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Posts posted by lpd096

  1. If you are in the NW Indiana area this Sunday, take a drive out and watch some great freestyle wrestling! It was at this tournament a couple of years ago where Wisconsin's Beau Breske was defeated by Indiana's Blake Rypel in the best freestyle match I've ever seen. (I believe the score was 23-22?). Martinez Fox Valley Elite (MFVE) has 4 Indiana kids on their team. (Carlos Champagne, Jake Tucker, Jose Champagne, and Drew Hughes)


    From the Tournament Director:


    IL Freestyle Club Cup- THIS SUNDAY, APRIL 17TH
    This Sunday, Downers Grove South will host the 7th Annual IL Freestyle Club Cup. There will be twelve teams from four states, and it looks to be a great day of freestyle wrestling in a dual team format. Wrestling will be in the DGS Field House and will start by 10:00 AM on Sunday. Teams will wrestle a total of four duals in five rounds and the 2016 IL Freestyle Club Cup Champions will be crowned. Team Poeta looks to defend their title, but there are some other teams that will certainly challenge them. There were at least eight Club Cup Alums wrestling in the Olympic Trials last weekend, so this is certainly an event with some quality wrestling. Come on out for a great day of freestyle wrestling!!!

    Adults: $3
    Students: $2

    2016 IL Freestyle Club Cup Field: 
    Dubuque Wrestling Club (IA), Fluffed and Feathered WC, Fox Lake WC, Harvey Twisters, ISI, Izzy Style, Martinez Elite, Modus/MXW (MI), Real Circle Wrestling, Ringers (WI), Suburban Sprawl, Team Poeta
  2. Well that wasn't too hard for Drew.


    I predicted 6-0 Decision, Drew winning of course, when I texted his Dad. I also knew he'd flatten Clingenpeel, the Semi's was the title match IMO and it was NO match. Way to go, Drew! 4 or 5 runner-ups out in Iowa over the years and he broke through with a BANG!! That was Sweet!

  3. Illinois' Jack Jessen 2x Fargo Runner-up vs. Drew (Hughes) is a match-up of Top 20 Nationally Ranked wrestlers this morning in the Semi's out in Iowa.


    Jessen was at 182lbs for the HS Season, how he made 170 is beyond me? He's a big 182lber!


    Go Drew! Go RWA! Go Green!

  4. It was requested of me to copy/paste this to your forum:


    From: PapaBearSlim


    Mr. Tucker feel free post this over there.
    Who knows if he would have gone undefeated if say he attended a IL 3A school with a national schedule. There are so many land mines along the way over a 4 year stretch and so many highly regarded studs that were unable to accomplish this feat in IL that it's easy to see why IL folks would be quick to say it wouldn't happen. That's not a knock on Indiana, Red or minimizing his accomplishment. You could be the best in the country and still lose on any given day (bad call, sick, not 100%, got game planned perfectly, made a mistake, just wasn't your day...) and that likelyhood increases when you wrestle the top 5% of the country week in and week out as opposed to 2 or 3 matches a year.

    Things to consider:
    You have to be careful not to project senior Chad Red on to freshman/sophomore Chad Red as I'm sure he's a lot better now than he was then.
    What weights did he wrestle the last 4 years?
    What wrestlers were at those weights in IL, at the Dvorak, at the Clash, at the Cheesehead, at the Ironman, etc?

    If you take all those thing into consideration and still think he's undefeated that's ok but don't take offense if others don't agree.

    Having had numerous chances to watch him 1st hand I'm an unbiased believer in his skill.
  5. Mr Tucker, now that Jake's HS wrestling career is over I'm interested in hearing about whether or not you have any regrets not keeping him in Indiana? I believe that as a parent, you do whatever you think is in the best interest of your children, so I'm not trying to re-hash all that.  Just wondering if you are willing to give some more perspective on why you had Jake wrestle in Illinois.


