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      2011 IHSAA State Finals Live Blog

      2011 IHSAA Wrestling State Finals


      2011 IHSAA State Finals Brackets

      Dates & Times
      Friday, Feb. 18, 5:30 pm ET Parade of Champions.
      Friday, Feb. 18, 6 pm ET (First Round).
      Saturday, Feb. 19 (Quarterfinals at 9:30 am ET with semifinals to follow; Consolations at 5 pm ET; Finals at 7:30 pm ET).
      Admission: $8 per session or $20 both days.
      Site: Conseco Fieldhouse, 125 S. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis
      Doors will open to the general public:
      Friday, February 18, 2011 - 5:00 p.m. (Session I)
      Saturday, February 19, 2011 - 8:30 a.m. (Session II)
      Saturday, February 19, 2011 - 4:00 p.m. (Session III)
      Click here for brackets


      New Castle Semi-State 2010-2011 Preview

      Here we are again. We're back once more in the outstanding venue that is New Castle Fieldhouse and I can honestly say that this might be as loaded a field as I can remember in the past 8 years of attendance. There are at least a handful of legitimate state title contenders, as well as a slew of wrestlers with very strong chances at state placement.
      Without further adieu.....

      Once you get past the presumptive champion, Nathan Boston, it's wide, wide open. Seven ranked wrestlers and one non-ranked, undefeated wrestler are included in this deep bracket. Boston has toyed with most opponents and I don't expect anyone here to push him too strongly.

      Last year's champ: Cody Phillips, Union County

      Last year's Dingo Pack picks: 2/4, 50%

      Ranked wrestlers:

      #1 Nathan Boston, Lawrence North (#18 nationally, The Open Mat)

      #12 Barry McGinley, Roncalli

      #15 Tyler Elmore, Hamilton Heights

      #16 C.J. Whitten, Ben Davis

      #17 A.J. Belden, Westfield

      #18 Preston Mantel, Zionsville

      #19 Jordan Lile, Fishers

      Epic matchups:

      Lile vs. Antonio Perez, Manual (ticket round) - Perez is no joke and Lile will have be on top of his game to get by the stocky Manual wrestler. Like most matches in this bracket, either outcome is possible.

      Witten vs. Ryan Bean, Crawfordsville (1st round) - Bean has shown that he's in the upper tier of 103s in this semi-state and is more than capable of not only beating Witten, but advancing to Conseco.

      Elmore vs. Cole Maggard, Rushville (1st round) - Elmore didn't look sharp last weekend and hasn't been in top form thus far in the postseason. He'll need to bounce back in a big way to beat the undefeated Rushville sophomore.

      Belden vs. McGinley (1st round) - Another dynamic first round matchup featuring two kids who have wrestled the upper crust in the weight class already. McGinley seems to be peaking--that might be the difference, although Belden is capable of a run to Conseco.

      Mantel vs. Jacob Cottey, Perry Meridian (1st round) - Cottey has wrestled everyone and isn't out of his league at all vs. Mantel. Unfortunately, the winner of this match gets Boston in the ticket round.

      Maggard/Elmore vs. McGinley/Belden (ticket round) - Whoever survives this gauntlet of tough opponents will certainly deserve his state qualification. Just brutal.

      Dingo's Pack picks to advance:

      Lile, Witten, McGinley and Boston

      The Alpha Dog:

      Nathan Boston


      As with 103, there is a very strong favorite in this weight class. Also like 103, this is a deep, talented field, with seven ranked wrestlers and featuring 3 undefeated wrestlers and one wrestler with one loss. Look for 2nd and 3rd place finishers in this weight class to make strong runs at Conseco, especially Fargo AA Mason Todd. The two-time state champ Phillips will have some solid competition here.

      Last year's champ: Brendan Campbell, New Castle

      Last year's Dingo Pack picks: 4/4, 100%

      Ranked wrestlers:

      #1 Cody Phillips, Union County (#3 nationally, The Open Mat)

      #2 Mason Todd, Pendleton Heights

      #5 Dominique Price, Arsenal Tech

      #6 Cody LeCount, Perry Meridian

      #11 Tom Gettinger, Connersville

      #17 Alex Sparks, Lawrence North

      #19 Josh King, Roncalli

      Epic matchups:

      Sparks vs. Chandler Moore, Southmont (1st round) - The winner gets Phillips but, that bit of bad news aside, this should be a close, entertaining match. Moore knocked off a really tough senior last weekend in Brandon Gray.

      LeCount vs. Price (ticket round) - This may be the marquee ticket match of the entire semi-state. LeCount has managed to wrestle Perry's grueling schedule and remain undefeated as a freshman. Price has been a victim of some of the most difficult draws at New Castle I've personally seen this decade, and just to get to this match he has to beat a very, very capable wrestler in Fisher's Brandon Gray. Price can go with anyone, but LeCount hasn't been knocked off once this year. It's a senior looking for one last shot at the big reward vs. a freshman at the start of what could be a very special wrestling legacy. Bring your popcorn matside for this one.

      Gettinger vs. Snyder (ticket round) - This should be a doozy. Snyder was very tough at Pendleton Heights and in the team matchups vs Lawrence North and Noblesville. He has a grade A gastank and will put pressure on any opponent's conditioning. Gettinger has already been to the Big Show and has primarily lost to only the very best wrestlers in the state. This one could definitely go either way.

      Dingo's Pack picks to advance:

      Phillips, Price, Todd and Snyder

      The Alpha Dog:

      Cody Phillips


      Another New castle weight class, another seven ranked wrestlers. Like the two weight classes before, 119 features a strong favorite in the physical Fargo All-American Brendan Campbell. The top-level depth in this class might be the strongest of all the weight classes in New Castle. Past Campbell, there are 4 or 5 kids who could battle their way to a runner-up finish.

      Last year's champ: Brandon Nelsen, Lawrence North

      Last year's Dingo Pack picks: 4/4, 100%

      Ranked wrestlers:

      #2 Brendan Campbell, New Castle

      #4 Mike Venezia, Cathedral

      #5 Josh Farrell, Greenfield

      #6 Charlie McGinley, Arsenal Tech

      #7 Robert Boston, Lawrence North

      #8 Levi Moss, Ben Davis

      #16 Josh Julien, Lebanon

      Epic matchups:

      Boston vs. Hugo Perez (ticket round) - Perez is more than capable of knocking off Boston, but Boston has faced much better competition than Perez has. Perez first has to beat a very tough Clint Schmith of Beech Grove to advance to the ticket round.

      Ferrell vs. McGinley (ticket round) - Two elite wrestlers in a huge match - one will advance and have a solid shot at placing high in Indianapolis and one will go home. McGinley, like numerous other McGinleys before him, has very solid mat skills and Ferrell is just plain nasty. A true pick 'em.

      Venezia vs. Moss (ticket round) - See Ferrell vs. McGinley. Two battle-tested studs, each capable of winning this match and placing at state.

      Dingo's Pack picks to advance:

      Boston, McGinley, Campbell and Venezia

      The Alpha Dog:

      Brendan Campbell


      #1 Jared McKinley leads the pack at this weight class, but #2 Josh Kieffer has historically been really tough at New Castle. This is likely the most anticipated matchup of the semi-state and each has beaten the other this season. Three of the top four ranked wrestlers will be battling here on Saturday.

      Last year's champ: Brandon Wright, Warren Central

      Last year's Dingo Pack picks: 3/4, 75%

      Ranked wrestlers:

      #1 Jared McKinley, Perry Meridian

      #2 Josh Kieffer, Roncalli

      #4 Ben Sommer, Carmel

      #13 Alex Catron, New Castle

      #15 Luke Blanton, Alexandria

      Epic matchups:

      Blanton vs. Clayton Campbell, Lebanon (ticket round) - Blanton was razor sharp last weekend. He'll need to be again to beat the very tough Tiger wrestler.

      Catron vs. Kieffer (ticket round) - Two state placers from last year meet up in an unfortunate ticket match. One senior's high school career will be over.

      Kieffer vs. McKinley (championship match) - This rivalry is reminiscent of Wright/Eppert. Both are national caliber wrestlers with different body types and wrestling styles. McKinley, the shorter, thicker wrestler, is a bully on his feet and is very physically strong. Kieffer, the taller, longer-limbed wrestler, is a monster on top and can is capable of a big fall at any time. I could see one winning this weekend and another winning at Conseco...we'll see what develops.

      Dingo's Pack picks to advance:

      McKinley, Blanton, Kieffer and Sommer

      The Alpha Dog:

      Jared McKinley


      Another state #1 heads the field at 130. I know he's just a high school junior, but the word that comes to mind when I see the two-time state placer wrestle is professional. He's better than solid in all aspects of wrestling - not the flashiest or most athletic, just a complete wrestler with a good gastank. Look for Johnson to once again try to knock off the top dog. He's been close and is capable of the upset.

      Last year's champ: Connor Mullins, New Castle

      Last year's Dingo Pack picks: 4/4, 100%

      Ranked wrestlers:

      #1 Brian Harvey, Cathedral

      #5 Jordan Johnson, Lawrence North

      #7 Nick Bova, Perry Meridian

      #11 Colin Campbell, Lebanon

      #13 Jack Bolin, Fountain Central

      Epic matchups:

      Bolin vs. Levi Lanning, Alexandria (1st round) - These Alexandria kids are tough and Lanning is a senior taking on a talented freshman. Flip a coin.

      Parham vs. Johnson (ticket round) - Parham has always seemed to have some tough luck at New Castle. He wasn't done any favors by drawing the talented, extremely long and tall LN wrestler. Parham will need to wrestle a nearly flawless match to advance to Conseco for the first time in a pretty successful HS career.

      Harvey vs. Johnson (championship match) - Johnson is coming off a staggering stick of HSE's Tatom at Team Regionals. Johnson's heroics sent LN to the state finals and gave the Wildcat wrestler some serious momentum. Their match in Pendleton last weekend was pretty close. However, until someone beats Harvey, he has to be the pick.

      Dingo's Pack picks to advance:

      Campbell, Harvey, Bova and Johnson

      The Alpha Dog:

      Brian Harvey


      Another state #1 heads the field at 130. I know he's just a high school junior, but the word that comes to mind when I see the two-time state placer wrestle is professional. He's better than solid in all aspects of wrestling - not the flashiest or most athletic, just a complete wrestler with an oversized heart. Look for Johnson to once again try to knock off the top dog. He's been close and is capable of the upset.

      Last year's champ: Mason Berryman, Anderson Highland

      Last year's Dingo Pack picks: 4/4, 100%

      Ranked wrestlers:

      #2 Justin Kieffer, Roncalli

      #10 Nick Roberts, Beech Grove

      #16 John Tatom, Hamilton Southeastern

      #17 Tyler Gadient, Noblesville

      #18 Vinny Corsaro, Cathedral

      #19 Joey Klinesmith, Perry Meridian

      Epic matchups:

      Kieffer vs. Charlie Smith, North Central (ticket round) - Smith was very impressive last week and his OT loss to Corsaro might've cost him a shot at making it to the State Finals. Kieffer is just a nasty draw for a ticket match. Smith had three tough matches and battled hard in each, but the Roncalli three-time state placer is a significant obstacle. In a similar vein, Smith must first beat a very tough Luke Decker of New Castle just to have a shot at Kieffer.

      Tatom vs. Gadient (ticket round) - Tatom had a rough Team Regionals and lost to Gadient there 8-0. He has, however, also pinned Gadient this season.

      Corsaro vs. Roberts (ticket match) - Corsaro has been a very impressive freshman for the Irish. The senior Hornet wrestler is a very stiff test for Corsaro's first semi-state.

      Dingo's Pack picks to advance:

      Kieffer, Gadient, Roberts and Klinesmith

      The Alpha Dog:

      Justin Kieffer


      Perhaps not one of the strongest weight classes at New Castle, from an elite wrestler standpoint, 140 still features a number of fine wrestlers. Rattay returns as a state placer from last year. He normally has some of the best defense on his feet that you'll see from anyone at New Castle, his recent match against HSE's Jackson Bennett notwithstanding. White has pinned him this year, so this is a wide open weight class. Expect Rattay or White to win the weight, but they aren't so far above the rest of the field that someone else couldn't win it.

      Last year's champ: Kirk Johnson, Perry Meridian

      Last year's Dingo Pack picks: 3/4, 75%

      Ranked wrestlers:

      #5 Matt Rattay, Lawrence North

      #6 Brady White, Westfield

      #11 Joe Kieffer, Roncalli

      #12 Nick Ulrey, New Palestine

      #13 Clayton Davenport, Ben Davis

      #16 Levi Rose, New Castle

      #17 Alex Louzon, Beech Grove

      Epic matchups:

      Davenport vs. Eli Walker, Alexandria (1st round) - Davenport has had some huge wins this season and is a solid favorite in this match. However, Walker is very dangerous and won't roll over against the Giant wrestler. The winner of this match's fun is just beginning - the winner gets #6 Brady White.

      Louzon vs. Keegan Pyke, Tri Central (1st round) - Senior vs. Senior for the right to advance to the ticket round. Louzon has faced tougher competition, but Pyke is pretty slick. Should be a good one. The winner has a very solid shot at advancing to the State Finals as well.

      Corsaro vs. Roberts (ticket match) - Corsaro has been a very impressive freshman for the Irish. The senior Hornet wrestler is a very stiff test for Corsaro's first semi-state.

      Dingo's Pack picks to advance:

      Kieffer,Rattay, White and McCoy

      The Alpha Dog:

      Matt Rattay


      This weight class is led by the undefeated, returning state qualifier Grant Scurria of Carmel. Scurria is a strong favorite at this weight, which features only 4 ranked wrestlers. Two ranked wrestlers didn't make it out of regionals, including top-ten Tiandre Edwards of North Central.

      Last year's champ: Patrick Robinson, Hamilton Southeastern

      Last year's Dingo Pack picks: 4/4, 100%

      Ranked wrestlers:

      #3 Grant Scurria, Carmel

      #8 Kameron James, Pike

      #11 Jordan Maple, Connersville

      #15 Jon Blanton, Alexandria

      Epic matchups:

      Blanton vs. Robert Riedling, Warren Central (1st round) - Riedling is a returning state qualifier at this weight class and Blanton was a little off his game last weekend.

