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  1. 1 Team needed for 1-13-18

    1 Team is needed to complete 6 team field for invite hosted by Reitz High School. Current teams are Castle, Evansville Reitz, North Posey, Tell City, and Evansville Central. If interested, please contact Castle AD Brandon Taylor at btaylor@warrick.k12.in.us or Reitz AD Beth Hagan at elizabeth.hagan@evsck12.com
  2. IHSAA Minutes Question

    There is a proposal to move Regional to North. That hasn't passed yet. Regional host assignments not made until after realignment of teams.
  3. SIAC make ur picks...

    Team scores heading into consolation semifinals: Mater Dei 185 Castle 181 Reitz 75 Memorial 63.5 North 41.5 Central 39.5 Harrison 28 Bosse 23 Finals Matchups: 106: Egli (MD) vs. Casebolt (CA) 113: Annakin (CA) vs. Horty (ME) 120: Luigs (MD) vs. Bealmear (CA) 126: Willis (CA) vs. Craig (RE) 132: Elpers (NO) vs. Embry (MD) 138: Ramsey (CA) vs. Jourdan (MD) 145: Lee (MD) vs. McNutt (CA) 152: Lehman (MD) vs. Nunn (CA) 160: Farmer (CA) vs. Carr (MD) 170: Dowell (CA) vs. Garnett (BO) 182: Mohler (CA) vs. Brown (ME) 195: Wilderman (MD) vs. Shaw (RE) 220: Boots (MD) vs. Huggins (RE) 285: Fleck (MD) vs. Libby (CE)
  4. SIAC make ur picks...

    The SIAC Wrestling meet IS ON!!! However, it will be a 2-hour delay start. Doors will open at 9:30 for fans and wrestling will begin at 11am.
  5. Best of luck Blane. Troxell, you are still alive?!?! Ratliff and I have missed you the last few years at semi-state.
  6. 2011 The Year of the Twins?

    Chad (3rd last year at 152) and Doug (5th in '09 at 135 and 2nd last year at 145) are twins. Luke (SQ last year at 112) is a sophomore.
  7. castle reg

    Anyone involved in the sport of wrestling knows that a digital scale must be zeroed out if it doesn't ready 0.0. It's common sense. Apparently that is something many people on this discussion board is lacking. Coach Harmon has already done it, but I will defend myself on this board. I have not ever been a cheater, nor will I ever be one. The Castle Wrestling program is one that is run with the upmost intergrity and I am sure that most coaches (besides the one sthat obviosly don't like us) will vouch for that. The scales were moved to the weigh in room a half hour prior to the official weigh in so there was an adequate amount of time to check weight on BOTH scales. Everytime that we travel to another school for competition, we always check on ALL scales available since you don't know which weight classes will weigh in on which scale. The problem with this whole issue is that the young man in question was over on BOTH scales while only ONE scale had to be zeroed out. I wrestled for 4 years for Coach Harmon and have been priveleged to coach with him for the past 5 seasons. For anyone to question this man's intergrity is absolutely absurd. People may call him a jerk because he gets visibly upset at times but that's only because of his passion for this sport and for his passion for his athletes. He will fight for what is right (and this situation proves just that). I would not be the person that I am today without being part of this program for the past decade and learning many of life's lessons from Coach Harmon. I, along with ALL other former Castle wrestlers, have the upmost respect for him and for what he believes in. Brandon Taylor Castle High School Assistant Wrestling Coach
  8. 2009 Team Indiana Results @ Scholastic Duals

    I second the thoughts of Coach Atwood. The Blue team (both teams for that matter) wrestled their butts off. Very few times, if any, were we ever out of the match. The kids competed very hard all weekend long even when the dual meet had already been decided. The coolest thing about the weekend was seeing the transformation from a bunch of individuals to Team Indiana. This trip was just as much fun for me as I'm sure it was was for the wrestlers. It was an honor to coach these fantastic young men. Looking forward to seeing them again this upcoming season at tournaments around the state. (Cheering against them if they're wrestling our guys though, of course!) Brandon Taylor