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Any info for the Carnahan at Crown Point?

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I'm sure Dunefan will have official results

But here are the other results

106 micic teched Ervin

113 shurg wbf Krueger Lyons

120 petrov d fuqua 7-3

126 burlison d beebe Lyons 2-0

132 Villarreal Lyons d schurg 12-6

138 Burlison d condom Lyons 3-0

145 Tsirtsis wbf white SBW

152 Mavros hc d Fuqua 4-2

160 Schurg d Pearson Lyons 5-1

171 Bates SBW wbf Scott HC

182 Jones Lyons wbf sustaita Knox

195 langbehn d Perez Morton 8-4

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Does anyone have the full results?  I hear SB Washington got 4th place even though they were missing 120, 152, 195 and 285.  They still are not wrestling as well as they should be esp, with Kolat and Anderson loosing their first matches and placing 5 because of it.  Congrats to Bates,  hope he will keep it up and get some respect for us at Washington. 

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