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  1. Sounds like NO respect for Padilla , he's having a pretty good season last I checked .
  2. Who wins this one , especially since Berrys back and Mr. T can't bump up to 160 ?
  3. So does this make the Pirates the Conference Champs also ?
  4. I guarantee that the Hanover Wrestlers will give the Bulldogs a run for their money at the Carnahan . For a small school they're loaded.
  5. WOW ! What are the chances there would be rumors of a Brooks transfer , or for him getting suspended AGAIN ?
  6. You might know about EV. Semi but you don't know jack about up in the Region . I have wrestled both teams this year and C.P. by 12 . How many times did you wrestle these teams this year ? /
  7. Indian Creek only has a shot at 215 and thats it , everything else is a prayer .
  8. First off he has to wrestle a kid with the name of Sam Ferdig in the first round at Semi , I would say his dream ends there . Sorry
  9. Agree with the first but not the other two . Bad day for the Logansport qualifiers .
  10. Miracle doesn't face Denton , plus Miracle won't get past Micic , and Denton won't get past Hildenbrandt .
  11. Saroff lost to Medina who is ranked at the Portage Team Championship .
  12. I've seen him at many matches as a fan and a Ref. and I have never seen him act professional either way.
  13. UPSET - Garza crushes Buckley , it will be payback , Garza has improved so much since the first meeting, that will be the last time Garza ever loses to him . Only way Garza doesn't win is if they don't meet .
  14. Would LOVE to see her wrestle Marciano this year at Semi State , what went on in the stands last year when he wrestled Sarah H. was more entertaining than the match .
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