      Scurria vs. Jonathan Decker, New Castle (semis) - Two years ago, Decker came into New Castle with a very impressive regional championship and was upset in the ticket round. He should advance to the semis, where Scurria awaits.

      Maple vs. Wayne Specht, Noblesville (ticket match) - Specht is a physically strong wrestler who impressed in winning his regional last weekend. Maple is a highly ranked senior who has faced the pressure of semi-state action before.

      Dingo's Pack picks to advance:

      Specht, James, Scurria, Decker

      The Alpha Dog:

      Grant Scurria


      Three top-five wrestlers occupy this very deep, very tough weight class. This weight epitomizes what people have been saying saying about quality wrestlers not advancing. Returing state placer Montrail Johnson, returing state qualifier Matt Irick and #14 Tre Spencer are all fighting for one spot to advance. I feel for the kids who won't advance, but it should make for some amazing matches. Mullins and Kirk Johnson are returning semi-state champs.

      Last year's champ: Sam Bennett, Anderson Highland

      Last year's Dingo Pack picks: 3/4, 75%

      Ranked wrestlers:

      #3 Connor Mullins, New Castle

      #4 Montrail Johnson, Tri Central

      #5 Kirk Johnson, Perry Meridian

      #11 Dylan Frauhiger, Zionsville

      #12 Matt Irick, Hamilton Southeastern

      #13 Alex Bowers, Noblesville

      #14 Tre Spencer, Pike

      Epic matchups:

      Spencer vs. Irick (1st round) - Irick looked razor sharp in Pendleton last week and equally ready at Team Regionals. Spencer has been competitive with some of the best wrestlers in the weight class.

      Irick/Spencer vs. Montrail Johnson (ticket round)- Johnson was head and shoulders above his competition last weekend. That will change this weekend, although I still expect him to advance.

      Frauhiger vs. Bowers (ticket match) - This is just too close to call. Both are excellent, senior wrestlers and either would be a dangerous 3 or 4 seed at Conseco.

      Dingo's Pack picks to advance:

      Montrail Johnson, Mullins, Kirk Johnson, Frauhiger

      The Alpha Dog:

      Connor Mullins


      One 'O' must go: Curtis Anderson and Tyler Willis are both undefeated and on opposite sides of the bracket. Returning semi-state champ and state runner-up Willis is a strong favorite, obviously, but Anderson has beaten a litany of ranked, tough opponents this season. There are a staggering 8 ranked wrestlers in this strong weight class.

      Last year's champ: Tyler Willis, Cathedral

      Last year's Dingo Pack picks: 3/4, 75%

      Ranked wrestlers:

      #2 Tyler Willis, Cathedral

      #6 Curtis Anderson, Carmel

      #7 Max Youngs, Zionsville

      #8 Austin Neibarger, Hamilton Southeastern

      #9 Mitchell Judkins, Speedway

      #11 Derek Harz, Perry Meridian

      #12 Michael Taylor, Lawrence Central

      #19 Dezman McGinley, Greenfield-Central

      Epic matchups:

      Neibarger vs. Harz (1st round) - The returning state placer Neibarger has faced a pretty stout array of opponents this season. Harz wrestled more than 10 ranked opponents this season. Harz is a returning state qualifier as well. Neibarger hasn't been as sharp this year as last, but he's very dangerous. Unfortunately for both, the winner gets undefeated Tyler Willis in the ticket round.

      Judkins vs. Youngs (1st round) - #7 vs. #9 in the first round speaks to the depth and power in this weight class. The only common opponent I know they share is Neibarger: Youngs beat him and Judkins lost to him. The winner gets Michael Taylor of LC in another great matchup to advance to Conseco.

      Dingo's Pack picks to advance:

      McGinley, Willis, Anderson, Taylor

      The Alpha Dog:

      Tyler Willis


      This weight class is likely to come down to three competitors: Smith, Manning and Frascella. However, there are six ranked wrestlers here so there could be a surprise champion.

      Last year's champ: Michael Duckworth, Union County

      Last year's Dingo Pack picks: 3/4, 75%

      Ranked wrestlers:

      #5 Michael Smith, North Central

      #6 Nick Manning, South Dearborn

      #8 James Frascella, Carmel

      #12 Jake Masengale, Perry Meridian

      #15 Mark Brown, East Central

      #17 Damon Albertson, Roncalli
      Epic matchups:
      Masengale vs. Brown (ticket round) - Masengale has wrestled that brutal Perry schedule and still has only three losses on the year. They each faced Roncalli's Damon Albertson, with Brown beating him 6-4 and Masengale splitting two matches with him.
      Manning vs. Albertson (ticket round) - Albertson has wrestled a ton of top kids this season and Manning is a returning state qualifier. Manning has a lot of ability but hasn't wrestled the same competition.

      Manning/Albertson vs. Smith (Semis) - This could feature #5 vs. #6. Smith is a two-time state qualifier, but would doubtless like to pick up a number one seed at Conseco this year. Manning wants the same thing. Two men enter, one man leaves.

      Dingo's Pack picks to advance:

      Frascella, Masengale, Manning, Smith

      The Alpha Dog:

      Nick Manning


      This weight is all Mitch Sliga's. He hasn't been challenged much this season, and I'm not sure there's any real danger for him before he gets to Conseco. Past Sliga, the other side of the bracket is wide open. Haskett is likely the second best here, but he was unfortunate in his draw, as Sliga lurks in the semis. This is not a particularly strong weight class compared to the other ones at New Castle.

      Last year's champ: Michael Johnson-Jones, Warren Central

      Last year's Dingo Pack picks: 3/4, 75%

      Ranked wrestlers:

      #1 Mitch Sliga, Fishers (#5 nationally, The Open Mat)

      #9 Jeremy Haskett, Lawrence North

      #15 Sam Tasseff, Perry Meridian

      Epic matchups:

      Haskett vs. Sliga (semis) - It's hard to call this epic, as Sliga is a strong favorite, but it will be interesting to see if Haskett gets a chance to unleash some of his nastiness on top.

      Dingo's Pack picks to advance:

      Haskett, Sliga, Schaeffer, Fehribach

      The Alpha Dog:

      Mitch Sliga


      This weight has not been, for whatever reason, particularly strong in recent years at New Castle. This year's field won't likely produce this year's state champion, but it is a deep field with some dangerous wrestlers. There is no strong favorite among the group, but look for the advancing wrestlers to fare better at Conseco than last year. Keep an eye out for Cathedral's Wesley Bernard. He's strong as an ox and very nimble for his size. He's got a pretty mean blast double, too. Broad Ripple's Joshua Jones will be strong here next year, too.

      Last year's champ: Jake Buchanan, Cathedral

      Last year's Dingo Pack picks: 3/4, 75%

      Ranked wrestlers:

      #14 Logan Cooper, Perry Meridian

      #15 Sam Balbach, Mt. Vernon (Fortville)

      #16 Jeff Mofield, New Castle

      #17 Austin Netherton, Franklin Central

      #18 Wesley Bernard, Cathedral

      #19 Kyle Smitherman, Pendleton Heights

      Epic matchups:

      Netherton vs. Smitherman (1st round) - This one could go either way. Whoever wins has a nice shot to advance to Conseco.

      Mofield vs. Balbach (ticket round) - Another brutal ticket match. Mofield almost knocked off Travis Thatcher this year and has a major decision over Bernard. Balbach tries to bounce back from last year's disappointment and make it to the Conseco.

      Bernard vs. Jake Tucker, Roncalli (1st round) - Tucker is one of Roncalli's unsung heros and can go with anyone in this field. Bernard has improved greatly from the beginning of the season and will likely make several more trips to New Castle in the coming years.

      Cooper vs. Colin Snyder, Fishers (ticket round) - If Cooper isn't very careful, he won't make it past the very tough Fishers junior. Snyder could pull the big upset here.

      Dingo's Pack picks to advance:

      Netherton, Balbach, Bernard, Cooper

      The Alpha Dog:

      Logan Cooper


      There are seven ranked wrestlers in the field, and three more wrestlers ranked #10, #11 and #17 didn't make it out of regionals. There are additional very tough competitors who aren't ranked in this group. In short, this is a strong, deep group, led by Panther Willie Henson. Henson has had some close matches against the better competition he's faced, but he has to be considered the favorite. Realistically, this is an open weight class, with surprises almost a certainty. This is often the most surprising weight class at New Castle.

      Last year's champ: Dylan McBride, Crawfordsville

      Last year's Dingo Pack picks: 2/4, 50%

      Ranked wrestlers:

      #4 Willie Henson, North Central

      #9 Trent Wallace, South Vermillion

      #12 Richard Brown, East Central

      #16 Eric Thigpen, Lawrence Central

      #18 Adam Decker, Beech Grove

      #19 Tyler Melby, Westfield

      #20 Tre Taylor, Ben Davis

      Epic matchups:

      Brown vs. Taylor (1st round) - These two are stuck in a group with four ranked wrestlers, all fighting for one spot. It's really impossible to predict the winner of this match and the ticket match to follow. Thigpen or Wallace awaits the winner.

      Wallace vs. Thigpen (1st round) - Wallace is probably the favorite in this match, but he'll have his work cut out for him with Thigpen. Wallace was stunned by Howard last week and will be looking to rebound. Thigpen had a time conflict and couldn't wrestle in the regional championship match. The winner gets a tough ticket match vs. Brown or Taylor.

      Decker vs. Daniel Howard, Frankfort (ticket round) - This is another one that's too close to call on paper.

      Henson vs. Jordan Naughton, Perry Meridian (ticket round) - Henson had a disappointing semi-state last year and a very tough Falcon wrestler is standing in his way in the ticket round. They have both wrestled and beat Thigpen this season.

      Dingo's Pack picks to advance:

      Henson, Wallace, Melby and Decker

      The Alpha Dog:

      Willie Henson


      Woodlan(Fort Wayne) Semi-State Preview

      Two of the top wrestlers from last year return to this weight class, lead by defending semi-state champion Danny “the hamminator” Hamm of Prairie Heights. His main foe will be Brock Bevans of Yorktown who defeated him earlier this season. Also in the bracket is an undefeated wrestler from Garrett that has flown under the radar for most of the season. Look for many great match-ups in this weight.
      Early Round Bracket Buster Matches
      Hayden Lee- Garrett vs. Zach Krumlauf- Dekalb
      Brock Bevans- Yorktown vs. Forrest Glogouski- Fairfield

      King of the Hill
      Brock Bevans- Yorktown
      Other State Streeters
      Danny Hamm- Prairie Heights
      Zach Krumlauf- Dekalb
      Andrew Bowman- Homestead
      Abraham Que of Elkhart Central looks to be the favorite here, but there are numerous landmines in the bracket that could trip up the undefeated senior. There are numerous early matches that are going to be close and hotly contested.
      Early Round Bracket Buster Matches
      Matt Frane- Dekalb vs. Tommie Lockett- Harding
      Frane/Lockett vs. Kyle Jolas- Huntington North
      Benjamin Fiechter- Southern Wells vs. Abraham Que- Elkhart Central
      Erique Early- Snider vs. Cody Walburn- Adams Central

      King of the Hill
      Abraham Que- Elkhart Central
      Other State Streeters
      Kyle Jolas- Huntington North
      Schuyler Phillips- Yorktown
      Cody Walburn- Adams Central
      This weight class will be one featuring many young wrestlers with only two seniors represented this year. There is no clear cut favorite this year and the only two returning state qualifiers will most likely meet in the ticket round.
      Early Round Bracket Buster Matches
      Chas Busz- Whitko vs. Willie Nelson- West Noble
      Evan Loe- Peru vs. Chandler Carroll- Yorktown

      King of the Hill
      Kody George- Homestead
      Other State Streeters
      Derek Roe- Adams Central
      Chandler Carroll- Yorktown
      Willie Nelson- West Noble
      Four former state qualifiers highlight this weight class, but just because they have been to state before does not mean they will make it again as all of them have tough ticket round matches. Jordan Gilbert of Whitko and Nick Crume of Jimtown were both state qualifiers at 112lbs last year, but will most likely meet in the ticket round.
      Early Round Bracket Buster Matches
      Nick Crume- Jimtown vs. Jordan Gilbert- Whitko
      Kalib Jackson- East Noble vs. Philip Gerber- Bluffton
      Jackson/Gerber vs. Kris Workman- Taylor
      Keelan Rushing- Homestead vs. Tommy Poynter- Dekalb

      King of the Hill
      Nick Crume- Jimtown
      Other State Streeters
      Todd Batt- South Adams
      Tommy Poynter- Dekalb
      Kris Workman- Taylor
      This weight will feature some very good wrestling led by the Philippine Phenom Travis Barroquillo of Prairie Heights who comes in undefeated on the year. Another wrestler to watch is Garrett’s Brayden Moreau who comes in with only one blemish on his record and that was at a weight class 10lbs higher. The bottom half of the bracket will be very interesting to watch with the first round match-up of Tony Elkins of Snider and Trevor Enchartea of Elkhart Central. In the same quarter-final the 1 vs. 4 match has some intrigue when Bo Ketring of Oak Hill takes on Dalton Baysinger of Yorktown. The ticket round match of Collin Crume of Jimtown and Sebastian Eckert of Huntington North will be a fun one to watch.
      Early Round Bracket Buster Matches
      Collin Crume- Jimtown vs. Sebastian Eckert- Huntington North
      Bo Ketring- Oak Hill vs. Dalton Baysinger- Yorktown
      Trevor Echartea- Elkhart Central vs. Tony Elkins- Snider

      King of the Hill
      Travis Barroquillo- Prairie Heights
      Other State Streeters
      Brayden Moreau- Garrett
      Collin Crume- Jimtown
      Tony Elkins- Snider
      Not much to say here other than Devon Jackson is the head of the class coming in with a perfect record and relatively untested this season. The bottom quarter bracket will have many interesting matches with Gabe Sprunger of South Adams going up against ACAC rival Corey Botts of Leo in the first round and the winner getting to face off with Colin Downey of Huntington North to punch their ticket to state.
      Early Round Bracket Buster Matches
      Gabe Sprunger- South Adams vs. Corey Botts- Leo
      Sprunger/Botts vs. Colin Downey- Huntington North