    If you'd rather not, thats fine too

    It's a family decision, IMO. Others will have their opinions either way but it all comes down to the wrestler's decision. In Jake's case, he made the decision himself. He shadowed at MC and it's an hour up to Chicago from Lowell so his school days for 4yrs have been: up at 5:15am (up at 4:45am on morning practice days) and back home at 8pm at night, every night. I assumed and totally expected him to say "thanks but no thanks" after his shadow day. I made him go through a typical day of getting up early and coming home late, etc. so he would know what it was going to be like for 4yrs. I figured after the shadow day it would be put to bed. The first thing that came out of his mouth when I picked him up was "that's where I am going, that's my school". There was absolutely no pulling or tugging from me or my wife, he made that decision on his own and we love the decision he made. It's not for everyone but it was best for him. We love our friends in Indiana and we spent all of his formative years in wrestling in Indiana and we wrestled a lot in Illinois and all across the country. As for the actual wrestling part of it? Jake would have been fine if he stayed in IN or went elsewhere because of the nature of our sport, it's all about national tournaments and who you are competing against and defeating/staying close with. Jake's coach at MC is a 4x AA and an NCAA D1 National Champion. He coached at Overtime for 11yrs, he coached Andrew Howe, Alex Tsirtsis, Angel Escobedo, etc. and is probably one of the best technicians in the country. With that said, Bobby Howard at Lowell is also a great technician and Jake would have succeeded under him as well plus Jake has always been an RWA kid, working with Tsirtsis, Hawkins, and the gang for years. There are so many people involved in the success of a wrestler, it's just not black/white on any decision to attend a school. One of the many aspects that I loved about IL was the culture for wrestling and the dual team series. We are going to Dual Team State this weekend and after coaching 3 straight undefeated middle school teams at Lowell, the team aspect of our sport really appealed to me personally and for Jake. Being ranked nationally at #12 is a thrill and I wish there was some way for IN to bring back the dual team series in the IHSAA. Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't include my wife in this conversation. She is a South Side of Chicago girl, grown up and raised in IL. MC was very important from the faith-side of it (we are catholic), it's a big deal for her son to go to a school like MC and it may mean nothing to most people but it meant a lot to her and her family...but she still left the decision up to Jake. She was like me, she never thought he'd be able to keep a strict regimented schedule of getting up so early every day and getting home late, etc. 

    I could go on but it's safe to say that we love our friends/wrestlers in Indiana and we also love the decision Jake made by going to MC. I hope this answers your question. 

  6. Jose and Jake made history by becoming the first Indiana residents to win an IHSA-Illinois High School State Wrestling title. (Jose placed 3rd in 2A last year, Jake placed 5th in 3A as a Soph two years ago...these were also first time feats).


    These Indiana boys fared pretty well in Illinois. Great job! 


    Carlos is super talented, I can't wait to watch him in the future.  :)


    Jake is excited to join his longtime club/middle school teammate--Drew Hughes at Michigan State. Exciting times ahead!

  7. Your son is in great hands! Coach P is one the best coaches I've seen in my 40 years of being around the sport as an athlete, coach, and parent.


    He not only focuses on wrestling but on valuable life lessons as well. :)

  8. Great win for Coach P and the team!


    There is something of note here:


    Washington was missing  3-4 starters, three of which are highly ranked in the state and 2 of which are ranked NATIONALLY in Keeley and Meneweather and Carmel won those 2 weight classes plus another FF by Washington at 126lbs.


    You can't blame Carmel for missing wrestlers however so Kudos on the win!

  9. Congratulations to Lowell's Drew Hughes on his verbal commitment to the Spartans of Michigan State. Drew has worked very hard since the age of 5 to be one of the best in the country, he's certainly done that. Now he joins New Head Coach Roger Chandler next year to start a new chapter in Michigan State Wrestling.

    Great job, Drew! You a have a wonderful future ahead of you.

  10. I'll share some insight because I don't think Steve (Stevan's dad) will mind...


    In my conversation with Steve recently, he stressed how it is bad timing for Stevan due to the scholarship monies being allocated already for the 2015 graduates and the $$$ is now being earmarked for the 2016 recruiting class so ASU didn't have $$$ that they wanted to offer Stevan, as we all know in an equivalency sport such as wrestling and the 9.9 scholarships available, it isn't like a blank check with all of these schools. ASU signed a HUGE class from 2015, there just wasn't any money available until AFTER next year.   


    IMO, Michigan will be his destination.

  11. I went to Illinois state this year.  A guy can go 2-2 and get eliminated without placing. 

    The placings are different as well, 1st thru 6th. (Which I am not in favor of but it's their deal and they like it, I like IN's 1st thru 8th because it seems to be a standard in wrestling throughout the country in most tournaments). They follow the winner so you can get back into the tournament if you lose the opening match and the guy who beat you wins the next match, you are placed back into the Conso's. I know a lot of IL folks are pushing the IHSA for a true double-elimination State Finals like the Super Sectional and Regional. In Indiana, I will never understand the IHSAA's way of thinking by not allowing that wrestleback in the 2nd match at Semi-State, isn't the goal to get the best kids down state? It's exciting for the fans because of what is at stake but there are so many deserving wrestlers who never get out because of a draw i.e. Sopko/Schurg this year at M'ville SS.

  12. Yes there is, especially when a top kid loses in the ticket round or in the quarters at state and might be the 2nd or 3rd best.

    Y2 I couldn't agree more.


