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  • Toe to Joe with Steven Sandefer


    [caption id=attachment_209" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Mishawaka's Steven Sandefer]Mishawaka's Steven Sandefer[/caption]


    One of this week's two Toe to Joe's is with reigning 140lbs state champion Steven Sandefer of Mishawaka.  He is coming off a great week after winning the Al Smith Invitational, which included two pins in 8 seconds and 14 seconds.


    1. How did you get started wrestling and how many years have you been wrestling?

    When a kid on my little league baseball team(Jeremiah Maggart) got me started.  I have been wrestling for nine years.


    2. What other interests/hobbies/sports do you participate in outside of wrestling?

    I did play football until this year and I play rugby.

    3. Who is the toughest wrestler you have faced and why?

    Marshall Peppleman of Central Dauphin, PA, the kid is a stud!


    4. Describe what it was like to win a team state title last year after finishing runner-up the previous year.

    It felt pretty awesome, like we finally set things right.  It was a big relief!


    5. What sport is your favorite and why?

    Wrestling, it has taken me the farthest in life and paid for my college.


    6. What is the most memorable match you have wrestled and why?

    Winning my first state title my first year wrestling at Greco state.  I had to pin or tech my opponent to win and I ended up teching him.


    7. You're in the third period in the state finals and down by one point with 30 seconds left and on your feet, what move are you going to hit to bring home the championship?

    I'll take whatever he gives me, I'll keep pressuring him until he makes a mistake.


    8. Who is the most influential person in your life? Why?

    My dad, he has taught me a lot and has guided me through life and put me in the best position for college wrestling.


    9. Do you have any superstitions or routines when it comes to wrestling?

    My shoes have to feel perfect.  I might adjust them a few times.


    10. What makes wrestling so great?

    It's an individual and team sport.  You get to find out how tough you really are mentally and push the wrestlers around you.

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