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I've been researching information on the IHSAA website for individual champions at the sectional, regional, and semi·state meets. 

Once I reached past the 2002 there was little to nothing that the IHSAA recorded for this individual data. 

If anyone has information they could share on where to look for this information please let me know asap. 

Thank you🎄


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One way, but it is laborious/time consuming as hell, is to go to each individual IHSAA yearbook prior to 2002.  Each year contains all sports and for wrestling you can see individual results by sectionals, etc.  Here’s generic link for a location for IHSAA yearbooks.



And for 1975 as an example (wrestling starts on page 241 of 498): 

http://www.ihsaa.org/Portals/0/ihsaa/documents/Yearbooks & Handbooks/1974-75_IHSAA.pdf


Did I say it was laborious as hell…  Definitely not a quick answer. 

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