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    BreakfastClub reacted to MattM in Mooresville holiday classic   
    Bloomington North
    Decatur Central
    Evansville Central
    Ft. Wayne Dwenger
    Guerin Catholic
    Hamilton Hights
    Jennings County
    Terre Haute South
    Tri Jr-Sr High
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    BreakfastClub reacted to MattM in When you make ISWA mad at ya!   
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    BreakfastClub reacted to base in When you make ISWA mad at ya!   
    Subtle reference to Emilio Estevez story in Breakfast Club?
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    BreakfastClub reacted to elhampion in When you make ISWA mad at ya!   
    I believe this is another example of being unable to mutter a response due to a total processing failure to understand how yourself or anyone else could put together such a statement.
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    BreakfastClub reacted to aoberlin in When you make ISWA mad at ya!   
    Gotta love the "I am a victim mentality".  One reason I don't push youth tournaments that hard because some of the same people blindly attacking people and organizations are in the corner for some kid showing everyone how not to act. I have always found if you have a problem take it directly to them in a professional manner and not in a off handed passive aggressive way. 
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    BreakfastClub reacted to elhampion in When you make ISWA mad at ya!   
    To everyone out there who thinks the ISWA did this to you on purpose you're wrong. This was a plot by our reptilian overlords (AKA Obama) to eat your soul and enslave the human race.
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    BreakfastClub reacted to Sig40 in When you make ISWA mad at ya!   
    Hmm, maybe there is something to this. My kid was left off the list after winning a national championship. They count 10 national champs, but only 9 names listed and highlighted... you think that would be easy enough to pick up.

    Also no mention of him representing the USA in the PanAM games, which was selected using USA Wrestling freestyle and Greco national results. Maybe this was put together before that occurred. Either way kinda seems suspicious that the 2 guys most vocal about 2 tournament rule end up with their kids being omitted. lol
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    BreakfastClub got a reaction from indywrestlingfan in Avon vs Brownsburg Let The Talk Begin   
    Was mtcsports.net invited out to stream it live online?
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    BreakfastClub reacted to littlevito in Prayers needed for a young Bellmont wrestler   
    Remy is progressing nicely and yesterday was able to stand up for the first time since the injury and surgery. He is in good spirits and has been getting love and support from not only the community, but also from other wrestling clubs, as well as the K105 radio station in Fort Wayne.
    Not only is Remy an outstanding young athlete, but he is also a wholehearted kid. Every year, Remy donates his own money to Riley Children's Hospital. It is amazing to see that in a young child. Friends and family have set up a Go Fund Me account for Remy. There are also more detailed updates on the situation on that page. The money raised will go to pay for hospital expenses and any money left over will be donated to Riley Children's Hospital. There are also videos and information posted on the Bellmont Wrestling Facebook page and Twitter page. 
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    BreakfastClub reacted to IU89 in Wilderman   
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    BreakfastClub reacted to TeamGarcia in This week 12/5-12/10   
    From another thread, week or so ago . Rankings are old
    106 - Campbell #4 B vs Rioux #12 (A)
    113 - Garcia #1 (A)
    120 - Mills #1 B
    126 - Mulkey #2 B
    132 - Miranda #5 (A)
    138 - Kriezter #11 B
    145 - Lee #1 B vs Conley #4 (A)
    152 - Clark #5 (A)
    160 - Brewer #6 (A)
    170 - Cirriaelli #16 B
    182 - Walton #1 B
    195 - McCormick #8 B
    220 - Larson #2 (A) vs Peterson #14 B
    285 - Henson #9 (A) vs Clark #14 B
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    BreakfastClub reacted to bluemonster in Noteable wins Dec. 3rd across the State   
    Dyoung ,
    I believe Tristan Tonte has solidified himself as one of the better kids to not have a title to date. He's been under the lights the last 2 years and will have a great chance to be there again. I would say he's as good if not better then that entire group of those like Vinny C.
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    BreakfastClub reacted to IndianaWrestlingGuy in The greatest wrestler/football in Indiana history?   
    Correct. Matt Hasbrook was also a more accomplished wrestler winning the Cadet and Junior Nationals, FILA Cadet World Greco Runner-up, and State IHSAA title. As for football, he was the Phil Eskew Mental Attitude Winner, 2 time IHSAA State Football Champ starting both ways for Cathedral, All-State, and lettered at Michigan State and Notre Dame in football. Fun fact: After winning the state at 215lbs in 2000, he played DT for Notre Dame at 295lbs.   
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    BreakfastClub reacted to vito pepperelli in The greatest wrestler/football in Indiana history?   
    My point is his accomplishments skew heavily toward football. Is this Indianamat or the Gridiron Digest???
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    BreakfastClub reacted to vito pepperelli in The greatest wrestler/football in Indiana history?   
    I do question:  
    Only a one time placer, and not a state champ Did not play HS football If Gelen plays in the NFL, he's the best. 
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