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Everything posted by Bronxbomber

  1. Bronxbomber

    IU Line up

    Weaver is not listed in the line up for the dual tonight, is he hurt?
  2. Bronxbomber

    Isaac Jordan to IU

    Great pick up, seems like the coaching change has moved roadblocks
  3. Bronxbomber

    Isaac Jordan to IU

    Great hirer and addition. Level headed wrestler coach who will put the wrestlers first. Hopefully he opens a pipeline from the Jordan camps
  4. Bronxbomber

    Angel to head coach

    Disco, yes I have multiple times with little response or responses with value. Started when my kid was there But let's pull for the wrestlers this weekend so they know they have support from someone as we all agree Glass, Goldman do not have them first
  5. Bronxbomber

    Angel to head coach

    Disco, thanks for your response. I am all for growing wrestling and supporting the wrestlers. I know Matt states I derail all positive posts on wrestlers and attack them. If that's what he feels then I am a sorry. IU is a Big Ten university and yes they don't invest in wrestling like their other sports, but I am sure it is more then most MAC, SoC and all those other smaller conferences. MSU, Wisconsin! Oklahoma to name a few changed coaches because they were not succeeding. Why can't IU. Damn someone tell me how many kids have left IU over the last five years. Now I don't know if it was Goldman , Simmons or the wrestlers but damn there was a lot
  6. Bronxbomber

    Angel to head coach

    Matt you have defended Goldman from for years, tell us how you fell the team and each coach performed this year. We had guys top 14-20 not even wrestle to their seed. What is status of current team and coaching without east coast coaches and wrestlers
  7. Bronxbomber

    Because nobody reads the college board

    Wow, IU is continuing to spiral down not sure why Goldman is there as coach other than the money his family donates. His hiring of Simmons turned out to be a joke when all of the info about what happened with Simmons at Oregeon State and punching the recruit. The comments of one of their best wrestlers Walsh, just puts t all out there. I do not listen to these coaches. Hopfully Angel can get the job and do a full overhaul
  8. Bronxbomber

    James and Pepple at 133

    Probably can't beat Weaver
  9. Bronxbomber

    IU next year

    Did Jackson not earlier say he was coaching at IU and IU tweeted it. Is it confirmed he is now at Princeton
  10. Bronxbomber

    IU next year

    Jeff, seeing you are the one tied to program or Goldman. Any truth is ESPN diving deeper into IU after their last report on OTL? Goldman has lost many wrestlers over his time and it increased with Simmons.
  11. Question and not trying to take away from hire which is great. We all know Strangler was all about himself and was very public in his efforts via flo. His departure from IU has been quite, no info on where or what he is doing. Rumor is a wrestling center, but would think he and his family would have that posted all over Lansing. After the ESPN Outside Lines on Sunday with issues on coaches intimidating student athletes and trainers. Do you think after his issues at Oregon State IU said good bye. If so what does this say about the hiring process and Goldman and AD
  12. Bronxbomber

    IU next year

    Don't tease us, IU is many years behind on a change.
  13. Bronxbomber

    IU next year

    IU has shown a constant trend of wrestlers not developing. Not sure the exact number of transfers out over last six years but it has been large. Until IU addresses the staff they will struggle, Simmons issues at Oregon State will always hurt recruiting along with parent trust and Goldman being well past his prime as being able to wrestle on the mat hurts also. Until the AD holds them accountable IU will always be bottom third of big ten
  14. So IU cans their basketball coach and their football coach for performance and issues, yet their wrestling coach who has not won in years is employeed
  15. It seems like this comes up every year for the last five years or so at IU. I agree with attaching a name to the program, but a new hire has to be about he now and the kids on the team. Not coach who should be retired or a assistant who wants it all about him
  16. Bronxbomber

    Elijah Oliver?

    Just looking at schedule as when he wrestled and when he skipped
  17. Bronxbomber

    Elijah Oliver?

    Looks like he is wrestling tonight against another unranked kid. Not sure they would be dodging and protecting seeds if Dubuque was still there
  18. Bronxbomber

    Elijah Oliver?

    Posted same question weeks ago, without all of the stats in front of me it looks like the staff held him out against four ranked wrestlers.
  19. Bronxbomber

    IU vs NDSU

    So holding Oliver out against ranked opponents really helped, why does IU even wrestle CSU and Eastern? Not one match that would help the wrestlers get better. Oliver beats his kid nine out of ten times.
  20. Bronxbomber

    IU vs NDSU

    They lose a close one on criteria. Does anyone know what Simmons is doing with line up Oliver gets held out against a ranked opponent and they blow a red shirt on a true freshman. Will Oliver wrestle next dual against another ranked opponent Perez gets nod at 149 in front of Blanton, Perez would have been 141 at Princeton but could not beat Lassiter and now Kol. Weaver who was brought in for 149 is still down at 141. Is this why Malloy left
  21. Bronxbomber

    IU vs NDSU

    What a way to treat a true freshman, we are pulling your redshirt because maybe Oliver did not make weight or he got hurt. Good thing the freshman was on weight at such short notice. Perez wrestled 133 at Princeton and moved to 149 when he could not beat Lassiter at 141. I am to lazy to go back and look but I thought Weaver was recruited at 149/157' wrestling
  22. Bronxbomber

    IU vs NDSU

    Wow, they hold Oliver out against another ranked wrestler
  23. Wow what a great pick up for the staff
  24. Bronxbomber


    Haven't been here in a while, but looking for thoughts Why did Goldman not wrestle his son agianst Coon Where is Weaver who was supposed to be 149 but they cut to 141 What is everyone thoughts about Simmons running his mouth at Iowa to Gillman
  25. Bronxbomber


    Guru, don;t waste your time on this with him who is tied to the staff. He has defended every action that Goldman and Simmons have taken over the years and his comment is to reach out and talk to them so you are part of the program. IU most recent successful wrestler publicly state that he wrestled his style and that Goldman and Simmons did not have much input in his game plan. (By the way I do not this wrestler was recruited by Simmons or Goldman but by Joe D.) looks like that east coast channel for wrestlers is now closed

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