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  1. Penn wrestling club youth meet

    High school help at our mat kept things running pretty smoothly. I think once they take the notes from this year and apply them next year this will be a great event. Coach Harper and company were busy at the end picking everyone’s brains about ways to make the thing better.
  2. Penn wrestling club youth meet

    Oh one more thing...penn awarded medals for completing certain numbers of matches. Number varied by age group.
  3. Penn wrestling club youth meet

    All wrestlers in round robin groups. All matches are scored but score is not kept. Any time you are not wrestling you are free to find someone to match up with on one of the mats they have designated for these ‘on the fly’ matches. Everyone wrestles all three periods. If someone gets caught on back and can’t get up wrestlers return to feet and start over. Really encourages aggressive wrestling and trying new moves.
  4. Want to give big props to the Penn wrestling club for their Mat Time youth wrestling meet. Way more tournaments should be run like this. Meet started a little late and we were still done by 12:30 and all of our wrestlers got at least 6 matches. One got 12. The athletes helping did a great job of being patient with all of us new to the concept. Job well done PWC we will be back next year. Really hope more people pick up on this idea.
  5. Seeding Meeting Change???

    So being tough and manly means if someone is doing something that you view as unfair, you just shut up and take it? Don't see a lot of whining here...more exchanging of ideas to try to point out where people are coming form...
  6. Seeding Meeting Change???

    But you agree that in other sports if, in fact, you forfeit...it counts...and it counts in every sense that any other loss counts...right?
  7. Seeding Meeting Change???

    What other sport uses forfeits at all? If you have Duke on your schedule, and you choose not to play them, then you forfeit the game and it goes in the books as an official loss.
  8. Seeding Meeting Change???

    Maybe we should add an extra column in the score book called the "dodge column." When a coach chooses not to put an able-bodied wrestler out there, he puts a mark. At the end of the season, the wrestler has the number of "dodge" marks in his weight class deducted from his win total...or added to his loss total...haven't figured which of those I like better.
  9. Seeding Meeting Change???

    Why seed at all?
  10. Seeding Meeting Change???

    Finding a way to fill a line-up is much easier said than done. Especially if you want to hold any kind of high standards and have any kind of expectations.
  11. Seeding Meeting Change???

    Then why do we seed at all?
  12. Seeding Meeting Change???

    Seems like this could cause a situation of ducking in order to force a team to take a forfeit, thus diluting the wrestlers win percentage. Let's say team A has a kid who is 23-6 wrestling team B at a duper dual with a guy in the same weight class who has a record of 22-6. In theory, team A could "win" the seeding by simply not sending the wrestler out. Wrestler from B gets the "win" thus securing the same record, but since that last win is a forfeit, the 23-6 from team A gets the seed...shadier things have happened...
  13. What is the "carrot" option?
  14. Dodging matchups

    Indeed, it does. But this is not the thread for such a discussion. This is the last I'll say on the matter in this thread.
  15. Dodging matchups

    Speak for yourself.