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  1. WC182Dad

    My first MMA fight!

    Great 1st fight keep up the good work. Im sure I will see you at shows to come, You to Nick K you been doing great keep it up!!
  2. WC182Dad

    LFC 51

    Great card, do you know when the next one after that is will it be after April 15th?
  3. WC182Dad


    Great idea there is alot of people that hide behind there screen name.
  4. WC182Dad


    im unable to delete my messages off this phone can you please erase them for me Thank you sir
  5. WC182Dad

    Fights in Indy

    Whats the card for the next LFC?
  6. WC182Dad

    Wabash Wrestling

    Whats the starting lineup look like, has there been
  7. WC182Dad

    HFC 9-nick kraus

    Great job keep pluggin away
  8. WC182Dad

    Fights in Indy

    Any fights coming up
  9. WC182Dad

    BJ Penn?

    Do you really think he is going to stay retired? I believe he will be back he just got his feelings hurt after loosing to a great Nick Diaz!
  10. WC182Dad

    HFC 9-nick kraus

    Thanks and good luck
  11. WC182Dad

    HFC 9-nick kraus

    Where and when is the fight? Where does Torres train at? Thanks
  12. WC182Dad

    LFC 49

    Who did they fight? Who was the main event?
  13. He should of kept the ankle lock it was set up very nice he felt a tap and let it loose for a brief second he made one mistake and that was to stop trying to break it off, always wait for the ref to step in for the stoppage. Thats what was so great about Gracie, Hughes, ect they made the refs pull them off for the stoppage.
  14. WC182Dad

    Fights in Indy

    Is there going to be any shows in April, looking for a Ammy fight in April.
  15. WC182Dad

    freakin' peewee...


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