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  1. I heard at least a dozen ask why we have it there. I suggested to our athletic director that we should look into hosting. I think some of the programs have improved and the number of fans seems to have increased which is good but the seating is not adequate.
  2. This was the first time I have attended so I have nothing to compare it to, but having all the teams together in this format was great! I think the above is spot on about the venue. If some changes could be made and the venue expanded with more seating and space it would be fine. Restrooms, I went 3-4 times during and never waiting more than like 2 minutes so I think that is a bit much to complain about. It is hard for fans who are used to bringing in food to feed themselves and wrestlers to have that restriction placed on them when that is not the norm. Concessions are not that big of an
  3. Does Delphi have 3 open weight classes or were the forfeits against Frankfort injuries or a fluke?
  4. Parris did look like a Jr. or Sr. I wonder how old he is but he is the real deal for sure! Great win for him!
  5. Exactly, and I would rather it be a little complicated and account for all of the relevant factors that get the correct teams most of the time. 2 at large invites gives some room for cleaning up some things but someone will always feel overlooked.
  6. I have been looking at the process to try and understand it a lot recently since Knightstown is in the mix in Class A. It is impressive to me all the variables that are part of the process. I think that makes it confusing but that is what it takes to get it right. And, if all else fails two teams can be selected at large to overcome the flaws. If there are criteria that need to be tweaked on a class by class basis then do it. Props to those who have taken it this far to make it work!
  7. I looked at the bracket and they did swap spots it looks like to me.
  8. Knightstown 69 Blue River 6 Knightstown 52 Shenandoah 27 Knightstown 54 Tri 24 Shenandoah and Tri tied on points 42 each I think
  9. Thanks for the post and comments to explain how it works. Knightstown is 1A and I wondered how the team selection process worked and think they could have done well there this year. They have had a solid season and have only 1 senior so hope they are selected next year. Looks like a lot of time is invested in trying to get it right.
  10. I believe Knopp got hurt at Knightstown a few weeks ago. He got beat by kid from Indian Creek and hurt his shoulder. Have not seen him wrestle since.
  11. bigmak, I believe you are correct. Only Knightstown, Indian Creek, and Eastern have wrestling in the conference.
  12. 106: A. Bundy (K) pin Moody ( 113: Batesville FF 120: Knightstown FF 126: Knightstown FF 132: D. Messer (K) MDec 138: L. Jessup (K) Dec over Gartenman ( 145: Haakinson ( Dec over A. Darling (K) 152: Nobbe ( Dec over J. Elder (K) 160: ( Pin over P. Wentz (K) 170: Amberger ( pin Harper (K) 182: Howard ( Dec over J. Davis (K) 195: D. Thomas (K) MDec over Hooten ( 220: Strub ( pin over Oldham (K) 285: J. Adkins (K) Dec over Hudepohl ( Batesville just used names in program so not guaranteed correct
  13. Dean Thomas 195 lbs-Senior from Knightstown is undefeated this year. Ktown is in Richmond Regional and he made it to Semi State last year 195 1) Mitch Sliga‐ Fishers 12 ( 1st @ 195 in 2012, 3rd @ 189 in 2011, 3rd @ 189 in 2010) (NM) 2) Noah Pardue‐Warren Central 11 (PM) 3) Mason Nickell- Roncalli 12 (PM) 4) Mike Riffle‐ Franklin Central 12 (PM) 5) Jeff Dixon- Hamilton Southeastern (NM) 6) Jason Hawkins‐ Milan 12 (RI) 7) Will Maluvac- Elwood 12 (PH) 8) Karson Allen‐ Covington 12 (NM) 9) Kaz Koering- Perry Meridian 11 (PM) 10) Raja Burt- Cathedral 11 (PH)
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