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  1. h&h ^ I couldn't have said it better, absolutely an AMAZING match, and for 3rd/4th, normally I would feel kinda bad for the loser in a match like this, but I can truly say....THERE WERE NO LOSERS ANYWHERE IN THE BUILDING, DURING/AFTER THIS MATCH.....THE IMAPITOMY OF EPIC...THOSE 2 MEN ARE NOTHING LESS THAN SAVAGES
  2. Tom, I pose to you this question...Who has the worse butterflies in the belly, the kid wrestling on Friday night at Market Square/Banker's Life or the parents of said kid??
  3. Dominique Price beat Lecount in the ticket round his freshman yr...he was like 50-1 as a freshman only lost once more and it was in the finals 1-0 to 3xer Kyle Ayersman....
  4. 1 of my top 5 matches of ALL TIME right there...Howe, cuts him to send it to OT, then gets the TD in OT to win it...both kids left everything on the mat, & that was in the semis, but was the state title match, in my mind...but just a slight correction, had Nick won, it would have been his 2nd state title not 3rd...but I agree, Howe was definitely aware of Nick's cradle, cuz if he locked it up on you, it was ROCK-A-BY BABY, GOOD NIGHT, YOUR COUNTING LIGHTS...
  5. This Black/Rumph duo is also reminiscent of Cosgrove/McGill
  6. Decatur Central late 80s mid 90s...but I'm gonna say the best cross-face cradle either goes to Nick Walpole or Sampson Cook...Cook wasn't very good on his feet, but the kid could cradle anyone...I remember seeing him down in alot of matches by 8-10 points, & he would choose top in the 3rd lock up his cradle & win by fall...
  7. What about Jake Tucker?? He & Drew Hughes were wrestling partners their whole lives, I'd have to think he would have at least won 1 state title had he stayed in Indiana, definitely would have been a multiple time medalist...
  8. I thought Rumph may have had a set of NF on the 1st TD, he had a nearside locked and I believe if there was NF at the end, there should have been at the beginning...but hey I only watched it 1 time, so I could be wrong...lol
  9. Great kid, I for one hope he gets it done this yr. I know he is definitely not going down without a fight...
  10. There is a big difference from seeking out elementary kids to come help you when a team title and a blue chipper wanting to come be a part of a great wrestling program. I have said this before, & now I'm saying it again. There isn't a high school coach in the world that would tell an 8th grade Mason Parris or Brayton Lee, hey we appreciate you wanting to come to school here and wrestle for us, but we already have a few kids at your weight so we can't use you...you guys are comparing apples to oranges again...as far as recent posts in mid season champs, you are all missing the main factor. Littell came to the PM coaches wanting to go to school & wrestle for them. Not the other way around, you can read that for yourselves in every one of the Littell father's post. No body from PM goes out trying to get other area kids, those kids come to them cause they want to be a part of a winning tradition, that most of the time their home school/program doesn't have. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it don't. For Littell it was just one of the times it didn't work out...So be it...
  11. Nothing but class...great job tonight as well coach... Tonight is exactly why I always loved team state coming at the end of the season... I remember several years back when Perry beat a very good Mishawaka team @ the Belmont Super Duals, then the Cavemen gotta rematch @ team state @ Center Grove & they put it on the Falcons that day...it always seems the team that loses the 1st dual always comes in & seem to step it up a notch & get revenge the 2nd time around.... Great dual tonight down to the wire again, & I honestly think if these 2 teams wrestled 10 times it would most likely end in a 5/5 split... #GOFALCONS
  12. At New Castle Semi-State a few years back, ticket round match, a kid gets pinned and mom comes running down the stairs, trys to jump the barricade and trips then lip skids across the mat, jumps up & acts like that didn't just happen, then screams at the ref for calling the fall against her kid. Quite comical...
  13. Every year for the last century (sarcasm) but for a long long time, there are always a decent amount of kids cut down a weight class right before sectionals. This is not something that is brand new in the world of high school wrestling. I don't know what all this fuss is about. Is it because it's happening in one of the state's top programs year in year out? Is it because it's involving a blue chip freshman that could have made a very deep run in the state tournament @ either weight class? I am seriously confused as to why this subject is drawing so much attention. Personally I don't feel any of the above questions should even be asked, because we all know this is nothing new to wrestling. I believe this can easily be summed up as a simple case of "I'm taking my ball, & going home"
  14. I can't believe that this is so intriguing, that someone is willing to edit & rewrite his "rough draft" submissions. We as a message board society, have come a long way, by means of compassion since the "Caliboy" days. I remember how the board would rip him to shreds for his broken English & run-on sentences. Now we have English professors editing & re-writing the poorly punctuated bloggers.
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