      King of the Hill
      Devon Jackson- Yorktown
      Other State Streeters
      Michael Nix- Bishop Dwenger
      Isaiah Bradley- Muncie South
      Colin Downey- Huntington North
      The 140lbs weight class is a complete toss-up with many wrestlers having a shot at the championship and qualifying for state. Recent move-in Cole VanHorn of Yorktown is the class of the field right now, but he could be challenged by numerous wrestlers in this bracket.
      Early Round Bracket Buster Matches
      Kevin Marsh- West Noble vs. Zach Armstead- Churubusco
      Cody Zink- Woodlan vs. Drake Meska- Jay County

      King of the Hill
      Cole VanHorn- Yorktown
      Other State Streeters
      Kevin Marsh- West Noble
      Drake Meska- Jay County
      Brooks Faurote- Bellmont
      As with last year, this weight class looks to be a barnburner from beginning to the end. All but one ticket-round match will pit wrestlers with four or less losses against each other, which will make for some exciting and heartbreaking wrestling. Add to that the intrigue of some under the radar wrestlers such as Jesse Goodnight of Kokomo and Josh Seldenright of the Howe School, this weight will be full of surprises all day long.
      Early Round Bracket Buster Matches
      Josh Seldenright- The Howe School vs. Zeke Schultz- Adams Central
      Seldenright/Schultz vs. Jesse Goodnight- Kokomo
      Jon Timmerman- Carroll vs. TJ Burnfield- South Adams

      King of the Hill
      Andrew Hiestand- Yorktown
      Other State Streeters
      Cam Matteson- Elkhart Memorial
      Jon Timmerman- Carroll
      Zeke Schultz- Adams Central
      Two undefeated wrestlers highlight the field here, with both Carroll’s Reece Lefever and Josh Ehr of South Adams coming in without a loss. Unfortunately the bracket gods did not help out and these two will potentially wrestle in the semi-finals instead of the finals. Adding even more drama to the potential match is that both will be teammates next year at Indiana Tech. On the other half of the bracket there will be many great matches just to get to the semi-finals. The best match of the first round at this weight class and probably any weight class will be the battle of state qualifiers when Zack Zurbrugg of New Haven faces off against Jarod Schwartz of Adams Central. Adding icing to the cake in this match is coach Barry Humble of New Haven will be facing off against Adams Central and former protégé Doug Schultz.
      Early Round Bracket Buster Matches
      Jarod Schwartz- Adams Central vs. Zack Zurbrugg- New Haven
      Dantrell Goodman- Elkhart Memorial vs. Reece LeFever- Carroll

      King of the Hill
      Reece LeFever- Carroll
      Other State Streeters
      Jarod Schwartz- Adams Central
      Will Busse- Bellmont
      Josh Ehr- South Adams
      The other half of the LeFevers highlights this weight class. Conner LeFever of Carroll leads the way with a perfect record here, but will be challenged early and often. His first round match is not easy with the giant killer Chantz Luginbill of Adams Central in the way. After C-Lef, the rest of the state qualifiers is a toss-up. In the top quarter bracket you have three wrestlers battling it out that have three or less losses. In the second quarter bracket you will have state qualifier Garrett Weber of Leo and two wrestlers with only two losses each. Finally in the lower quarter bracket you have all the wrestlers with seven or more losses. Needless to say picking the winners here will require great skill in drawing names out of a hat.
      Early Round Bracket Buster Matches
      Christian Harvey- Taylor vs. Cody Conrad- Heritage
      Garrett Weber- Leo vs. Jordan Simmons- Winchester
      Weber/Simmons vs. Tyler Rimmel- Central Noble

      King of the Hill
      Conner Lefever- Carroll
      Other State Streeters
      Cody Conrad- Heritage
      Garrett Weber- Leo
      John Mahlan- Bellmont
      Thank you to the bracket gods for separating the best wrestlers in this weight class. Ryley Hankenson of Bellmont and undefeated Jackson Bratcher of Eastbrook lead the way in this weight class. Look for their finals match to be a great one.
      Early Round Bracket Buster Matches
      Jeff Enrietto- Carroll vs. Brandon Weinkauf- Jimtown
      Alex Hostetler- Fairfield vs. Spencer Cooper- Leo

      King of the Hill
      Jackson Bratcher- Eastbrook
      Other State Streeters
      Ryley Hankenson- Bellmont
      Jeff Enrietto- Carroll
      Alex Hostetler- Fairfield
      This is the most wide open weight class at the Fort Wayne Semi-State. Eleven wrestlers come in with seven losses or less and many of those losses are to others in this same bracket. There are numerous match-ups in the first round that are toss-ups and no clear cut favorite. State qualifiers Brandon Dillenbeck of Goshen and Scott Neff of Yorktown are probably the slight favorites. Dillenbeck has a very dangerous Austin Striggle of Whitko in the first round. One of the best quarter brackets will be the one headlined by Alex Evans of Huntington North. Evans has had a fine season this year, but will be tested by Ben Baker of Bellmont in the first match and then with the winner of the Redrecus McCurrie of Wayne and Tanner Adams of Jimtown match.
      Early Round Bracket Buster Matches
      Brandon Dillonbeck- Goshen vs. Austin Striggle- Whitko
      Spencer Raypole- Carroll vs. Clayton Smith- Eastern
      Alex Evans- Huntington North vs. Ben Baker- Bellmont
      Redrecus McCurrie- Wayne vs. Tanner Adams- Jimtown
      Scott Neff- Yorktown vs. Braxton Siddons- Churubusco

      King of the Hill
      Alex Evans- Huntington North
      Other State Streeters
      Brandon Dillenbeck- Goshen
      Spencer Raypole- Carroll
      Scott Neff- Yorktown
      State placers Taylor Grubb of Prairie Heights and Travis Thatcher of Bellmont are the headliners at 215lbs. Grubb got the better of Thatcher at the Al Smith, but never count out a Bellmont Brave during the tournament series. Unfortunately this match will occur in the semi-finals and the other half of the bracket is a toss-up.
      Early Round Bracket Buster Matches
      Alex Jakacki- Leo vs. Chase Spears- Elkhart Memorial

      King of the Hill
      Taylor Grubb- Prairie Heights
      Other State Streeters
      Travis Thatcher- Bellmont
      Alex Jakacki- Leo
      Andrew Chalfant- Winchester
      Bellmont’s mighty mouse Daniel Meyer comes into Saturday without a blemish on his record and the state’s #1 ranking. He definitely makes the big guys fun to watch as he is very active on his feet and extremely athletic. After him though, there are about 10 wrestlers that could punch their ticket to Conseco.
      Early Round Bracket Buster Matches
      Daniel Meyer- Bellmont vs. Dominique Stauffer- Elkhart Central
      Clay Selman- Angola vs. Josh Mitchell- Heritage
      Andrew Mason- Huntington North vs. Selman/Mitchel

      King of the Hill
      Daniel Meyer- Bellmont
      Other State Streeters
      Andrew Mason- Huntington North
      Ta’Quan Walker- North Side
      Eric Forrest- Jimtown


      Evansville Semi-State Preview

      2011 Evansville Wrestling Semi-State Preview
      The competition at the 2011 Evansville Semi-State looks to be top notch this Saturday.  There are a total of 66 top 20 ranked wrestlers, including 4 of which that are ranked #1 in their respective classes. There are 28 returning state qualifiers, 16 of which are returning State Placers.
      First round matches to watch:
      Bailey Schober (9)(Greenwood)(33-7) vs. Tyler Stock (11)(N. Posey)(33-8)
      Jacob Brown (9)(Castle)(32-13) vs. Michael Thomas (9)(Center Grove)(12-7)
      Skylar Lykins (9)(Franklin Community)(31-8) vs. Wyatt Seng (9)(Mater Dei)(22-9)
      #8 Damon Kuhn (10)(Evansville Reitz)(40-1) vs. Tyler Ruble (12)(N. Putnam)(26-3)
      Likely ticket round matches are:
      #2 Jacob Boomsma (12)(Bloomington South)(40-0) vs. Tyler Stock (11)(N. Posey)(33-8)
      Terrance Kennedy (10)(Floyd Central)(31-5) vs. Jacob Brown (9)(Castle)(32-13)
      Wyatt Seng (9)(Mater Dei)(22-9) vs. Nathan Schitter (9)(Jasper)(31-8)
      #8 Damon Kuhn (10)(Evansville Reitz)(40-1) vs. Cory O’Neal (10)(Southwestern)(36-6)
      Likely State Qualifiers:
      1.       Jacob Boomsma (12)(Bloomington South)(40-0)(8th at 112 in ’10, state qualifier at 103 ’09)
      2.       Damon Kuhn (10)(Evansville Reitz)(40-1)
      3.       Terrance Kennedy (10)(Floyd Central)(31-5)
      4.       Wyatt Seng (9)(Mater Dei)(22-9)
      First round matches to watch:
      Matthew Lahue (11)(Corydon Central)(28-4) vs. Austin Pettijohn (12)(Franklin Community)(27-9)
      Likely ticket round matches:
      #18 Anthony Schoettle (10)(Center Grove)(36-6) vs. Sam Goebel (11)(Mater Dei)(35-5)
      #7 Alonzo Shepherd (11)(Jeffersonville)(45-1) vs. Mathew Mastison (10)(Ev. Harrison)(45-6)
      Blake Johns (10)(Evansville Reitz)(37-10) vs. Chris Whitely (10)(Floyd Central)(27-11)
      #8 Luke Schroeder (12)(Southwestern)(45-1) vs. Austin Pettijohn (12)(Franklin Community)(27-9)
      1.       Alonzo Shepherd (11)(Jeffersonville)(45-1)(state qualifier at 103 ‘10)
      2.       Luke Schroeder (12)(Southwestern)(45-1)(3rd at 103 ‘10)
      3.       Anthony Schoettle (10)(Center Grove)(36-6)
      4.       Blake Johns (10)(Evansville Reitz)(37-10)
      Likely ticket round matches:
      Robby Taylor (12)(Madison)(37-6) vs. #14 Gideon VanHook (11)(Evansville Reitz)(36-5)
      #15 Cody Kendle (12)(Pike Central)(37-5) vs. #13 Logan Wedding (10)(Evansville Memorial)(33-4)
      Nathan Carmichael (10)(Center Grove)(36-8) vs. Austin Jamison (10)(New Albany)(22-6)
      #10 Luke Welch (10)(Castle)(42-1) vs. Dakota Case (12)(Terre Haute South)(19-4)
      1.       Luke Welch (10)(Castle)(42-1)(state qualifier at 112 ’10)
      2.       Logan Wedding (10)(Evansville Memorial)(33-4)
      3.       Gideon VanHook (11)(Evansville Reitz)(36-5)(state qualifier at 103 in ‘10)
      4.       Nathan Carmichael (10)(Center Grove)(36-8)
      First round matches to watch:
      #14 Preston Wilson (12)(Whiteland)(29-2) vs. Joey Resch (12)(Jennings County)(38-5)
      #7 Alex Griesemer (12)(Princeton)(35-4) vs. Cody Byrer (12)(North Knox)(35-4)
      Likely Ticket round matches:
      Kevim Castro (12)(Jeffersonville)(36-9) vs. Jerald Thompson (12)(Brownsburg)(23-15)
      #6 Trevor Moody (11)(Evansville Reitz)(39-2) vs. #14 Preston Wilson (12)(Whiteland)(29-2)
      Brayden Montgomery (10)(Danville)(35-1) vs. #7 Alex Griesemer (12)(Princeton)(35-4)
      #9 Baron Rieker (12)(Columbus East)(39-6) vs. #5 Zach Henderson (12)(Mater Dei)(35-3)
      1.       Zach Henderson (12)(Mater Dei)(35-3)
      2.       Trevor Moody (11)(Evansville Reitz)(39-2)(state qualifier at 112 in ’09)
      3.       Alex Griesemer (12)(Princeton)(35-4)(state qualifier at 112 in ’08)
      4.       Kevim Castro (12)(Jeffersonville)(36-9)
      First round matches to watch:
      Zach Rieker (12)(Columbus East)(38-7) vs. #9 Michael Brown (12)(Castle)(38-5)
      Connor Montgomery (10)(Jennings County)(36-9) vs. Brendon Kelley (9)(Evansville Central)(35-8)
      Likely Ticket round matches:
      #9 Michael Brown (12)(Castle)(38-5) vs. Derek Lunsford (12)(Pike Central)(37-5)
      #16 Max Mangold (12)(Mater Dei)(24-6) vs. Cory Neel (12)(Christian Academy)(28-9)
      Kaleb Chambers (12)(Jasper)(31-7) vs. #8 Jonathon Hoehn (11)(Mt. Vernon)(37-4)
      #3 Neal Malloy (10)(Danville)(42-0) vs. Brendon Kelley (9)(Evansville Central)(35-8)
      Likely State Qualifiers:
      1.       Neal Malloy (10)(Danville)(42-0)(state qualifier at 119 in ‘10)
      2.       Michael Brown (12)(Castle)(38-5)(state qualifier at 125 in ‘10)
      3.       Jonathon Hoehn (11)(Mt. Vernon)(37-4)(state qualifier at 125 in ‘10)
      4.       Max Mangold (12)(Mater Dei)(24-6)
      First round matches to watch:
      Luke Kriech (10)(Franklin Community)(28-8) vs. Derek Dowdy (12)(Evansville Reitz)(38-5)
      #11 Quinn Schroeder (12)(Mater Dei)(31-7) vs. Kalob Heald (12)(Cascade)(34-4)
      Likely Ticket round matches:
      Bryce Jones (12)(Southridge)(29-4) vs. Derek Dowdy (12)(Evansville Reitz)(38-5)
      #14 Steven Rieker (12)(Columbus East)(42-2) vs. #11 Quinn Schroeder (12)(Mater Dei)(31-7)
      #9 Byron Konrath (12)(Mt. Vernon)(33-2) vs. Jordan Gast (11)(Jennings County)(33-7)
      #3 Ethan Raley (12)(Indian Creek)(26-1) vs. A.J. Kerr (12)(Edgewood)(34-1)
      1.       Ethan Raley (12)(Indian Creek)(26-1)(1st - 103 in ’08, state qualifier - 119 in ’09, 2nd - 125 in ‘10)
      2.       Quinn Schroeder (12)(Mater Dei)(31-7)
      3.       Byron Konrath (12)(Mt. Vernon)(33-2)(state qualifier at 135 in ‘10)
      4.       Derek Dowdy (12)(Evansville Reitz)(38-5)

