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  1. WC182Dad


    Great job Joe you did great and it was a plessure knowing you good luck in the future you are a stud
  2. Who do you believe was better Atwood or Lynde. I would have to say Atwood
  3. That's the fighter mentality you mill be seeing a lot of Brooks in the cage. Just curious why did he jump in Delaneys arms Doesn't Brooks wrestle for warsaw and Delaney coach for notorious Yorktown personally Delaneys always been a punk and that rubs off on the wrestlers
  4. I only bring this topic up cause a lot of greats are forgotten for one reason or another they didn't advance kids like Joey Juliano.Joe Keiffer. Kaleb Kemp are all great but obsticles came in the way I just wanted to pay respect to the wrestlers and parents for there dedication and time helping others improve its ending for a lot of us and I wish you all the best in the future.
  5. Refs have a hard enough time scoring folkstyle let alone if it was freestyle at state the bitchin would never quit
  6. WC182Dad


    Congats Tyler you have came along way hope to see you keep it up on the next level, wish you all the best
  7. Jordan Robinson, Jake Nealy, Ty Fleenor are just a few that come to mind Jordan Wallace and Cody Bond always did well during the off season Daniel Campbell was a stud as well. This is a demanding vey tough sport all these kids had great years just not well enough to get over the hump. I would like to take time out and say you all play a part in making this sport great so best luck in the future to all who pull up those straps and put the headgear on.Damon Albertson worked his butt off and Tony Jehn a couple more great job boys I wish you all the best.Let me add Charlie Mcginley to that list he was a summer beast.
  8. My son attended CIA and I do Really like the RTCs, Indy Southside and Pm practices just as well the only thing CIAs really provide is the talented kids attend so you have better partners,
  9. My biggest disappointment is Dre not able to finish this year I believe he would of placed high in the touurny. also Reidling not making it out of SS, And Nate Reeves deciding to sit out,
  10. How about Connor Robinson. many others peaking at the right time The Bakers are back at Bellmont
  11. WOW Sliga pinning Curtley in 29 sec the boy is on a mission
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