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Evansville Central Sectional

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Any predictions or talk before the seeds come out tonight....


Ross, Fitts, Garris, Kiesel


Boarman, Polen, Kendall, Garcia


Egli, Tucker, Amento, Mullins


Egli, Spencer, Harpenau, Morgan


Dickens, Dunn, McNeely, Bethe


Lee, Willman, Russell, Wellmeier


Fitts, Frymire, Bittner, McCrary


Parkinson, Miller, Deffendoll, Schmidt


Wilson, Singleton, Weidner, Martin


Gamblin, Kemper, Reich, McGennis


Guerrier, Tasa, Coomer, Schuler


Koonce, Helfrich, Adkins, Malone


Boots, Robinson, Martin, Buck


Graves, York, Pace, Stuckey


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Yeah I don't see much debate.

152 Parkinson and Miller could be the match of the day.

170 is probably the best all around weight. I'm not sure if Gamblin has lost to anybody at the weight? I know he beat McGennis by 1 I believe and Chandler by 2 at the Holiday Classic, and McGennis majored Chander at the Holiday Classic. Has McGennis seen Kemper or Reich?


Other than that I see it pretty cut and dry on who wins each weight. But, there could be an upset or two. There always seems to be.

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106: Ross, Fitts, Garris, Dike

113: Boarman, Polen, Kendall, Garcia

120: Egli, Amento, Tucker, Mullins

126: Egli, Harpenau, Morgan, Myers

132: Dickens, McNeely, Dunn, Bethe

138: Lee, Wellmeier, Russell, Rapp

145: Fitts, Frymire, McCrary, Ricketts

152: Miller, Parkinson, Deffendoll, Schmidt

160: Wilson, Weidner, Singleton, Martin

170: Kemper, Gamblin, Reich, McGennis

182: Guerrier, Tasa, Schuler, Coomer

195: Koonce, Helfrich, Adkins, Carrier

220: Boots, Robinson, Huggins, Buck

285: Graves, York, Butts, Brievogel


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