      First round matches to watch:
      Will DeWees (12)(Franklin Community)(22-5) vs. Tim Shuler (11)(Columbus East)(30-10)
      Likely Ticket round matches:
      #3 Blake Rueger (11)(Evansville Reitz)(40-1) vs. #8 Jordan Judy (11)(Danville)(34-1)
      Tre Harbin (12)(Jeffersonville)(40-7) vs. #14 Spencer Boyd (12)(Bloomington South)(37-3)
      #2 PJ Montgomery (12)(Terre Haute South)(34-0) vs.  #19 Jordan Mann (12)(Castle)(34-10)
      Will DeWees (12)(Franklin Community)(22-5) vs. #15 Jake Lannert (11)(Mater Dei)(33-6)
      1.       PJ Montgomery (12)(Terre Haute South)(34-0)(5th at 140 in ’10, state qualifier at 145 in ‘09)
      2.       Blake Rueger (11)(Evansville Reitz)(40-1)(8th at 135 in ’10, state qualifier at 125 in ‘09)
      3.       Spencer Boyd (12)(Bloomington South)(37-3)
      4.       Jake Lannert (11)(Mater Dei)(33-6)
      First round matches to watch:
      #4 Renaldo Weekley (12)(Jeffersonville)(45-1) vs. Sam Riggs (12)(Mater Dei)(19-9)
      Likely Ticket round matches:
      #16 Roy Whetstine (12)(Evansville Memorial)(36-1) vs. Dalton Clements (12)(Monrovia)(22-3)
      #4 Renaldo Weekley (12)(Jeffersonville)(45-1) vs. #7 Ben Farmer (12)(Bloomington South)(18-3)
      #5 Quincy Richey (11)(Brown County)(28-1) vs. Trevor Appell (11)(Evansville Reitz)(33-13)
      #13 Donald Helterbrand (12)(Cloverdale)(36-0) vs. Austin Chamberlain (12)(Evansville Central)(37-5)
      1.       Renaldo Weekley (12)(Jeffersonville)(45-1)(state qualifier at 135 in ‘10)
      2.       Quincy Richey (11)(Brown County)(28-1)(8th at 130 in ’09,  state qualifier at 152 in ’10)
      3.       Donald Helterbrand (12)(Cloverdale)(36-0)
      4.       Roy Whetstine (12)(Evansville Memorial)(36-1)
      First round matches to watch:
      The clear favorite is Doug Welch but this weight class is loaded with talent and every first round match looks to be competitive. The question is who is going to join Welch at Conseco?
      Likely Ticket round matches:
      #1 Doug Welch (12)(Castle)(42-1) vs. #20 Zach Adams (11)(Madison)(45-5)
      #18 Austin Bowman (11)(Franklin Community)(33-7) vs. #8 Sam Horrocks (12)(Bloomington South)(34-6)
      Cory Ingram (12)(Southridge)(36-5) vs. Matt Prasek (12)(Evansville Memorial)(33-10)
      #16 Tsali Lough (11)(Terre Haute South)(35-2) vs. Evan Weinzapfel (12)(Mater Dei)(20-6)
      1.       Doug Welch (12)(Castle)(42-1)(2nd at 145 in ’10, 5th at 135 in ‘09)
      2.       Evan Weinzapfel (12)(Mater Dei)(20-6)
      3.       Sam Horrocks (12)(Bloomington South)(34-6)
      4.       Matt Prasek (12)(Evansville Memorial)(33-10)
      First round matches to watch:
      This is another deep weight class which should be full of great first round matches. The only clear cut favorite is Chad Welch. The question is who is going to punch their ticket to Conseco?
      Likely Ticket round matches:
      #3 John Sims (12)(Mater Dei)(15-4) vs. #14 Clayton Fiddler (10)(Bloomington South)(32-10)
      #1 Chad Welch (12)(Castle)(43-0) vs. Jacob Hall (11)(Charlestown)(33-8)
      #13 Gabe Holt (12)(Columbus North)(34-3) vs. #10 Sean Mappes (11)(Center Grove)(36-5)
      Brandon Marlin (11)(Jeffersonville)(32-15) vs. Tyler Rickenbaugh (12)(Heritage Hills)(44-3)
      1.       Chad Welch (12)(Castle)(43-0)(3rd at 152-’10, state qualifier at 140-’09, state qualifier at 135-‘08)
      2.       Gabe Holt (12)(Columbus North)(34-3)
      3.       John Sims (12)(Mater Dei)(15-4)
      4.       Tyler Rickenbaugh (12)(Heritage Hills)(44-3)
      First round matches to watch:
      #9 Dustin Parrish (12)(Plainfield)(26-4) vs. Aaron Haire (12)(Booneville)(36-7)
      Joe Tucker (12)(Jasper)(30-5) vs. Cory Bland (11)(Columbus North)(22-13)
      Jeff Spicer (12)(Edgewood)(41-4) vs. Ethan Bowen (12)(Charlestown)(35-6)
      Garrett Shepard (11)(Paoli)(37-6) vs. Joey Todd (12)(Bloomington South)(18-11)
      Likely Ticket round matches:
      #9 Dustin Parris (12)(Plainfield)(26-4) vs. #18 Brock Wathen (11)(Jennings County)(42-2)
      Joe Tucker (12)(Jasper)(30-5) vs. #14 Austin Warren (11)(Castle)(34-9)
      #7 Jacob Underwood (11)(Martinsville)(32-2) vs. Jeff Spicer (12)(Edgewood)(41-4)
      #1 Drake Stein (12)(Princeton)(38-0) vs. Joey Todd (12)(Bloomington South)(18-11)
      1.       Drake Stein (12)(Princeton)(38-0)(1st at 171 in ’10, 8th at 152 in ‘09)
      2.       Dustin Parrish (12)(Plainfield)(26-4)(6th at 152 in ’10)
      3.       Jacob Underwood (11)(Martinsville)(32-2)
      4.       Austin Warren (11)(Castle)(34-9)
      First round matches to watch:
      Dalton Halbig (11)(Princeton)(25-13) vs. Colton Bridges (12)(Bloomington South)(31-12)
      #17 Elijah Curtley (11)(Jeffersonville)(28-3) vs. Mike Kernodle (12)(Franklin Community)(27-13)
      Likely Ticket round matches:
      #6 Josh Boots (12)(Mater Dei)(36-1) vs. Zach Faith (12)(New Albany)(28-8)
      #4 Garrett Goldman (12)(Bloomington North)(33-0) vs. Cyle Hill (12)(Cascade)(33-3)
      #2 Aaron Stevenson (12)(Indian Creek)(34-0) vs. Colton Bridges (12)(Bloomington South)(31-12)
      #17 Elijah Curtley (11)(Jeffersonville)(28-3) vs. #7 Ryan Sandwith (12)(Evansville Memorial)(35-5)
      1.       Aaron Stevenson (12)(Indian Creek)(34-0)(3rd at 189 in ‘09)
      2.       Garrett Goldman (12)(Bloomington North)(33-0)
      3.       Josh Boots (12)(Mater Dei)(36-1)(4th at 171 in ’10)
      4.       Ryan Sandwith (12)(Evansville Memorial)(35-5)
      First round matches to watch:
      Jesse Vermillion (12)(Greencastle)(27-3) vs. #6 Iyan Bass (11)(Jennings County)(19-1)
      Dalton Young (12)(Madison)(38-8) vs. Justin Helmick (12)(Cascade)(33-4)
      Likely Ticket round matches:
      #20 David Knight (12)(Terre Haute North)(35-0) vs. Nathan Wright (10)(Mater Dei)(22-12)
      #1 Trey Reese (12)(Indian Creek)(24-0) vs. CJ Andry (10)(Paoli)(36-8)
      Jared Boehm (10)(Heritage Hills)(43-5) vs. #6 Iyan Bass (11)(Jennings County)(19-1)
      Jimmy Pratt (12)(Jeffersonville)(29-4) vs. Justin Helmick (12)(Cascade)(33-4)
      1.       Trey Reese (12)(Indian Creek)(24-0)(5th at 160 in ‘10)
      2.       Iyan Bass (11)(Jennings County)(19-1)
      3.       David Knight (12)(Terre Haute North)(35-0)
      4.       Jimmy Pratt (12)(Jeffersonville)(29-4)

      First round matches to watch:
      #13 Jake Stevenson (12)(Indian Creek)(26-4) vs. Ryan DeWitt (12)(Jeffersonville)(37-8)
      Beau Judd (12)(Northview)(31-11) vs. Edward O’Connell (12)(Mt. Vernon)(34-7)
      Jacob Mudd (12)(New Abany)(11-4) vs. Brian Snyder (11)(Avon)(24-9)
      Likely Ticket round matches:
      Ryan DeWitt (12)(Jeffersonville)(37-8) vs. Thomas Emmitt (12)(Columbus East)(35-10)
      #3 Kaden Suter (11)(Martinsville)(16-0) vs. Edward O’Connell (12)(Mt. Vernon)(34-7)
      #15 Mark Collett (12)(Jennings County)(41-3) vs. Trevor Phillips (11)(Mitchell)(27-1)
      #14 Justin VanWinkle (12)(Mater Dei)(33-0) vs. Jacob Mudd (12)(New Albany)(11-4)
      1.       Kaden Suter (11)(Martinsville)(16-0)(state qualifier at 285 in ‘10)
      2.       Justin VanWinkle  (12)(Mater Dei)(33-0)
      3.       Mark Collett (12)(Jennings County)(41-3)(state qualifier at 285 in ‘10)
      4.       Ryan DeWitt (12)(Jeffersonville)(37-8)


      2011 Merrillville Semi State

      Saturday's Merrillville semi-state always guarantees fans two things. First, you will see some of best, most physical wrestling in the state and second, you will see this wrestling in one of the most uncomfortable, stifling venues imaginable.
      The wrestling action is what draws the fans to the Pirates' Cove and this year is no different. Crown Point, the state's top ranked team appears ready to crown multiple champions and may approach double digits in the amount of qualifiers for state.
      Not far behind them is fourth ranked Penn. The Kingsmen boast 14 semi-state qualifiers and at least eight of them stand a good chance of moving on.
      One of those Penn Kingsmen is actually lady Kingsmen. 112 pound Sarah Hildebrandt will be making her second trip to the Semi State. Hildebrandt , along with 103 pound Kalya Miracle will be looking to make history by becoming Indiana's first female state qualifier.
      Half of the state's top sixteen lightweights will converge on Merrillville and many a talented wrestler will be paying their own way next week. Crown Point's Josh Fuqua and Lafayette Harrison's senior Reise Overby appear to be wrestling the best right now. All four ticket round matches should be excellent.
      Best ticket round matches: Santo Marciano (Munster) vs. Buckley(Valparaiso)
      Overby (Lafayette Harrison) vs. Steven Micic (Hanover Central)
      Hopping on the I-65 or US 31 Express

      Fuqua – Crown Point
      Overby – Lafayette Harrison
      Buckley - Valparaiso
      Zach Davis – Penn
      ontherise219's Picks to Click

      Fuqua – CP
      Micic – Hanover Central
      Buckley - Valpo
      Davis – Penn
      RankingsGuy's Region Love Picks

      Another very deep field awaits anyone who wants to wrestle in Indy next week. Two veteran studs look to have a semistate rematch from last year in Warsaw's Jarred Brooks and Hanover Central's Paul Petrov. Petrov seems to have Brooks number. Ticket round matches here are again all excellent as there will be no easy ride.
      Best ticket round match – Brian Orzechowicz(Griffih) vs. Sammy Ferdig (South Bend Adams)
      Hopping on the I-65 or US 31 Express

      Petrov – Hanover Central
      Brooks – Warsaw
      Orzechowicz - Griffith
      Colton Saroff – Crown Point
      ontherise219's Picks to Click

      Petrov – Hanover Central
      Brooks – Warsaw
      Saroff- Crown Point
      Orzechowicz – Griffith
      RankingsGuy's Region Love Picks

      The 119 class contains the first “sure thing†for the Merrillville semistate. Defending state champion Kyle Ayersman of Lake Central should handle the field. Relative unknowns that will look to dethrone Ayersman include Culver Military's Anthony McHugh and Rochester's Garth Simpson. Both wrestled at 125 most of the year.
      Best ticket round Match: Simpson (Rochester) vs. Taylor Draper (Lafayette Jeff)
      Hopping on the 1-65/US 31 Express

      Ayersman – Lake Central
      Simpson – Rochester
      McHugh - CMA
      Adam Garcia – Merrillville
      ontherise219's Picks to Click

      Ayersman – Lake Central
      Garcia – Merrillville
      Simpson – Rochester
      McHugh - CMA
      RankingsGuy's Region Love Picks

      Fans at Merrillville have gotten used to seeing a lot of Cavemen the last few years so their absence from the finals seems slightly odd. Layten Binion should end the Mishawaka drought. He has had little trouble dispatching nearly everyone in his path with his only loss being to Perry Meridian's top Jared McKinley.
      Best ticket round match: Jordan Hicks (Seeger) vs. Tyler Chapple (Penn)
      Hopping on the I-65/US 31 Express

      Binion – Mishawaka
      Chapple – Penn
      Matt Harvey – Crown Point
      Julian Torres - Portage
      ontherise219's Picks to Click

      Binion – Mishawaka
      Chapple – Penn
      Harvey – Crown Point
      Lopez – Lake Central
      RankingsGuy's Region Love Picks

      Aaron Ayala – Hobart
      Mishawaka will look to get back to back champs at 130 where senior Taylor Wisler brings a 37-3 record and state hardware to Merrillville. However, the road will not be easy. In his path will probably be Crown Point's very stout Cameron Halstead. Wisler narrowly edged Halstead in mid December. On the other side of the bracket is arguably the hottest wrestler in the region, Valparaiso's senior Chad Miller.
      Best ticket round matches: Chad Miller (Valpo) vs. Mitch Hartman (SB Clay)
      Wisler (Mishawaka) vs. Cameron Halsted (Crown Point)
      Hopping on the I-65/US 31 Express

      Wisler – Mishawaka
      Miller – Valparaiso
      Al Padilla – Merrillville
      Skyler Ringen – Rensselaer Central
      ontherise219's Picks to Click

