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  1. Fantastic camp. High percentage low risk offense. Coach Martin is one of the greats.
  2. BJ did not have to "cut weight" to make 138. The kid hasn't cut weight since his freshman year at 113. I wish the best of luck to both him and Red next year. Both kids are class acts on and off the mat.
  3. Regardless of "lack" of competition, coach Tonte is one of the best in the state at getting his wrestlers to peak at the right time. All 14 will be ready to battle it out the next three weeks. Congrats to all wrestlers moving on and to those who's season may have ended yesterday. Gotta love this time of year!
  4. Pretty sure Jake O'brien was beat by Nate Moore at the Capital City Classic, County, and Conference his senior season. He gave up offensive points that year (not sure about his soph and junior years).
  5. Hawkins (PM) over luster (FC) with a late takedown
  6. Whoever controls the pace wins the rematch. Nutterbutter, stop drinking the green koolaid and ask Vinny what happened to him last time he wrestled Lecount in a tournament (freestyle state two years ago). ;D
  7. At Belmont there will be Lecount v. Forte, Cottey v. Sinko, Thomas v. Macri, BJames v. Broukal...just a few off the top of my head.
  8. ikillbambi


    Cottey has been improving all year and will be tough to beat come tournament time (probably the toughest regional in this weight with him, red, and McKinney)
  9. Perry JV went undefeated for the day beating a ranked lowell team 33-31 in the finals.
  10. Perry JV won it last year. Should be a good day of wrestling.
  11. Score was 62-9 Perry won every weight with the exception of 138 and 160.
  12. Didn't see his name mentioned but Brandon James is still on a roll. 6-0 so far with all techs and pins...let's get it done boys and bring home some hardware.
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