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North Montgomery Regional predictions

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My first time doing predictions, we'll see how I do... I did a fair amount of research and I know that some results are contradictory of Sectional and previous season results, just my opinion here...


106 - Chundi, Vest, Benson, English

113 - Anthony, Hooper, Driver, Ingalls

120 - Eldred, Simone, Hall, Pritchett

126 - Toole, Langeman, Lauy, Drlik

132 - Merkel, Harreld, Barrett, Lloyd - this one was tough Merkel and Harreld had a great battle at the HCC, should be another great match

138 - Wagner, Mattingly, Pickett, Lemieux

145 - Luhman, Shafer, Lindamood, McDonald

152 - Bates, McLaren, Fox, Ginella

160 - Williamson, Mitchell, Weakley, Davis

170 - Davin, Hiner, Poynter, Welliever

182 - Sharp, Woodall, McCloud, Broom

195 - Farrell, White, Dreher, Arvin

220 - Webster, VanBeynen, Schilling, Arvin

285 - Irick, McDonald, Keller, Sly


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16 minutes ago, eagledad said:

What do you have against Davis at 160 from Zionsville?

Nothing at all, don’t have anything against any of the student athletes who competed today. I hadn’t seen much of him on the year. Great wrestling by him all day. I actually congratulated him as he came off the mat after the final. I picked my own nephew to finish 2nd and he almost made me eat my words too.

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Results: Weight - places I got right - % of the top 4 I got right


106- 1st & 2nd - 50%
113- 3rd & 4th - 100%
120- 1st & 2nd - 75%
126- 1-4 - 100%
132- order all wrong 100%
138- 1st & 2nd 75%
145- 1-4 - 100%
152- 1-4 - 100%
160- 2nd - 100%
170- 1-4 - 100%
182- 2nd - 100%
195- 1st & 4th - 100%
220- 1st - 100%
285- 1st - 75%

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Frankfort Sectional has 41 Semi State Qualifiers vs Crawfordsville Sectional having 15.   Are there any other Sectionals that continue to dominate at Regional?  If so, why isn't there a change?  Before Zionsville moved over to Crawfordsville it was much worse.  

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