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    Mr. Gorilla Award Information

    IndianaMat.com has decided to sponsor an award honoring the state's top senior wrestler. Most of the other high school sports already are honoring their top seniors and we felt that 2015 would be the right time to present such an award for wrestling.


    IndianaMat will start things off by publishing a watch list of senior contenders for the award (i.e. Heisman watch) in early November. We will then pare this list down to approximately fifteen wrestlers after the team state duals and holiday tournaments and then further refine the list prior to sectionals.


    The criteria for selection will be left intentionally vague as we want a variety of opinions as to who the voters think is the best wrestler. Some general criteria that can be considered is listed here:

    1. Must be a senior

    2. Undefeated/fewest losses. A midseason loss would not disqualify a wrestler.

    3. Domination. Number of pins, tech falls

    4. Level of competition.

    5. Body of work previous to senior year. State and national resume.

    6. Character

    7. Grades


    Any, or all of these may, or may not, be taken into consideration by the voters when making their selections. We have chosen 39 voters to make this selection because we value their knowledge and experience regarding Indiana high school wrestling.

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