    As for IL vs. IN, you can draw your own conclusions, I am just commenting on the events and the participants. If you feel "threatened" or "sensitive" about the issues, that's your problem. Anyone who has read my posts for years will know that I have always said that IN's top end talent was outstanding, it is a sheer numbers game in a lot of cases with the depth. 

  13. Indiana gold

    106 Colton Cummings

    113 Paul Konrath

    120 Brock Hudkins

    126 Gaige Torres

    132 Jordan Vaughn

    138 Isaac Eicher

    145 Jacob covaciu

    152 Elijah Dunn

    160 Drew Hughes

    170 Cameron Jones

    182 Mason parris

    195 Blake Rypel

    220 Kobe Woods

    285 Shawn Streck

    Awesome Team! They should tear it up!

  14. The only 2A champ I recognized was Danny, I am not familiar with the 1A kids, I've never heard of those other kids. I do LOVE the 1A crowd at Champaign, they bring their whole town to state, they are crazy! JJ Wolfe, another 1A champ is extremely tough but I believe he might have been in PA.

  15. Retrieved from Mac Bolen, Illinoismatmen.com forum.


    Congrats to Team Illinois...nice wins. 

    The Preliminary

    Illinois 33 WPIAL 10

    113 - OW Austin McDermitt Burgettstown m-dec Antoine Bess Jr. Fenton 9-0
    120 - Michael Cullen Cary-Grove dec. Brendan Howard Jefferson Morgan 5-1
    126 - Kristopher Williams Thornwood dec. Tyler Kenney Connellsville 2-0 ot tb
    132 - Alec McKenna New Trier dec. Josh Ridgeway Norwin 0-0 ro
    138 - JJ Wolfe Dakota dec. Dom Giannangeli Franklin Regional 2-0
    145 - Eric Barone Crystal Lake South dec. Josh Maruca Franklin Regional 2-1
    152 - Paul Dunn Bethel Park dec, Luke Fortuna Montini Catholic 4-0
    160 - Matt Rundell Oak Park-River Forest dec. Jared Walker South Fayette 8-2
    170 - Carver James Dakota dec. Brooks Wilding Upper St. Clair 11-5
    182 - OW Xavier Montalvo Montini Catholic fall.Josh Bahr West Allegheny 3:59
    195 - Andrew Marsden Crystal Lake Central dec. Zach Smith North Allegheny 5-3
    220 - Fred Mantsch Hempfield dec Tyler Johnson Lockport 4-2
    285 - D'Andre Johnson Glenbard East dec. Tyler Mears Greater Latrobe 1-0 ro 

    USA All Stars won too although Moody got majored 13-4 by Devin Brown. The 4 "Big Guns" for PA went 2-2...Kemerer and Joseph won, Shields and Krivus got beat. 

    USA 31 Pennsylvania 14

    170 - Fox Baldwin Florida dec. Te'Shan Campbell Penn Hills 6-4
    182 - OW Myles Martin Maryland mdec. Kellen Stout Mt. Lebanon 12-4
    195 - Lance Benick dec. Jan Johnson Governor Mifflin 3-2
    220 - Andrew Dunn Bethlehem Catholic dec. Austin Myers Kentucky 3-1 ot
    285 - Zack Chakonis New Jersey fall. Al Beattie Burrell 1:35
    113 - OW Devin Brown Franklin Regional mdec. Jabari Moody Illinois 13-4
    120 - Elijah Oliver Illinois dec. David Pipa Bishop McDevitt 5-4
    126 - Nick Piccininni New York dec. Korbin Myers Boiling Springs 3-1
    132 - Jared Prince Florida dec. A.C. Headlee Waynesburg 6-4
    138 - Davion Jeffries Oklahoma dec. Sam Krivus Hempfield 3-0
    145 - Michael Kemerer Franklin Regional dec. Max Thomsen Iowa 6-3
    152 - Vincenzo Joseph Pittsburgh Central Catholic mdec. Fredy Stroker Iowa 13-4 
    160 - Joe Smith Oklahoma dec. Josh Shields Franklin Regional 3-2

  16. Indiana fans might want to look away when this match takes place because its gonna be a blood bath. I'm not sure who has confirmed for the Illinois team but if they get their top seniors, Indiana might only win at one weight class. I would say 138 would be the only match that Indiana would be favored in and I see a ton of bonus points for Illinois. Tell the children to close their eyes because it's gonna be ugly!!!


  17. You'll need the latest version of ADOBE FLASH PLAYER. This is the 1st Semi-State broadcast for Region Sports Network.


    Go to regionwrestling.com


    Ticket Round, Semi's, and Finals.


    Approx Start Time: 10:15 or 10:30am


    Announcers: Bill Hawkins and Nick Petrov

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