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  • Toe to Joe with Joe Arthur


    [caption id=attachment_268" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Bloomington North's Joe Arthur]Bloomington North's Joe Arthur[/caption]


    This week's Toe to Joe is more of a Joe to Joe with Joe Arthur of Bloomington North High School.  Arthur was a Cadet National Champion in 2007 in the heavyweight division.


    1. How did you get started wrestling and how many years have you been wrestling?

    My father introduced me to wrestling. My father is BEST friends with Joe Van Deventer, father of the legendary Heath Van Deventer. Joe told My Dad that I should give it a try. I was always bigger than anyone my age and therefore I started on the mats throwing side headlocks when I was 4 years old.


    2. What other interests/hobbies/sports do you participate in outside of wrestling?

    I love football! And I also participated in track my freshman and sophomore years. My favorite thing to do in my spare time is hunting and fishing. I enjoy the outdoors very much. I also enjoy farming. There is nothing better then getting out on a BIG International Tractor and tilling up some land in southern Indiana.


    3. Who is the toughest wrestler you have faced and why?

    The toughest wrestler I have ever faced would be Atticus Disney from Kansas. Atticus gave my first defeat ever. Atticus is a redshirt freshman on a full ride scholarship to Minnesota.


    4. What are your future plans after high school?

    I plan to attend a 4-year school and either wrestle or play football, or both. I want to study some kind of Agriculture, or Criminal justice


    5. What are more exciting matches to watch, the lightweights or the big guys and why?

    I am a big guy so of course the big guys.  Not many of us cut weight so it all comes down to who has worked harder in the offseason, and during the season. And it is very exciting to see guys who look like they are not very mobile but really they are very agile!


    6. What is the most memorable match you have wrestled and why?

    My National championship match in Fargo, North Dakota is my favorite match yet. I really enjoy wrestling freestyle a lot. Being on that stage and everyone in the Dome watching you it was truly memorable, and something I will never forget. I can remember we were at St. Josephs College for the camp before we went to Fargo.  It was right after a practice and I was all hot and sweaty and I can remember looking in a mirror and asking myself are you the best freestyle heavyweight in the nation.  Automatically my mind said yes I believe you are and I really focused on that after I didn't all American in Greco. That was a turning point in my wrestling career.


    7. You're in the third period in the state finals going for your first title and down by one point with 30 seconds left and on your feet, what move are you going to hit to bring home the title?

    I would have to say foot sweep to a single and finish with a treetop.


    8. Who is the most influential person in your life? Why?

    My father because he just pushes me, and makes me understand how important certain things in life are.


    9. Do you have any superstitions or routines when it comes to wrestling?

    Yes I wear the exact pear of underwear and socks every weekend. I do wash them but it is a must have when I'm off to a meet. I just don't feel right without them!


    10. What makes wrestling so great?

    It is a ONE man sport. You have one goal go out and at the end of the match get your arm raised and you know you did what needed to be done. If you lose there is none else to blame but yourself

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