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    2023 IndianaMat Award Winners

    Mr. Gorilla: Sam Goin- Crown Point
    1st Runner-up: Aidan Torres- Chesterton
    2nd Runner-up: Orlando Cruz- Crown Point


    Miss Gorilla: Aulani Davis- Kokomo
    1st Runner-up: Mackenzie Konanz- Penn
    2nd Runner-up: Chrissy True- Jeffersonville


    Assistant Coaching Staff of the Year: Center Grove
    4A Coach of the Year: Maurice Swain- Center Grove
    3A Coach of the Year: Steve Sandefer- Mishawaka
    2A Coach of the Year: Chad Shepherd- Western
    1A Coach of the Year: Joe Litherland- Tell City
    Girls Coach of the Year: Nick Skinner- Southport


    4A Wrestler of the Year: Joey Buttler- Whiteland
    3A Wrestler of the Year: Cole Solomey- Kankakee Valley
    2A Wrestler of the Year: Tylin Thrine- New Castle
    1A Wrestler of the Year: Tyce DuPont- Tell City


    Past Award Winners
    1A Coach
    2015- Tony Currie
    2016- Brett Smith
    2017- Gary Black
    2018- Chuck Fleshman
    2019- Tony Currie
    2020- Cody Moll
    2021- Neal Stahly
    2022- Clint Gard


    1A Wrestler
    2015- Sawyer Miller
    2016- Evan Ellis
    2017- Eli Stock
    2018- Noah Cressell
    2019- Silas Allred
    2020- Isiah Levitz
    2021- Hayden Filipovich
    2022- Marshall Fishback


    2A Coach
    2015- Trent McCormick
    2016- Mark Kerrn
    2017- Trent McCormick
    2018- Frank Bumgardner
    2019- Chad Shepherd
    2020- Paul Gunsett
    2021- Nick Kraus
    2022- Tim Myers


    2A Wrestler
    2015- Brock Hudkins
    2016- Brock Hudkins
    2017- Mason Parris
    2018- Brayden Curtis
    2019- AJ Fowler
    2020- Clayton Fielden
    2021- Isaac Ruble
    2022- Christian Carroll


    3A Coach
    2015- Brad Harper
    2016- Darrick Snyder
    2017- Chris Johl
    2018- Matt Schoettle
    2019- Sean McGinley
    2020- Sean McGinley
    2021- Adam Wolf
    2022- Chris Cooper


    3A Wrestler
    2015- Chad Red
    2016- Blake Rypel
    2017- Joe Lee
    2018- Asa Garcia
    2019- Jordan Slivka
    2020- Eli Dickens
    2021- J Conway
    2022- J Conway


    4A Coach
    2021- Greg Schaefer
    2022- Brandon Lorek-


    4A Wrestler
    2021- Jesse Mendez
    2022- Gabe Sollars


    Girls Coach of the Year
    2021- Jeremy Goodlett
    2022- Brad Harper


    Assistant Coaching Staff of the Year

    2022- Crown Point


    Mr. Gorilla
    2015- Tommy Forte
    2016- Chad Red
    2017- Andrew Davison
    2018- Brayton Lee and Mason Parris
    2019- Asa Garcia
    2020- Silas Allred
    2021- Alex Cottey
    2022- Jesse Mendez


    Miss Gorilla
    2021- Sarah Huse
    2022- Catie Campbell

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