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Delta Sectional

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3 hours ago, purdue02 said:

106 Todd, Cline, Lee, White

(clear top 4 where Todd is the heavy favorite as a senior 106)


113 Curtis, Robinson, Marrs, Cunnington

(only 4?? Curtis runs through)


120 Schliessman, Tighe, Barr, Tinsman

(Too bad for Abbott of Wes Del as he would have ran through this weight)


126 Curtis, Blackburn, Walker, Hoover

(Possibly the best finals match up of the day, I like Curtis in the rematch with some Yorktown adjustments)


132 Barr, Wills, Fox, Thomma

(Clear top 2 with Barr pinning his way through, decent depth with an interesting 3-6 finish here)


138 Rutter, McCammon, Meiring, Heskett

(Clear top 4 again where Rutter is too much, fun semi with MnM)


145 Hunt, Young, Love, Tinsman

(#2 vs #17 in the only state ranked final, the Tinsman vs Johnson quarter is huge)


152 Heistand, Moore, Jones, Wills

(Another Yorkie runs away with it with a great semi in Moore vs. Jones)


160 Swanson, West, Duncan, Willis

(Solid top 3 here that could have 3 different champs on 3 different days, the Ashburn vs. Willis quarter is vital here)


170 Bell, Caldwell, Brown, Prybylla

(Another weight that is wide open but has a clear top 4, Bell is the heavy favorite but you could have 4 different champs on 4 different days)


182 Abbott, Franklin, Wilson, Womack

(Abbott will run away with it but the 2-6 spots again are very intriguing)


195 Pease, Minton, Enis, Ullom

(Pease will pin his way through but the semi of Minton and Ullom will be entertaining, I think Enis is the 2nd best guy at the weight)


220 C Brown, Ice, K Brown, Thompson

(Strong top 3 where Brown of Daleville is the favorite but any of them could bring the title home on Saturday)


HWT Parson, Shaffer, Swallow, Hill

(if Dunn of Muncie Central was here this would be the best weight by far, but as is you have a strong top 3 where I like Shaffer in the rematch and Parson to avoid his dangerous headlock and start his treck as a future 3 time sectional champ)


Yorktown runs away again with their last run of dominance, they may win more titles going forward but not like they will this year and have grown accustomed to

What happened to Abbot?

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Some changes to the brackets:

106 Cline Muncie Central is out and Brooke Jackson is in

120 Abbott Wes-Del is now in

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Yorktown seems to have some good young talent but you probably won’t see them as top Delta Sectional contenders until a couple-few years from now.  Cowan also has a good young program that will make a big statement in a couple years. 

Delta has the best chance of running away with it next year as returning wrestlers (will be seniors) Pease, Love, Lee, Hill, Ashburn. They also have tough returning under class men (Blackburn, Robinson, Schliessman) and couple really good Freshman coming in. Heck, I think they’ll run away with it the next 2-3 years. As always it will be fun to watch the up and coming!!

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1 hour ago, jason said:

Prayers would be appreciated..hes my son.

Sending prayers.  I hope he's ok!  Gonna miss seeing him tomorrow 

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1 hour ago, Jaiden Turner said:

(Alternate 8th Seed-Turner, Delta) over (3rd Seed-Jones, MonC) 8-2

Nice job Turner 

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I would say the upset of the day and maybe even better match of day would (House of Payne) Payne Blackburn of Delta over X. Curtis of Yorktown. But not real sure it’s considered a upset when Payne just beat him the week before at Conference. 

I would say the biggest surprise as far as placement would be Abbott (WesDel) at 4th place. Tough kid but he’s been wrestling through some rough injuries. 

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It was a day that's for sure. Jones has been battling an injury and a medical condition. He probably shouldn't had wrestled but the Dr said if he felt up to it to go ahead and wrestle. If you was there and watched he definitely didn't wrestle to even half of his potential it was a very ruff day for him. I'm glad the season is over for him. He's going to see a specialist next week so hopefully he'll be on road to recovery and can come back next year healthy. 

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