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  1. I saw these 2 at Laporte wrestle if they don't pin you they'll embarrASS you . There's none better , if you wrestle one of these 2 , bring a pillow you will be on your back .
  2. Who gets to wrestle C.P. to go to STATE Munster or Portage ?
  3. Saw Ehr wrestle last year he's a monster .
  4. I would give the 112 to Crown , we wrestled this past weekend against him at the D.A.C. tourney he looked pretty tough, he beat our guy in the championship round . I was kind of shocked he wasn't ranked , I think in the program he only has 3 losses Im not sure if those were ranked or nonranked wrestlers does anyone know ?
  5. Since there's not any brackets being posted , just trying to get an idea for tommorow , who won the matches last night at 112 - 119 - 125 at the Merrillville - Lake Central meet .
  6. Any truth to the rumor that CP's 119 lber or 112 lber was having grade problems and may not wrestle ?
  7. What was the reason for Perry Meridian and Mater Dei flipping spots ?
  8. If you could read I wasn't counting Perry Meridian out , my comment pretty much states that those should be the last two teams standing at the end of the season . Where in my quote states I'm counting P.M. out they're a great team which I have n0thing but respect for .
  9. The only team in the state that has a chance against the Crown Dogs is Perry Meridian , everyone else is at least a 25 plus underdog , thats saying if all the Dogs stay healthy the rest of the year .
  10. I agree with you norm , very boring tournament not one top 20 team , a couple of good matches at the end but other than that nothing .
  11. After seeing what Franklin did to Munster at the Traicoff , NO.
  12. I didn't get to see C.P. wrestle while we were at the Traicoff , but word of mouth is they're not just stacked with ranked wrestlers but the unranked ones are tough . It looks like they only have a couple of weak spots but that's covered up by the dominance of some of the top wrestlers like Tsirtsis and Roach . Can they be beat ?
  13. As far as the 103 and 112 for Penn , I saw Mish. 112 lber Martsolf wrestle at the Traicoff he looked pretty tough , I think Sarah would have tougher time with him than the 103 .
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