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Brownsburg - Preseason #1?

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3 minutes ago, Darrick Snyder said:

I thought Brownsburg was going to get destroyed by a list of a dozen schools beginning last year?  Something about how something of ours were going to get eaten.  We weren't interested by the way. 

Throw out your backhand compliments.  We are often criticized.  It has worked out okay for us.  When contenders are mentioned, we seem to always be in the conversation....unlike someone else, we didn't make a guarantee of winning or list all the schools that were going to beat another school.  We just show up and do work. 

...and to bring up feeder schools?!?!?!!?!? ? HAHAHAHAHAHA....both of our middle schools are strong.  Our Elementary Dual team consistently competes at a high level.  Yes, we have strong feeders. 

I know our coaching staff could never compete with that of Indy Schools, but yeah Smiley was an okay addition.  Ayersman guy did okay.  HWT coaches took a beginner to a state championship.  I have a had a tad success here and at Mishawaka, etc. etc.

Keep talking and we will keep working.


I knew you couldn’t lay off. The only “talk” on this site comes from #theCounty. I was just trying to help you with your 2019-2020 marketing. Good luck this season, coach.

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Brownsburg doesn’t talk and make guarantees or backhand compliments about coaching staffs or feeder programs.  

I would put my staff and our feeder programs against about anyone in state.  Just wanted to make sure everyone knew that   

And we don’t need marketing.  Have a large, passionate fan base and people seem to talk about us a lot...but thanks and good luck.  

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