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  1. Galagore

    All Americans

    Size of state should not matter.
  2. Galagore

    Tournament of Champions 182-189-195

    Clearly Matt Hurford wins this. Why are we even discussing?
  3. Galagore


    Clearly Jeremiah Harvey wins this. Why are we even discussing?
  4. Galagore

    Frosh-Soph Qualifiers

    I haven’t seen any information on getting on the floor to coach. Is that process like folkstyle state or like a normal Sunday meet or somewhere in between?
  5. Galagore

    The next Kris Rumph???

    Wasn't this thread about the next Kris Rumph? These seem to be past examples...who's up and coming who could pull off a feat like this?
  6. Galagore

    Melloh and Mulkey

    Funny thing is right before stalling was called I said my myself ‘oh god mulkey don’t go for a takedown that hard or you might give one up...’ shows what I know ha
  7. Galagore

    Shaved ICE

    Shave ice
  8. Galagore

    Sprinting to get seats

    Boy howdy. There was a time when that thing made nearly every out of town trip with me. But now it is in survival mode. Only in action for special occasions. A treasure to be sure.
  9. Galagore

    Class Wrestling/Team State/Growing Wrestling

    This point isn't stressed enough, and is maybe the biggest difference between a full team from a big school and one from a small school.
  10. Galagore

    If wrestling was a class sport........

    I know a state champion from Michigan. His name is Louis. One day I asked him, "Lou, what happens if someone says you are only a state champion of a classed state?" His reply was pretty much gold. He replied, "I would say, what about you? Are you a state champion?" That's probably how most of them feel about it.
  11. Galagore

    If wrestling was a class sport........

    Is it commonly accepted opinion among the "don't class" crowd that attendance at the state finals is a driving force in participation numbers?
  12. Galagore

    If wrestling was a class sport........

    Another under-appreciated fact is the decline of the small public school. The local high school used to be the apple of a small town's eye. Now it is often a town or two away, thus diluting a lot of the pride that existed "back in the day." Some of that pride is even replaced with resentment in some cases.
  13. Galagore

    If wrestling was a class sport........

    All of those options sounds great, but who organizes and sponsors all of it? I think this would be great to incorporate regardless of classing versus not classing. One thing that people who haven't seen both sides of the fence fail to realize is that small schools and larger schools are very nearly playing a different game. It isn't even about "fairness" it is about having an appropriate tournament for each game being played. Small schools are playing a game where success is a full line-up, starters making it through the season, coaching staff remaining consistent year-to-year. Who has spent meaningful time at a small school (less than say 650 students) and at a large school (more than say 1000 students) and is honestly against classing the tournament?
  14. Galagore

    If wrestling was a class sport........

    It really all starts back in the youth level. Kids from larger (i.e. the region, indy) communities have regular access to regular youth meets practically right in their back yard as soon as they are ready to start wrestling. If you are from a smaller community, chances are you'll have to drive at least an hour to get to a youth meet. This makes it easier to build a youth culture at a larger school, thus making it easier to have kids identify earlier as wrestlers, thus making it easier to retain them beyond middle school.
  15. Galagore

    If wrestling was a class sport........

    So the runner up medal is a participation award? Is that an accurate assessment of your point of view?

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