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  1. Good win for a great kid... I think he is poised to make some noise in Indy this year!
  2. What the hell... Lets bring them back to the DAC!!! When will brackets be posted? Saturday morning I assume!
  3. At 120 I like Black in slight upset of Torres... Also think Hollins could upset Eldridge! Should be good!
  4. Might have 1 or 2 off by a point or two... 132 CP 10-4 138 Mville fofeit 145 Mville 13-8 152 CP 9-1 160 CP pin 170 Mville pin 182 Mville pin 195 CP Pin 220 CP not sure 106 Mville 8-2 113 Mville pin 120 CP 6-0 126 Mville 11-6
  5. Any update??? Is this going to happen tomorrow?
  6. Micic only 2-1 over Davis? Wow! Davis is tough and showed that last year at state finals but didn't think it would be close this time around. Figured Micic by major. 219... Just a very technical??? Any take downs or just escapes? D1 schools better take a real hard look at Zach Davis...
  7. No need to respond to that BS.... Good luck to you and your future wrestling career and to your family! I think IN misses your talent!
  8. Geez!!!! You can't Leave out possibly the best wrestler in the state.... Micic!!
  9. Hammond Civic Center makes a lot of sense.... great old building
  10. Shaping up to be pretty interesting MVille semi state at 106.... I still think Garza wins....
  11. Region Royalty!!!!!! Da Region!!!
  12. You should change you name to CP FAN! I think Garza has a good chance to beat any 106er in the state... He did get caught right at the start and was down 5-0 against Akers then shut him out and cut him the rest of the match to win pretty easily. He probably was a bit cautious with the 5-1 win. Akers is pretty tough as they probably will meet again in the ticket match. I believe Garza wins Mville Semi-State at 106.
  13. What was the score of the 106 regional between Hudkins and Smith??? Very surprised to see that result!!!
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