22-4, Sr. over Joe Fuelling (Adams Central) 9-7, Sr. (MD 11-1). 5th Place Match Kyle Kilsby (South Adams) 19-5, Sr. over Sean Sweeney (Leo) 15-15, Sr. (Dec 8-6). 285 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Bryce Hager of Leo 2nd Place - Isiah Bollenbacher of Adams Central 3rd Place - Andrew Beachey of South Adams 4th Place - Ivan Jacobs of Garrett 5th Place - Joe Dominguez of Heritage 6th Place - forfeit of Southern Wells 1st Place Match Bryce Hager (Leo) 29-1, Sr. over Isiah Bollenbacher (Adams Central) 23-9, Jr. (Fall 2:56). 3rd Place Match Andrew Beachey (South Adams) 16-5, Sr. over Ivan Jacobs (Garrett) 16-14, Sr. (Dec 9-2). 5th Place Match Joe Dominguez (Heritage) 14-12, Jr. over forfeit (Southern Wells) 1-2, . (For.).
  18. Schultz's & Currie's trucks were at the school when I got home, so I'm guessing AC had an optional practice.
  19. If you put a limit on the number of wrestlers to determine whether a team can participate or not wouldn't you have to reclassify teams every year? A team may have 10 wrestlers one year with most of them being seniors, so they only have 6 or 7 the following year. Or a team with only 5 underclassmen one year could get a lot freshmen out the next year or get back wrestlers who dropped out and jump up to 9 or 10. I thought the idea is to reclassify every other year like the other sports, but you can't do that if you base participation on the size of the squad.
  20. The ACAC tournament will be held Wednesday at Woodlan HS starting at 5 PM. As with the NHC, there is a possibility of modified wrestle-backs.
  21. We had a similar experience several years ago where a wrestler needed a scratch weigh in and the meet got rescheduled for after sectional seeding. We emailed the IHSAA and got an exemption in writing allowing a weigh-in after the specified date.
  22. [table] Adams Central48Heritage27[/table]152 Andy Bauer (HER) OT decision over Ryan Ashley (AC) 11-9160 Braxton Brooks (HER) won by forfeit 170 Kaine Luginbill (AC) pinned Jon Gerber (HER) 1:22 182 Karthon McCullough (AC) pinned Thomas Kettleborough (HER) 0:17 195 Cody Harmel (HER) pinned Kyle Braun (AC) 3:27 220 Joe Fuelling (AC) pinned Joe Dominquez (HER) 5:01 285 Isiah Bollenbacher (AC) pinned Woody Kline (HER) 4:28 106 Anthony Mosser (AC) won by forfeit 113 Trevor Free (AC) won by forfeit 120 Tucker Miller (AC) pinned Jacob Brunten (HER) 4:29 126 Heath Selking (HER) decision over Jarren Gremaux (AC) 3-2 132 Sam Lovejoy (HER) decision over Hunter Bates (AC) 5-3 138 Jacob Kitzmiller (HER) pinned Leo Sousa (AC) 1:17 145 Derek Ellinger (AC) pinned Quentin Lewis (HER) 0:55
  23. I'm not a coach, but the way I've had it explained to me is that the weight management plan determines the minimum weight a wrestler can way in at. If he is over that weight it is a valid weigh-in and he can wrestle that weight. If he is under the plan he can still wrestle that weight, but it does not count as a good weigh-in towards his totals. The exception is the tournament series where he cannot wrestle if he is under his weight plan specified weight. I haven't seen anything that says you can compare one weigh-in to another to determine if a wrestler has lost too much weight. The way I see wrestlers eat after weigh-ins I'd bet if you weighed them at the end of a meet many of them wouldn't be able to lose it and wrestle the next week.
  24. The ACAC seeding tonight is in the same situation. The AC-Heritage make-up is tomorrow. That match won't have the effect of EN and CC, though.
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