      Wisler – Mishawaka
      Miller – Valpo
      Al Padilla – Merrillville
      Patrick Manning – Hobart
      RankingsGuy's Region Love Picks

      The Rochester regional should continue a roll at 135 with Penn's Alex Gregory. He is undefeated and largely unchallenged. He should receive his toughest test to date in the semi finals versus Crown Point's junior Jake Fuqua. Many might say this is the actual championship match.
      Best ticket round match: Chris Pajdzik (Hammond Gavit) vs Luis Acuna (Portage)
      Hopping on the I-65/US 31 Express

      Gregory – Penn
      Chris Katsafaros - Chesterton
      Fuqua – Crown Point
      Acuna - Portage
      ontherise219's Picks to Click

      Fuqua – Crown Point
      Acuna – Portage
      Gregory - Penn
      Katsafaros – Chesterton
      RankingsGuy's Region Love Picks

      Best ticket round match: Dan Ginter (Penn) vs. Charlie Mavros (Lowell)
      Hopping on the I-65/US 31 Express

      Jason Tsirtsis – Crown Point
      Brad Wartman – Lake Central
      Adrian Brown – Lafayette Jeff
      Ginter - Penn
      ontherise219's Picks to Click

      Tsirtsis – Crown Point
      Wartman – Lake Central
      Brown – Laf. Jeff
      Ginter – Penn
      RankingsGuy's Region Love Picks

      Best ticket round match: Owen Dorris (Pioneer) vs Javier Avalos(Merrillville)
      Hopping on the I-65/US 31 Express

      Eric Roach – Crown Point
      Laquan Lunford – SB Clay
      Dorris - Pioneer
      Sidney Logan – Mishawaka
      ontherise219's Picks to Click

      Roach – Crown Point
      Lunford – SB Clay
      Logan – Mishawaka
      Avalos – Merrillville
      RankingsGuy's Region Love Picks

      I was tempted to have a third strait one word preview but Crown Point senior Josh Flamme has taken a back seat to his more heralded teammates to not deserve some recognition. He has been nearly as dominant as Roach and Tsirtsis and has yet to lose to an Indiana wrestler this year.
      Best ticket round matches: Eric Palmieri (West Lafayette) vs Kelly Kolat (SB Riley)
      Luke Smith (Munster) vs. Mike Hummer (Penn)
      Hopping on the I-65/US 31 Express

      Flamme – Crown Point
      Palmieri – West Lafayette
      Isaac Yoder – Tippecanoe Valley
      Hummer – Penn
      ontherise219's Picks to Click

      Flamme – Crown Point
      Smith - Munster
      Yoder – Tippy Valley
      Sandefer – Merrillville
      RankingsGuy's Region Love Picks

      Kelly Kolat – SB Riley
      Chesterton's junior Anthony Quiroz headlines the 160 pound class. There is not a whole lot of depth here and that is a recipe for upsets. Three ticket round matches appear to be very tight. A possible sleeper looms in the bottom of the bracket. They only speak his name in hushed tones on the East Side of Gary.
      Best ticket round matches: Dusty Schurg (Crown Point) vs. Michael Green (Rensselaer)
      Davon Alwine (SB Clay) Ethan Dale (McCutcheon)
      Hopping on the I-65/US 31 Express

      Quiroz – Chesterton
      Schurg – Crown Point
      Alwine – SB Clay
      Cody Strange – John Glenn
      ontherise219's Picks to Click

      Quiroz – Chesterton
      McLeod – SB Riley
      Alwine – SB Clay
      Schurg – Crown Point
      RankingsGuy's Region Love Picks

      Devildog's delight at 171. A champion from the Logansport regional. Delphi's junior stud Tanner Lynde is already two for two on state final appearances and there is not enough firepower in this semi state to deny him a title. Lowell's Jeremy Crocker will be his likely foe in the finals.
      Best ticket round matches: Joe Peco(Hobart) vs. Kyle Shrewsbury(Crown Point)

      Hopping on the I-65/US 31 Express

      Lynde - Delphi
      Crocker - Lowell
      Peco - Hobart
      Nate Coddens – SB Riley
      ontherise219's Picks to Click

      Lynde – Delphi
      Mike Manning – River Forest
      Peco - Hobart
      Crocker – Lowell
      RankingsGuy's Region Love Picks

      Two top five ranked wrestlers appear to be a notch above the rest of the field at 189. Merrillville's Kourtney Berry will be wrestling in front of the hometown crowd with an outstanding 39-0 record. One of those victories was a 6-4 decision over Culver Community's sophomore Matt Hurford. Both wrestlers are aggressive and scramble well so an exciting match should be the result.
      Best ticket round match: Berry(Merrillville) vs. Ross Hoover (Warsaw)
      Hopping the I-65/US 31 Express

      Berry – Merrillville
      Hurford – Culver Community
      Skipper – SB Adams
      Kyle Patton – West Lafayette
      ontherise219's Picks to Click

      Berry – Merrillville
      Hurford – Culver Community
      Bisping – Hanover Central
      Rich Pennington – River Forest
      RankingsGuy's Region Love Picks

      Crown Point will likely finish off their day with another champion in junior Tyler Kral. Kral was likely disappointed with last years showing at Merrillville and would like to redeem himself this year. His likely finals foe should be South Bend Clay's Joe Gallegos. A very nice ticket round match might occur with Logansport regional champ, Matt Sumner of McCutcheon facing off against Devin Reagan of Penn.
      Best ticket round match: Sumner(McCutcheon) vs. Reagan(Penn)
      Hopping on the I-65/US 31 Express

      Kral – Crown Point
      Gallegos – SB Clay
      Reagan - Penn
      Jack Seaman – Munster
      ontherise219's Picks to Click

      Gallegos – SB Clay
      Kral – Crown Point
      Reagan – Penn
      Seaman – Munster
      RankingsGuy's Region Love Picks

      Second ranked Damon Howe of Plymouth looks to get back to his winning ways after being pinned in the semi-finals at regional. His is likely to face the wrestler that pinned him, Culver Community's Jeremiah Harvey.
      Best ticket round match: Blake Ford(McCutcheon)/Abraham Hall(Bremen) vs. Montel Davis (Gary Lew Wallace)
      Hopping on the I-65/US 31 Express

      Howe – Plymouth
      Harvey – Culver Community
      Davis – Gary Lew Wallace
      Kade Maggert - Penn
      ontherise219's Picks to Click

      Howe – Plymouth
      Harvey – Culver Community
      Ford – McCutcheon
      Maggert – Penn
      RankingsGuy's Region Love Picks



      2011 IHSAA Semi-State Brackets

      Date: Saturday, Feb. 12, 2011.
      Admission: $6 (Final session only); $10 (Season ticket).
      Advancement: The top four place winners in each weight class advance to the state finals.
      1. Merrillville (at Merrillville H.S.) | 9 am CT
      Feeder Regionals: Calumet, LaPorte, Logansport, Rochester.

      2. Woodlan (at Allen County War Memorial Coliseum) | 9 am ET
      Feeder Regionals: Carroll (Fort Wayne), Goshen, Jay County, Peru.

      3. New Castle (at New Castle H.S.) | 9 am ET
      Feeder Regionals: North Montgomery, Pendleton Heights, Perry Meridian, Richmond.

      4. Evansville Reitz (at Roberts Stadium) | 9 am CT
      Feeder Regionals: Bloomington South, Castle, Jeffersonville, Mooresville.


      Carroll Regional Preview

      Carroll High School in wonderful Huntertown, Indiana will once again play host to regional wrestling action on Saturday.  The host Chargers will look to continue building on one of their most successful seasons ever.  They are led by a quartet of seniors that look to leave the Carroll Fieldhouse with one last victory.  Snider came out as the sectional winner at New Haven will look to continue their late season surge.
      This weight will be the tale of three seniors and a freshman.  Leading the way is #11 ranked Andrew Bowman of Homestead, but he will be challenged by seniors Kris McKinley of Northrop and Jose Nino of South Side along with undefeated freshman Hayden Lee of Garrett.  The 2 vs. 3 match-ups are interesting and could go either way, but this reporter will give the edge to the seniors.
      Onward to the Coliseum(in order from top to bottom in the bracket):
      Hayden Lee- Garrett
      Jose Nino- South Side
      Kris McKinley- Northrop
      Andrew Bowman- Homestead
      The first round matches at this weight will all be very intriguing to watch with all of them toss-up matches.  The easiest one to pick is probably Alex Richman of Heritage over Bryce Forrester of Columbia City, but don’t count out Forrester as he has the potential to knock off Richman if he is not ready to wrestle.  Another interesting match is a battle of very familiar names with Colton LeTourneau of Whitko vs. Erique Early of Snider.  LeTourneau is a very familiar name that has had quite a bit of success at Whitko and Early is the son of former state champion Erique Early.  This weight also could be a clean sweep for the New Haven Sectional.
      Onward to the Coliseum(in order from top to bottom in the bracket):
      James Johnson- South Side
      Tommie Lockett- Harding
      Erique Early- Snider
      Alex Richman- Heritage
      This one of many weight classes where there will be a feature match in the finals.  Chas Busz of Whitko comes in undefeated on the year, while Kody George of Homestead has only one loss.  Busz went to state last year at 103lbs and will look to continue his march towards Conseco once again.  The 2 vs. 3 matchups look to favor New Haven, but they will both be very close and could go either way.
      Onward to the Coliseum(in order from top to bottom in the bracket):
      Chas Busz- Whitko
      Mason Meling- Snider
      Ali Al-Timeemy- Wayne
      Kody George- Homestead
      Two state qualifiers highlight this weight class.  Last year Jordan Gilbert of Whitko advanced to state at 112lbs, while Homestead’s Keelan Rushing qualified at 125lbs.  They are expected to meet in the finals, but both will be tested in the semi-finals with solid opponents.
      Onward to the Coliseum(in order from top to bottom in the bracket):
      Jordan Gilbert- Whitko
      Jared Wilson- Snider
      Austun McCray- Garrett
      Keelan Rushing- Homestead
      The headliner in this weight class is Garrett’s 19th ranked Brayden Moreau who comes in with only one blemish on his record to date.  Tony Elkins of Snider is the favorite in the other half of the bracket, but will be tested all day.  His first opponent, Rance Harris is way better than his 17-15 record shows and Busco’s Adam Boggess has some impressive wins this year.
      Onward to the Coliseum(in order from top to bottom in the bracket):
      Brayden Moreau- Garrett
      Reese Sieger- New Haven
      Adam Boggess- Churubusco
      Tony Elkins- Snider
      This weight could see a sectional finals rematch between Michael Nix of Bishop Dwenger and Corey Botts of Leo.  Homestead’s Josh Kryder cannot overlook his first opponent or he will be sent home early.
      Onward to the Coliseum(in order from top to bottom in the bracket):
      Michael Nix- Bishop Dwenger
      Jeff Clark- Carroll
      Corey Botts- Leo
      Josh Kryder- Homestead
      This will be one of the best weight classes to watch all day long.  All of the first round matches have some intrigue and could go either way.  The champions of each sectional should advance, but they do not have any gimme matches.  The 2 vs. 3 match-ups are both interesting with the first being Logan Lee of Garrett against Justin Norris of Homestead.  Both are seniors and Lee’s past two seasons have been ended by a Homestead Spartan.  Sean Cooley of South Side and Busco’s mini Brock Lesnar, Zach Armstead will also be a match to watch.
      Onward to the Coliseum(in order from top to bottom in the bracket):
      Cody Bays- Whitko
      Logan Lee- Garrett
      Zach Armstead- Churubusco
      Cody Zink- Woodlan
      The sectional champions from this weight should cruise in their first round matches, but as usual the 2 vs. 3 matches will be the ones to watch.  KC Corey of Snider against the Busco bad boy Jason Nicodemus will be a great match.  The other match will be a clash of two sophomores with Brett Schendel of Garrett against Branden Baker of Homestead.
      Onward to the Coliseum(in order from top to bottom in the bracket):
      Jon Timmerman- Carroll
      KC Corey- Snider
      Brett Schendel- Garrett
      Levy Francois- New Haven
      This weight could feature round three of the Reece Lefever and Zack Zurbrugg series.  So far Lefever has got the better of Zurbrugg, but you cannot count out the motivation from Bulldog coach Barry Humble.  Zurbrugg will have to fend off a very game Isaac Steury in the semi-finals and cannot overlook the lad from Lion country.
      Onward to the Coliseum(in order from top to bottom in the bracket):
      Reece Lefever- Carroll
      Carter Delaney- Bishop Dwenger
      Isaac Steury- Leo
      Zack Zurbrugg- New Haven
      With an average of just over four losses per person in this weight, it will be quite a test for the undefeated cat owner Conner Lefever.  Arch nemeses Cody Conrad lies waiting on the other half of the bracket, but Conrad will have to fend off ACAC rival Garrett Weber in the semi-finals .  The 2 vs. 3 matches will be fun to watch as Anthony Linnear of North Side will be battling it out with Alex Brenneke of Woodlan in a very good match.  Garrett Weber of Leo will not have an easy time with Harding’s Trevon Carr either.
      Onward to the Coliseum(in order from top to bottom in the bracket):
      Conner Lefever- Carroll
      Alex Brenneke- Woodlan
      Garrett Weber- Leo
      Cody Conrad- Heritage
      This is another weight that will be fun to watch from beginning to the end.  #16 Jeff Enrietto of Carroll is the headliner here, but he will be tested all day long.  Probably the best match of the first round will be Bishop Dwenger’s super soph Ben Evans against New Haven champ Skyler Messman.  Messman has been hidden deep in the Humble Stable and burst onto the wrestling scene this year.
      Onward to the Coliseum(in order from top to bottom in the bracket):
      Jeff Enrietto- Carroll
      Jeremy Salmon- Woodlan
      Spencer Cooper- Leo
      Skyler Messman- New Haven
      Yet another great weight to watch and it definitely will provide many exciting matches all day long.  Three of the wrestlers here have been in and out of the rankings all year long and will be itching to get after eachother early and often.  The best first round match will be undefeated Redrecus McCurrie of Wayne against Austin Gibson of Garrett.  Last year McCurrie defeated Gibson with a  late takedown to advance to semi-state.  Another early match to watch is Braxton Siddons of Churubusco against the Harding Hawk’s Nolan Wilson.  Wilson is an excellent athlete that will give Siddons a great match.
      Onward to the Coliseum(in order from top to bottom in the bracket):
      Spencer Raypole- Carroll
      Braxton Siddons- Churubusco
      Austin Striggle- Whitko
      Redrecus McCurrie- Wayne
      Word on the street is #7 ranked Brad Mills of Homestead has pulled out of the state series due to an injury and this will make this weight class wide open.  With Mills’ injury this could lead to a clean sweep for the Carroll sectional.  Look for Moe Talamantes of Northrop to be the favorite, but he will be tested by Alex Jakacki of Leo.
      Onward to the Coliseum(in order from top to bottom in the bracket):
      Moe Talamantes- Northrop
      Clint Davis- North Side
      Alex Jakacki- Leo
      Gage Andis- Carroll
      The big guys are highlighted by undefeated Josh Mitchell of Heritage.  He will have a familiar face in the first round in Carroll’s Matt McClure who almost defeated him last year in this same exact match.  Another good first round match will be Eastside’s Matt Beard against Homestead’s late replacement Deshawn Lewis.
      Onward to the Coliseum(in order from top to bottom in the bracket):
      Ta’Quan Walker- North Side
      Vernie Starks- South Side
      Matt Beard- Eastside
      Josh Mitchell- Heritage


