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Carroll Sectional Predictions

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106- Brady,Cornwell,Hurd,Sanderson

113- Weimer,Sloffer,Lewis,Maggard

120- Teusch,Heath,Cornwell,McComb

126- Reister,Kuhl,Shearer,Hensler

132- Forrester,McCormack,Jodway,Getty

138- Burns,Fitch,Kline,Baker

145- Sheets,Mudrack,Ulrick,Tippmann

152- McCune,Saylor,Hilger,Cope

160- Pettigrew,Patrick,Custer,Goeglein

170- Fielden,McKinley,Mullinax,Delaney

182- Schwehn,Walden,Cheesbrough,Wicker

195- Lepper,Debolt,Harris,Van Wagner

220- Wicker,Harris,Miller,Bergman

285- Muncie,Hathaway,Buescher,Nahrwold

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106: Brady of Garrett

113: Weimer of Garrett 

120: Heath of busco (could easily be Tuesh should be an exciting final)

126: Kuhl of Huntington North 

132: Forrester of Columbia City

138: Burns of Eastside 

145: Ulrick of Carroll 

152: Mccune of Huntington North (super tough bracket) 

160: Pettigrew of Columbia City 

170: Feilden of Garrett 

182: Walden of Garrett 

195: Lepper of Carroll 

220: Wicker of Busco 

285: Muncie of Carroll 


Team: 1.Garret 2.Carroll 3.Busco (should be a tight team race) 

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