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  1. Aiden Warren took 3rd place. He lost to the the champ in the semi-finals. This kid is tough.
  2. I’m not real sure why there is still a debate/ talk about how new blood should of been in the tournament over blue blood. I also am not sure why we are talking about a team that got “9th”. I mean if you would of been in any other pool you still get beat by EM, CE, BB, or PM. What are we arguing about 9th place for. Where I come from if you ain’t first you’re last. Just kidding, but seriously. That BBurg and Blue blood dual was one for the ages.
  3. What ru talking about not being tough. He is a freshman who wrestled Lee and battled for six minutes and kept trying to score points but knew what he had to do for his team and wrestled smart. He also threw Donnel to his back twice. Warren is going to do great things for the Falcons and he is one of the toughest freshman kids I have watched this year.
  4. I’m not sure who you are talking about when referring to moving kids in to be good or to have a successful program, but I am pretty sure there are no move ins at Perry. They always seem to have kids that put in time and grind it out in the room and wait for their time and step up when called upon. They have had many state placers that have only wrestled one year Varsity due to being behind someone better. I am not surprised they are solid this year. They put in the work in the off season. That’s what good programs do.
  5. Thanks....It looks like PM did more than just have a good showing, they won the tournament. This year should be a good one. I was hoping to see Warren vs Fattore. I had Warren over Fattore.
  6. Does anyone know which team won this tournament last year? I see all the great match ups from last year and saw PM had a great showing. Who are the returning champs individual and team. I have heard this was a good tournament and that it is a grind. I am excited to watch.
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