      Jeffersonville Regional Preview

      The Jeffersonville Regional looks to have some very competitive wrestling this Saturday with 112 wrestlers trying to earn a spot to the Evansville Semi-State.  There are a total of 4 top 20 ranked wrestlers, 3 returning state qualifiers, and 21 returning semi-state qualifiers.
      Floyd Central Sophomore Terrance Kennedy (28-5), previously #20 in the state, is looking to follow up his sectional championship with regional championship this week-end. Kennedy will be a heavy favorite and will likely meet Jasper freshman Nathan Schitter (29-7) in the finals. The first round should have 2 competitive matches seeking births to the semi-state with Christian Academy freshman Daniel Doty (24-12) tries to knock off Washington sophomore Levi Graber (27-16) and North Knox freshman Benjamin Gray (29-9) tries to knock off Eastern Pekin freshman Jordan Gray (24-9).
      Projections: 1. Kennedy 2. Schitter 3. Gray 4. Graber
      Jeffersonville junior Alonzo Shepherd (41-1)(2010 State Qualifier)(ranked 7th in the state), will be looking for his 3rd Regional Crown on his quest for another trip to Conseco Field house. He will likely have a tough semi-final match against Corydon junior Matthew Lahue (2X Semi-State Qualifier). The other side of the bracket will likely feature a competitive showdown between Floyd Central sophomore Chris Whitley (25-10), who just knocked off #2 seed Lahue in last week-ends Sectional, and Jasper freshman Rueger Kersteins (29-7).
      Projections: 1. Shepherd 2. Whitley 3. Lahue 4. Kersteins
      Pike Central senior Cody Kendle (34-5)(2010 State Placer)(ranked 15th in the state), who will be looking for his first regional crown, will be a heavy favorite. He will likely meet up with New Albany sophomore Austin Jamison (20-5)(Semi-State Qualifier).
      Projections: 1. Kendle 2. Jamison 3. Eckert 4. Deleon
      North Knox senior Cody Byrer (33-3)(semi-state qualifier) will be the slight favorite. He will have a tough path to get to the finals. He will have a first round match with Charlestown junior, Justin Wolf (17-11)(Semi-State qualifier) and then likely have to get through Floyd Central junior Zach Thomas (3-1)(Semi-State qualifier). The other likely finalist will be Jeffersonville senior Kevim Castro (33-9). He will meet either New Washington sophomore Brady Meenach (22-4)(Semi-State qualifier) or Forest Park senior Justin Olinger (25-9)(Semi-State qualifier).
      Predictions: 1. Castro 2. Byrer 3. Thomas 4. Olinger
      The likely finalists will be Jasper senior Kaleb Chambers (28-7)(Semi-State qualifier) and Pike Central senior Derek Lunsford (35-4)(Semi-State qualifier). However, Chambers must first beat Christian Academy senior Cory Neel (26-8) and Lunsford must get by Providence junior Brennan Gregory (28-10).
      Predictions: 1. Lunsford 2. Chambers 3. Neel 4. Gregory
      Southridge senior Bryce Jones (25-4)(semi-state qualifier), will be the favorite. He will likely face Floyd Central sophomore George Emily (22-11). However, Jones will have to get by either Jeffersonville junior Michael Vazquez (30-15) or Forest Park senior Josh Thomas (31-7).
      Predictions: 1. Jones 2. Emily 3. Vazquez 4. Meza
      Jeffersonville senior Tre Harbin (37-7) will be the favorite here and will likely meet Southridge  junior Luke Mundy (31-10) in the finals. However, Harbin must first get by New Washington senior Lane Massingham (29-4)(Semi-State qualifier) and Mundy must get by a tough first round match against Floyd Central junior Gus Schoenbaechler (18-12) before likely facing Washington senior Raule Velazquez (35-9).
      Predictions: 1. Harbin 2. Mundy 3. Massingham 4. Velazquez
      Jeffersonville senior Renaldo Weekley (41-1)(2010 State Qualifier), who is ranked 4th in the state, will be a heavy favorite. His likely opponent in the finals will be Jasper senior Nick Ackerman (25-10). However, Ackerman must first get by a tough Floyd Central freshman Chase Herron (24-13).
      Predictions: 1. Weekley 2. Ackerman 3. Herron 4. Lemond
      This looks to be one of the more wide open weight classes. Likely finalists will be Jeffersonville junior Brent Browner (32-11) and Southridge senior Cory Ingram (33-5)(Semi-State qualifier). However, Ingram has a tough first round match against Christian Academy senior Levi Speth (29-6)(Semi-State qualifier). In the semi-finals, Browner will likely face a very scrappy New Albany junior, CJ Reynolds (22-6) and Ingram will face a dangerous Charlestown junior, Cory Suddeth (27-9).
      Predictions: 1. Browner 2. Ingram 3. Suddeth 4. Reynolds
      This will be another competitive weight class. Every first round match will be tough. The 2 favorites to be in the finals will be Jeffersonville senior Brandon Marlin (29-15)(Semi-State qualifier) and Jasper senior Ross Schwenk (26-7). However, Marlin will likely have to get by Southridge junior Angus Stetter (22-16) and Schwenk will likely face Charlestown junior Jacob Hall (31-7)(Semi-State qualifier).
      Predictions: 1. Marlin 2. Schwenk 3. Stetter 4. Hall
      The favorite for this weight will be Jasper senior Joe Tucker (27-5)(Semi-State qualifier). He will likely meet Charlestown senior Ethan Bowen (33-5) in the finals. Other likely semi-finalists will be Paoli junior Garrett Shepard of Paoli (36-4) and Floyd Central senior Shane Sneed (20-12).
      Predictions: 1. Tucker 2. Bowen 3. Sneed 4. Shepard
      Jeffersonville junior Elijah Curtley (25-3)(semi-state qualifier) will be the favorite with a wide open field to join him in the finals. Curtley will likely face Southridge junior Brad Schwinghammer (26-10) in the semi-finals. The favorites in the bottom side of the bracket will be New Albany senior Zach Faith (26-7) and Washington sophomore Aaron Cissell (33-10).
      Predictions: 1. Curtley 2. Faith 3. Cissell 4. Schwinghammer
      Jeffersonville senior Jimmy Pratt (26-4)(Semi-State qualifier) will be the favorite. He will likely face the winner of the semi-finals match between Charlestown senior Logan McCutcheon (31-9) and Paoli sophomore CJ Andry (34-7).
      Predictions: 1. Pratt 2. McCutcheon 3. Andry 4. Hedrick
      Jeffersonville senior Ryan DeWitt (34-8)(semi-state qualifier) will be the favorite and will likely face undefeated Mitchell junior Trevor Phillips(25-0)(semi-state qualifier) in the finals. Other likely semi-state qualifiers are Floyd Central senior Andrew Sharp (27-10) and New Albany senior Jacob Mudd (9-3).
      Predictions: 1. DeWitt 2. Phillips 3. Mudd 4. Sharp


      Rochester Regional Preview

      As north central Indiana braces for this year's “storm of the centuryâ€, 112 wrestlers will be preparing for Saturday's regional tournament at Rochester High School. The weather may play havoc with the practices but all the schools will be dealing with the same issues. The Penn Kingsmen are the big story as they qualified all 14 wrestlers to regional and stand a good chance of qualifying all 14 to next weeks's semistate.
      The heavyweight class is the deepest with three wrestlers ranked in the state's top seven. (Plymouth's Damon Howe, Bremen's Abe Hall, and Culver Community's Jeremiah Harvey). These three, along with the five other talented underclassmen in the bracket, will make watching the big boys entertaining throughout the day.
      Another reason to focus on the Rochester regional will be to follow the return of Penn's Sara Hildebrandt and the undefeated march of Culver Military's Kayla Miracle. Both of these young ladies would like to be the first female to qualify for state.
      Culver Military's thirteenth ranked freshman Kayla Miracle handled the spotlight (literally and figuratively) in the sectional finals last week at Plymouth. Despite giving up some early points, she did not panic and methodically put points on the board to win 11-4. Mishawaka's junior Scott Fozo comes in as a sectional champ and is battle hardened. Penn's promising freshman, Zach Davis is also worth keeping an eye on.
      Best 1st round Match: Darnell Johnson (South Bend Washington) vs. Greg Newman (Wawasee)
      Not Packing a Cooler

      Fozo – Mishawaka
      Davis – Penn
      Miracle – CMA
      Greg Newman – Wawasee
      A rematch of the Al Smith Invitational is highly likely here as the long and lanky Sam Ferdig of South Bend Adams looks to get another shot at Warsaw's Jarred Brooks. The 13th ranked Ferdig is likely studying the tape intently in order to find a way to stop the high energy Brooks, who ended the regular season ranked 4th in the state. Brooks only loss is by DQ to a Michigan wrestler.
      Best 1st round match – Sarah Hildebrandt (Penn) vs. Zech Weese (Rochester)
      Not Packing a Cooler

      Brooks – Warsaw
      Ferdig – South Bend Adams
      Grant Martsoff – Mishawaka
      Zech Weese – Rochester
      The Plymouth sectional gets a chance to flex a little muscle at 119. Plymouth runner-up and third ranked Anthony McHugh will look to rebound from his first loss of the season. The transfer from suburban Columbus, OH was a state qualifier in Ohio Division II last year. Former state qualifier Garth Simpson of Rochester was the author of the upset. These two are the clear favorites to meet in a rematch.
      Best first round Match: Mitch Emmons(Mishawaka) vs. Anthony McHugh (CMA)
      Not Packing a Cooler

      McHugh – CMA
      Simpson – Rochester
      Jacob Davis – Penn
      Garrett Glueckert – South Bend Clay
      The Mishawaka sectional comes roaring back at 125 and they are favored to take all four tickets to Merrillville. Third ranked Layten Binion of Mishawaka is one of the most entertaining wrestlers in the state to watch. His conference and sectional rival is 11th ranked Tyler Chapple of Penn. Chapple is a considerable talent in his own right and can hit throws from all angles.
      Best first round match: William Howell-Bey(SB Washington) vs. Carlos Salinas(CMA)
      Not Packing a Cooler

      Binion – Mishawaka
      Chapple – Penn
      Ullery – South Bend Riley
      Howell-Bey – South Bend Riley
      The northern boys continue to roll at 130 as they again look to be favorites in all the opening round matches. An almost unnoticed result from Mishawaka was South Bend Clay's sophomore Mitch Hartman finding the answer to Mishawaka's fourth ranked Taylor Wisler. These two along with Penn's Trevor Manspeaker are very close and it wouldn't be surprising if any of the three win a regional title. All three also have legitimate shots at qualifying for state regardless of where they place but going into semi-state as a regional champ will make the quest for Conseco considerably easier.
      Best first round match: Josh Juarez (SB Riley) vs. Seth Fincher (Tippecanoe Valley)
      Not Packing a Cooler

      Wisler – Mishawaka
      Hartman – SB Clay
      Manspeaker – Penn
      Juarez – SB Riley
      One of the few “sure things†at Rochester is that Penn's undefeated senior and fourth ranked Alex Gregory will be at the top of the podium on Saturday afternoon. Gregory has been dominant this year and should cruise to a regional title. Mishawaka's freshman Tristan Macri will likely get a rematch with his Penn rival in the finals.
      Best first round match: Cliff McLeod (SB Riley) vs. Ian Randolph (Culver Community)
      Not Packing a Cooler

      Gregory – Penn
      Macri – Mishawaka
      McLeod – SB Riley
      Austin Nelson – Tippecanoe Valley
      The 140 class is the first class at Rochester that does not contain a ranked wrestler. Penn's sectional champion Dan Ginter has put together a fine 34-7 record and is a slight favorite over Riley's senior Joe Roland. Ginter edged Roland 6-4 in last weeks finals.
      Best first round match: Kyle Jones (Mishawaka) vs. Justin Corl (Bremen)
      Not Packing a Cooler

      Ginter – Penn
      Roland – SB Riley
      Luther Jacobs – CMA
      Corl – Bremen
      The four horsemen of the Mishawaka sectional make a repeat appearance in Rochester. These four closely matched foes include the sixth ranked Laquan Lunford of South Bend Clay and eleventh ranked Grant Anglemyer of Penn. The lofty ranking will not intimidate Mishawaka's Sidney Logan or SB Riley's Brandon Reynolds-Smith. Any of the four could win this on any given day.
      Best first round match: Logan (Mishawaka) vs. Trent Bauters (Tippecanoe Valley)
      Not Packing a Cooler

      Lunford – SB Clay
      Anglemyer – Penn
      Logan – Mishawaka
      Reynolds-Smith – SB Riley
      Eight closely bunched wrestlers are in the 152 bracket and that should make this weight class one of the more exciting to watch on Saturday. Three of the four first round matches should be doozies. The headliner of the first round is surely Mishawaka's fifteenth ranked Darius Marshall versus Rochester's tough Jacob Schroder. Marshall pinned Schroder in the semis at Al Smith but rumor has it that Marshall might be a little dinged up. The winner will likely face Riley's Kelly Kolat who seems to be peaking at the right time. The bottom of the bracket includes Penn's Mike Hummer and Tippecanoe Valley's Isaac Yoder.
      Best first round matches: Marshall (Mishawaka) vs. Schroder (Rochester)
      Hummer (Penn) vs. Ryan Lindsay (Wawasee)
      Not Packing a Cooler

      Schroder – Rochester
      Yoder – Tippecanoe Valley
      Kolat – South Bend Riley
      Hummer – Penn
      This class has both good quality and depth provided by the Mishawaka Sectional. Clay's 17th ranked senior Davon Alwine has seemed to separate himself from the field after majoring 20th ranked Carl McLeod of Riley. Alwine sports a fine 35-2 record and has been flying under the radar for much of the year.
      Best first round match: Phillip Derrickson (SB Adams) vs. Everardo Ahuatl (Warsaw)
      Not Packing a Cooler

      Alwine – SB Clay
      McLeod – SB Riley
      Phillip Treely – Penn
      Derrickson – SB Adams
      Another South Bend wrestler that has been flying under the radar is Riley's Nate Coddens. Three losses by injury default at the Al Smith Invite have hurt his state wide notoriety but he is clearly the top dog at the Rochester regional. Warsaw's Zac Erba looks to break the Mishawaka sectional stranglehold on this weight class.
      Best first round matches: Tyler Reinoehl (Mishawaka) vs. Nathan Benham (Plymouth)
      Erba (Warsaw) vs. Zach Johnson (SB Clay)
      Not Packing a Cooler

      Coddens – SB Riley
      David Stevens – Penn
      Reinoehl – Mishawaka
      Erba – Warsaw
      Two top eight ranked 189 pounders, Warsaw's eighth ranked Ross Hoover and Culver Community's 5th ranked Matt Hurford headline this bracket and favored to meet for the second Saturday in row. Hurford nipped Hoover 8-6 in a hard fought battle. Penn's Mike Hamm was the suprise winner of the Mishawaka sectional and appears to be peaking at the right time.
      Best first round match: Alex Skipper (SB Adams) vs. Lance Wright (Wawasee)
      Not Packing a Cooler

      Hurford – Culver Community
      Hoover – Warsaw
      Skipper – SB Adams
      Hamm – Penn
      Two more ranked individuals and a couple of others good enough to push the big names highlight the 215 bracket. South Bend Clay's Joe Gallegos is ranked 5th in the state and owns a convincing win over ninth ranked Devin Reagan of Penn. These two junior will likely battle again on Saturday afternoon. Both of these studs will be working hard for the win because the loser could draw in to fourth ranked Tyler Kral at semi state.
      Best first round match: Robert Deering (Mishawaka Marian) vs. Jacob Seagraves (Plymouth)
      Not Packing a Cooler

      Gallegos – SB Caly
      Reagan – Penn
      Alan Bollenbacher – Bremen
      Deering – Mishawaka Marian
      The big boys represent the deepest field of any weight class at Rochester. Damon Howe is the clear favorite and owns victories over most of the field. The battle for the other three tickets to Merrillville will be well earned.
      Best first round match: Kade Maggert (Penn) vs. Dmitri Kaplanis (Wawasee)
      Not Packing a Cooler

      Howe – Plymouth
      Hall – Bremen
      Harvey – Culver Community
      Maggert - Penn


      2011 IHSAA Regional Brackets

      Date: Saturday, Feb. 5, 2011.
      Admission: $6.
      Advancement: The top four place winners in each weight class advance to the semi-state tournament.
      1.     Calumet | 9 am CT
      Feeder Sectionals: Calumet, East Chicago Central.
      2.     LaPorte | 9 am CT
      Feeder Sectionals: Crown Point, LaPorte.
      3.     Rochester | 9 am ET
      Feeder Sectionals: Mishawaka, Plymouth.
      4.     Logansport | 9:30 am ET
      Feeder Sectionals: Lafayette Jefferson, Twin Lakes.
      5.     Goshen | 9:30 am ET
      Feeder Sectionals: Elkhart Memorial, Westview.
      6.     Carroll (Fort Wayne) | 9 am ET
      Feeder Sectionals: Carroll (Fort Wayne), New Haven.
      7.     Peru | 9 am ET
      Feeder Sectionals: Oak Hill, Peru.
      8.     Jay County | 8:30 am ET
      Feeder Sectionals: Delta, Jay County.
      9.     North Montgomery | 9 am ET
      Feeder Sectionals: Crawfordsville, Zionsville.
      10.   Pendleton Heights | 9 am ET
      Feeder Sectionals: Hamilton Heights, Lawrence Central.
      11.   Perry Meridian | 9 am ET
      Feeder Sectionals: Decatur Central, Warren Central.
      12.   Richmond | 9:30 am ET
      Feeder Sectionals: Shenandoah, South Dearborn.
      13.   Mooresville | 9 am ET
      Feeder Sectionals: Avon, Mooresville.
      14.   Bloomington South | 9 am ET
      Feeder Sectionals: Jennings County, Northview.
      15.   Jeffersonville | 9 am ET
      Feeder Sectionals: Jeffersonville, Southridge.
      16.   Castle | 9 am CT
      Feeder Sectionals: Castle, Evansville Central.


      Jeffersonville Sectional Preview

      2011 Jeffersonville Wrestling Sectional Preview

      Host Jeffersonville Red Devils look to win their third straight Wrestling Sectional Crown this Saturday. The Red Devils are heavily favored with 10 of their 14 wrestlers receiving 1st or 2nd seeds (5 each). Charlestown has 4 - 1st seeds, Floyd Central has 2 – 1st seeds and 3 – 2nd seeds, New Albany has 1 – 1st seed and 2 – 2nd seeds, New Washington has 1 – 1st seed and 1 – 2nd seed, and Christian Academy has 1 – 1st seed. There are a total of 4 top 20 ranked wrestlers, 2 returning IHSAA State Finalists, 11 returning Regional Qualifiers, and 13 returning Semi-State Qualifiers.

      Participating Teams: Charlestown, Christian Academy of Indiana, Corydon, Eastern Pekin, Floyd Central, Jeffersonville, New Albany, New Washington, Providence, Salem


      # 1 seed, Floyd Sophomore Terrence Kennedy (25-5) is ranked #20 in the state, will be heavily favored and will likely meet up with # 2 seed, Eastern Pekin freshman Jordan Gray (22-8). However, Gray will have to get by # 3 seed, Christian Academy freshman Daniel Doty (21-11) to get to the finals.

      Predictions: 1. Kennedy – FC 2. Gray – EP 3. Doty – CAI 4. Coureur - Je


      #1 seed, Jeff Junior Alonzo Shepherd (38-1) (2010 State Qualifier), is ranked 7th in the state and will be looking for his 3rd straight Sectional Crown. He will be heavily favored but cannot overlook # 2 seed, Corydon Junior Matthew Lahue (2X Semi-State Qualifier). However, Lahue likely will have to get by Floyd sophomore, Chris Whitely (22-9) in the semi finals.

      Predictions: 1. Shepherd – Je 2. Lahue – Co 3. Whitely – FC 4. Peavler – NA


      #1 seed, New Albany Sophomore Austin Jamison (17-5)(semi-state qualifier), looks to get his first sectional crown and will likely meet up with # 2 seed Floyd Sophomore, Jacob Cassady (14-13). But Cassady will have to get by, # 3 seed, Sophomore Oscar Deleon (18-21) of Jeffersonville. They have split their 2 previous matches so it should set up a great semi-final match.

      Predictions: 1. Jamison – NA 2. Cassady – FC 3. Deleon – Je 4. Brasfield – Co


      # 1 seed, Jeff Senior, Kevim Castro (30-9)(Regional qualifier), is the favorite. The bottom portion of the bracket will be very competitive with 3 semi-state qualifiers trying to get to the finals. New Washington Sophomore Brady Meenach will have either Charlestown Junior Justin Wolf (14-9) or Floyd Junior Zach Thomas (1-0) in the semi-finals.

      Predictions: 1. Castro – Je 2. Thomas – FC 3. Meenach – NW 4. Wolf – Ch


      Semi-state Qualifier, Christian Academy Senior Cory Neel (23-8) got the 1st seed. But he better not overlook scrappy 6th seed Floyd Sophomore Michael Kruer (18-12). In the bottom part of the bracket, #2 seed, regional qualifier, Junior Brennan Gregory (26-9) of Providence will have a tough quarter final match against New Albany Freshman Hunter Langley (14-13). #3 seed, Charlestown Sophomore Cameron Stuart (23-10) will likewise have a tough quarter final match against Jeff Junior Jordan Schremp (27-16). This looks to be the most open weight class in the sectional.

      Predictions: 1. Kruer – FC 2. Schremp – Je 3. Neel – CAI 4. Gregory – Pr


      # 1 seed, Floyd Sophomore George Emily (19-11), will likely face the # 2 seed Jeff Junior Michael Vazquez (28-14). The two have split a pair of matches this season with Emily winning the last one.

      Predictions: 1. Vazquez – Je 2. Emily – FC 3. Banet – CAI 4. Griffith – Pr


      #1 seed, New Washington Senior Lane Massingham(semi-state qualifier) will likely meet #2 seed, Jeff Senior Tre Harbin(34-7)(regional qualifier) in the finals.

      Predictions: 1. Harbin – Je 2. Massingham – NW 3. Schoenbaechler – FC 4. Weddington - Ch


      #1 seed, Jeff Senior Renaldo Weekley (38-1)(2010 IHSAA State Qualifier), ranked #4 in the state, will be a heavy favorite. He should meet #2 seed Floyd Freshman Chase Herron (22-12) in the finals.

      Predictions: 1. Weekley – Je 2. Herron – FC 3. Miles – Ch 4. Kaelin – Pr


      #1 seed, Charlestown Junior Cory Suddeth (25-8)(semi-state qualifier) will be the slight favorite and will have a tough match against #4 seed New Albany Junior CJ Reynolds (19-5). #2 seed Jeff Junior Brent Browner (29-11) will likely meet up with 3rd seed Christian Academy Senior Levi Speth (26-4) (Semi-State Qualifier).

      Predictions: 1. Browner – Je 2. Reynolds – NA 3. Suddeth – Ch 4. Speth – CAI


      #1 seed, Charlestown Junior Jacob Hall (29-6) (Semi-State Qualifier) will likely meet #2 seed, Jeff Junior Brandon Marlin (25-15) (Semi-State Qualifier) in the finals.

      Predictions: 1. Hall – Ch 2. Marlin – Je 3. Franklin – NW 4. Embry - CAI


      #1 seed, Charlestown senior Ethan Bowen (29-5) (Regional Qualifier), will be the heavy favorite. He will likely meet #2 seed, Floyd Senior Shane Sneed (17-11) (Regional Qualifier) in the finals.

      Predictions: 1. Bowen – Ch 2. Sneed – FC 3. Schindler – NA 4. Spangler - Je


      #1 seed, Jeff Junior Elijah Curtley (22-3) (Semi-State Qualifier), ranked 18th in the state, will likely meet #2 seed, New Albany Senior Zach Faith (23-6) (Regional Qualifier) in the finals.

      Predictions: 1. Curtley – Je 2. Faith – NA 3. McCutcheon – Ch 4. Youtsey – FC


      #1 seed, Charlestown Senior Logan McCutcheon (28-8) will have to get by #4 seed Floyd Sophomore Nick Ottersbach (18-9) to get to the finals. There he will likely meet #2 seed, Jeff Senior Jimmy Pratt (23-4) (Semi-State Qualifier) in the finals. Pratt will first have to get by New Albany Senior Cheyenne Conn (8-5).

      Predictions: 1. Pratt – Je 2. McCutcheon – Ch 3. Conn – NA 4. Ottersbach - FC


      #1 seed, Jeff Senior Ryan DeWitt (31-8) (Semi-State Qualifier) will be the favorite. To get to the finals he will have to get by #4 seed Eastern Pekin Senior Austin Duncan (27-4) (Regional Qualifier). #2 seed New Albany Senior Jacob Mudd (7-2) will face either #3 seed Floyd Senior Andrew Sharp (24-9) (Regional Qualifier) or #6 seed Christian Academy Senior Caleb Delbridge (23-6) in the semi finals.

      Predictions: 1. DeWitt – Je 2. Mudd – NA 3. Sharp – FC 4. Duncan – EP


      Delta Sectional Preview

      Delta Sectional Preview

      The Delta Sectional was going to be a very quiet sectional with Yorktown dominating the field.  The recent buzz about Yorktown’s 140 lber has brought much attention to this sectional that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.  This sectional contains 9 ranked wrestlers, 8 of them being from Yorktown.  Yorktown’s dominance will continue this year, but there should be a very interesting race for 2nd place between Muncie Southside and Winchester.


      3rd ranked Brock Bevans (Y) is the heavy favorite to win this weight class again this year. Bevans starts the first of two sets of “Big 3” wrestlers for Yorktown. Bevans’ top two challengers will be 22-0 Travis Phenis (RS) and Tyler Rigney (MS).


      The second wrestler in the “Big 3” is 9th ranked Schuyler Phillips (Y).  This outstanding sophomore has had a great season and it is likely to continue in the postseason.  Gavin Cox (Win) seems to be Phillips’ finals opponent.  The other two spots in this weight class will be up for grabs with the remaining five wrestlers battling it out.


      The last leg of this “Big 3” would be the Freshmen Sensation, 9th ranked Chandler Carroll.  Carroll is a dominating wrestler that will continue his domination this week.  The bottom bracket will have some interesting matchups that could shake out in numerous ways: Helm (WD) v Wills (MS) with the winner most likely facing 23-4 Rascon (Win).  Once again a weight class where the battles for 2nd-4th will be up in the air!


      Another freshman for Yorktown is leading the pack at 125, Rhett Hiestand.  Hiestand’s main competition will be 24-10 Adam Gordon (De).  Hiestand will try to bring the first of two sectional titles home for the Hiestand family on Saturday


      130 is the first weight class that Yorktown does not have the heavy favorite. 1st seeded Hunter Randolph (Wap) is the favorite at this weight class, but 3rd seeded Dalton Baysinger (Y) will want to continue the Yorktown domination, and he has the talent and ability.  This weight class will be the first weight class that will have a lot of suspense for all 4 placements.


      #1 ranked Devon Jackson (Y) leads this weight class, and leads the entire state according to the final rankings.  Jackson is also the start to Yorktown’s second “Big 3”.  Jackson is joined by 7th ranked Isaiah Bradley (MS) in this weight class making it the only weight class with multiple ranked wrestlers.   The intrigue in this weight will be if Bradley can give Jackson a competitive mach or will Jackson have his way with him.  Bradley will first have to get by 28-3 Scott Kohler (MuC) in the semifinals.


      The weight class that has brought attention to this weight class will not provide much wrestling attention on Saturday.  2nd seeded and 18th ranked Cole Van Horn (Y) is actually the favorite to win this weight class over #1 seed Joey Crabtree (MuC).  Van Horn is the second wrestler in Yorktown’s second “Big 3”.


      The last wrestler of this “Big 3” is 2nd ranked Andrew Hiestand.  Hiestand is another wrestler who has had a dominating season, and the dominance will continue.  This weight class will provide some interesting matches for placers 2nd – 4th.  The Hiestand family may get to watch Rhett win his first sectional title and then watch Andrew win his last.


      28-1 Austin Quinn (WD) is the favorite to but this weight class will have two highly competitive semifinal matches.  Returning semistate qualifier Jake Reed (MS) will meet Quinn in the semifinals while in the other semifinal Hunt (Y) will look to knock off Boyd (Win).  This weight class could be full of surprises.


      29-1 Jordan Simmons (Win) and Andie Higgins (Y) are the top two wrestlers in this weight class.  Simmons may be the slight favorite but Yorktown has a history of pulling out a few upsets in the tourney. This weight would definitely classify as a mild upset if Higgins can pull out the victory.


      Spencer Osborn (MuC) recovered from a broken leg suffered during soccer and had a really good season.  He has only wrestled 19 matches due to the injury and recovery time, but he is wrestling well and quickly returning to his form of a year ago.  Eric Sauser (Win) and Seth Edwards (Y) will both be interested in meeting up with Osborne in the finals.


      This weight class became a lot more interesting a few weeks ago when 19th ranked Scott Neff (Y) dropped from 215.  Joining Neff as the top contender is Corey Crabtree (MS).  Crabtree has been a fixture at this weight for the past few seasons, but so has a Yorktown singlet as he was beating in the finals last year by a Yorktown wrestler.


      Chase Edwards (Y) and Andrew Chalfant (Win) lead this weight, with a very talented Taylor Morris (MoC) close behind.  This field has many athletic wrestlers and will provide a lot of fun wrestling for such a high weight class.


      Micah Hill (MuC) leads a very talented HW class.  There are 4 wrestlers with over 20 wins: Hill,  Jacob Peckham (MoC), Dylan Williams (Da), and Jim Schafer (De).  Add in Dylan Smith (Y) and Lee Reyes (MS) and this will be the most exciting and unpredictable weight class of the entire sectional.


      Donald L. Patton Wrestling Scholarship, 2011

      Don Patton was a five-time Indiana State Champion Wrestling Coach and Athletic Director at Delta High School. As a legendary coach he was known for his generosity, caring, enthusiasm, competitive spirit and willingness to help students, wrestlers, coaches and officials wherever he went. His dedication and willingness to work hard enabled him to overcome colon cancer at the age of 32 as he served as a role model for athletes and coaches across the state. Don's death in September 2033 left a void in the Indiana sports family. The Donald Lee Patton memorial Scholarship was created to inspire those students who exhibit Don's dedication to hard work, enthusiasm, and attaining one's aspirations in all facet of life.
      -Graduate of an Indiana accredited high school
      -Member of a high school wrestling team for at least 2 years
      -"Demonstrates love for wrestling and a spirit for winning"
      -Planning to attend an accredited college or university
      Click here for the application and more information


      2011 IHSAA Sectional Brackets

      Date: Saturday, Jan. 29, 2011.
      Admission: $5.
      Advancement: The top four place winners in each weight class advance to the regional tournament. Also, the championship team in the individual sectional tournament advances to the regional round of the team tournament.
      1. East Chicago Central (10) | 9 am CT
      East Chicago Central, Hammond, Hammond Bishop Noll, Hammond Clark, Hammond Gavit, Hammond Morton, Highland, Lake Central, Munster, Whiting.
      2. Calumet (9) | 9 am CT
      Calumet, Gary Roosevelt, Gary Wallace, Gary West Side, Griffith, Hobart, Lake Station Edison, Merrillville, River Forest.
      3. Crown Point (9) | 9 am CT
      Andrean, Boone Grove, Crown Point, Hanover Central, Hebron, Kankakee Valley, Lowell, North Newton, Valparaiso.
      4. LaPorte (8) | 9 am CT
      Chesterton, Glenn, Knox, LaPorte, Michigan City, New Prairie, North Judson, Portage.
      5. Mishawaka (9) | 9 am ET
      LaVille, Mishawaka, Mishawaka Marian, Penn, South Bend Adams, South Bend Clay, South Bend Riley, South Bend St. Joseph’s, South Bend Washington.
      6. Plymouth (9) | 9 am ET
      Bremen, Culver Academies, Culver Community, Plymouth, Rochester, Tippecanoe Valley, Triton, Warsaw, Wawasee.
      7. Twin Lakes (11) | 9 am ET
      Cass, Caston, Frontier, Logansport, North White, Pioneer, Rensselaer Central, South Newton, Twin Lakes, West Central, Winamac.
      8. Lafayette Jefferson (10) | 8:30 am ET
      Attica, Benton Central, Carroll (Flora), Delphi, Harrison (West Lafayette), Lafayette Central Catholic, Lafayette Jefferson, McCutcheon, Seeger, West Lafayette.
      9. Elkhart Memorial (8) | 8 am ET
      Concord, Elkhart Central, Elkhart Memorial, Fairfield, Goshen, Jimtown, Northridge, NorthWood.
      10. Westview (10) | 9 am ET
      Angola, Central Noble, DeKalb, East Noble, Fremont, Howe Military, Lakeland, Prairie Heights, West Noble, Westview.
      11. Carroll (Fort Wayne) (11) | 8 am ET
      Carroll (Fort Wayne), Churubusco, Columbia City, Eastside, Garrett, Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger, Fort Wayne Concordia Lutheran, Fort Wayne North Side, Fort Wayne Northrop, Leo, Whitko.
      12. New Haven (9) | 8:30 am ET
      Fort Wayne Bishop Luers, Fort Wayne Snider, Fort Wayne South Side, Fort Wayne Wayne, Harding, Heritage, Homestead, New Haven, Woodlan.
      13. Peru (9) | 9 am ET
      Huntington North, Maconaquah, Manchester, North Miami, Northfield, Peru, Southwood, Wabash, White’s.
      14. Oak Hill (10) | 9 am ET
      Eastbrook, Eastern (Greentown), Kokomo, Madison-Grant, Marion, Mississinewa, Northwestern, Oak Hill, Taylor, Western.
      15. Jay County (9) | 8:30 am ET
      Adams Central, Bellmont, Blackford, Bluffton, Jay County, Norwell, South Adams, Southern Wells, Union City.
      16. Delta (10) | 9 am ET
      Daleville, Delta, Monroe Central, Muncie Central, Muncie Southside, Randolph Southern, Wapahani, Wes-Del, Winchester, Yorktown.
      17. Crawfordsville (9) | 9 am ET
      Covington, Crawfordsville, Fountain Central, North Montgomery, North Vermillion, Rockville, South Vermillion, Southmont, Turkey Run.
      18. Zionsville (12) | 8:30 am ET
      Carmel, Clinton Central, Clinton Prairie, Fishers, Frankfort, Hamilton Southeastern, Lebanon, Rossville, Sheridan, Western Boone, Westfield, Zionsville.
      19. Hamilton Heights (11) | 9 am ET
      Alexandria, Anderson, Elwood, Frankton, Guerin Catholic, Hamilton Heights, Lapel, Noblesville, Pendleton Heights, Tipton, Tri-Central.
      20. Lawrence Central (11) | 8:30 am ET
      Indianapolis Arlington, Indianapolis Arsenal Technical, Indianapolis Bishop Chatard, Indianapolis Broad Ripple, Indianapolis Cathedral, Indianapolis Howe Academy, Indianapolis Manual, Indianapolis Scecina, Lawrence Central, Lawrence North, North Central (Indianapolis).
      21. Decatur Central (12) | 9 am ET
      Ben Davis, Decatur Central, Indiana School for the Deaf, Indianapolis Cardinal Ritter, Indianapolis Crispus Attucks, Indianapolis Northwest, Indianapolis Washington, Park Tudor, Perry Meridian, Pike, Southport, Speedway.
      22. Warren Central (11) | 9 am ET
      Beech Grove, Eastern Hancock, Franklin Central, Greenfield-Central, Indianapolis Marshall, Mount Vernon (Fortville), New Palestine, Roncalli, Shelbyville, Triton Central, Warren Central.
      23. Shenandoah (11) | 9 am ET
      Blue River Valley, Cambridge City Lincoln, Centerville, Hagerstown, Knightstown, New Castle, Northeastern, Richmond, Rushville, Shenandoah, Tri.
      24. South Dearborn (10) | 9 am ET
      Batesville, Connersville, East Central, Franklin County, Greensburg, Lawrenceburg, Milan, Oldenburg Academy, South Dearborn, Union County.
      25. Avon (10) | 8:30 am ET
      Avon, Brownsburg, Cascade, Cloverdale, Danville, Greencastle, North Putnam, Plainfield, South Putnam, Tri-West Hendricks.
      26. Mooresville (8) | 9 am ET
      Center Grove, Franklin, Greenwood, Indian Creek, Martinsville, Monrovia, Mooresville, Whiteland.
      27. Northview (9) | 9:30 am ET
      Bloomington North, Bloomington South, Edgewood, Northview, Owen Valley, Sullivan, Terre Haute North, Terre Haute South, West Vigo.
      28. Jennings County (9) | 9 am ET
      Bedford North Lawrence, Brown County, Columbus East, Columbus North, Jennings County, Madison, Seymour, Scottsburg, Southwestern (Hanover).
      29. Jeffersonville (10) | 9 am ET
      Charlestown, Christian Academy of Indiana, Corydon Central, Eastern (Pekin), Floyd Central, Jeffersonville, New Albany, New Washington, Providence, Salem.
      30. Southridge (10) | 8 am ET
      Crawford County, Forest Park, Jasper, Mitchell, North Knox, Paoli, Pike Central, Southridge, Vincennes Lincoln, Washington.
      31. Castle (9) | 8:30 am CT
      Boonville, Castle, Gibson Southern, Heritage Hills, Princeton, South Spencer, Tecumseh, Tell City, Wood Memorial.
      32. Evansville Central (9) | 9 am CT
      Evansville Bosse, Evansville Central, Evansville Harrison, Evansville Mater Dei, Evansville Memorial, Evansville North, Evansville Reitz, Mount Vernon, North Posey.


      Final Indianamat.com Team Rankings 1/24

      1. Crown Point (18-0)
      2. Perry Meridian (23-0)
      3. Evansville Mater Dei (18-0)
      4. Penn (20-4)
      5. Yorktown (27-2)
      6. Roncalli (20-1)
      7. Merrillville (13-2)
      8. Carroll (Fort Wayne) (15-1)
      9. Bellmont (20-4)
      10. Mishawaka (20-4)
      11. Lawrence North (14-4)
      12. Evansville Reitz (15-0)
      13. Carmel (15-3)
      14. Center Grove (20-3)
      15. Hamilton SE (16-2)
      16. South Bend Clay (28-2)
      17. South Adams (27-0)
      18. Fishers (13-9)
      19. Bloomington South (19-7)
      20. Jennings County (26-1)


      Summit Athletic Conference Brackets

      Team Scores
      1. Dwenger 267
      2. Snider 230
      3. South Side 194
      4. North Side 158
      5. Wayne 150
      6. Concordia 117.50
      7. Northrop 114
      8. Harding 89.50
      9. Bishop Luers 69
      Click here for brackets


      Northern Lakes Conference Brackets

      Concord, Elkhart Memorial, Goshen, Northridge, Northwood, Plymouth, Warsaw, Wawasee
      Click here for brackets


      Tri-Eastern Conference Brackets

      Centerville, Hagerstown, Lincoln, Northeastern, Tri-High, Union City, Union County, Winchester
      Click here for brackets


      Team State Bracket

      Click here to view the Team State bracket that will be updated throughout the state tournament.


      Northeast Hoosier Conference

      Bellmont, Carroll, New Haven, Homestead, Dekalb, East Noble, Norwell, Columbia City
      Click here for brackets


      Southern Indiana Athletic Conference Brackets

      Castle, Evansville Bosse, Evansville Central, Evansville F.J. Reitz, Evansville Harrison, Evansville Mater Dei, Evansville North, Evansville Reitz Memorial
      Click here for brackets


      North East Corner Conference Brackets

      Angola, Central Noble, Churubusco, Eastside, Fairfield, Fremont, Lakeland, Prairie Heights, West Noble, Westview.
      Click here for brackets
      2011 NECC Wrestling Championships
      Score    School          1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
      1    266.50  Prairie Heights 4    3    4    3
      2    217.50  Fairfield       2    3    5    1    2
      3    156.50  Churubusco      3    2         2    2    3
      4    148.00  West Noble      2    2    1    1    3    1
      5    92.00   Central Noble   1              4    1    2
      6    79.00   Fremont         1         2    1         2
      7    70.00   Eastside             1    1         2    3
      8    68.50   Lakeland             1    1    1    1    2
      9    63.00   Angola          1    1         1         1
      10   48.00   Westview             1              w3
      Regular Season Standings
      Prairie Heights  8-0
      Fairfield        8-1
      Churubusco       7-2
      Fremont          6-3
      West Noble       5-4
      Central Noble    3-6
      Angola           2-7
      Eastside         2-7
      Westview         2-7
      Lakeland         1-7
      * Team has non-scoring wrestler


      North Central Conference Brackets

      Anderson, Huntington North, Kokomo, Logansport, Marion, Muncie Central, New Castle, Richmond
      Click here for brackets


      Allen County Athletic Conference Brackets

      Adams Central, Bluffton, Garrett, Heritage, Leo, South Adams, Southern Wells, Woodlan
      Click here for brackets

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