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  1. This Saturday, August 18th, at Coach Jim Tonte's residence from 8 PM- 9 PM we will be having a coaches get together for ANY coach that wants to come and talk with Wisconsin Coaches Chris Bono & Jon Reader. There will be food provided, topics of discussion will be: recruiting, program building, practice strategies, mat strategies, off season ideas, Fargo importance, other tourney importance, etc. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that Coach Bono and Reader are really looking forward to and want to talk with and to as many Indiana coaches as possible. This meet and greet will be taking place after Saturday's session of the Wisconsin camp being held at Warren with Bono and Reader, that is taking place Saturday and Sunday, more info on it all can be found on the Camp section on Indianamat. If interested contact Jim Tonte at jtonte@warren.k12.in.us or 317-371-2654 Hope to see everyone in attendance for this!! These guys clearly know how to build programs and win at the highest levels and are wanting to spread their ideas and guidelines and you would be foolish to miss out on this!!!
  2. Websterk149


    What: Warren Central Wrestling’s 4th Annual Golf Outing When: September 23rd, 2018, Check-in @ 9AM Shotgun @ 10AM Where: Morningstar Golf Course Contact Tina Tonte @ 317-371-0751 or WarrenWrestlingAcademy@gmail.com for any questions, concerns, RSVPs!!! This course is a nice course to play at, spacious between holes, easy going and makes for a really nice and awesome day to be out on the links!!!
  3. Websterk149

    7-25 WARREN RTC

    CORRECTION!!: THE CAMP IS ACTUALLY AUGUST 18th & 19th!! Got my dates mixed up and put the 17th & 18th by accident!! The Chris bono and Jon Reader camp will take place Saturday August 18th& Sunday August 19th!
  4. Websterk149

    7-25 WARREN RTC

    This Wednesday evening AT 6:00 PM we will be having RTC practice!! We want EVERYONE there at Dub-C ready to roll and have a great time! Coach Tonte even said he’s going to wear a new pair of shoes just for the occasion! We already have some hammers from across the state calling to RSVP just Incase it gets too packed and we will be having a couple previous Warren Central wrestlers in ready to roll too!! Also, we will be providing more information on the Warren Central camp that is taking place August 17-18th, it is $10 per day and is being ran by the NEW Wisconsin coaches Chris Bono and Jon Reader. We know everyone is enjoying there last bit of summer before hitting the books hard again but take around 2 hours out of your day to come visit the beautiful east side of Indy and GET BETTER AND HAVE FUN!! Hope to see everyone out here scrapping THIS WEDNESDAY AT 6!! Enter thru door 14 with a chip on your shoulder!!
  5. Websterk149


    Happening tomorrow morning on Pride of the East side @ Warren Central!! This is for all you Fargo kids out there! From 9-11 a.m. we will have 5x Fargo AA (won it once, no biggie) Nate Moore in the house helping train anyone that wants to come in! Also from 3-5 p.m., tomorrow 6/9, we will be having another practice for anyone wanting to come in and get better!! Also, THIS WEDNESDAY, we will be having our RTC practice as usual at 6!!! Hope to see everyone there, enter thru door 14 and be ready to go!
  6. Websterk149

    Warren Central asst. job

    We are currently looking to add another assistant coach to our staff. We have teaching openings in Social studies, English and PE, also have Instructional/Teaching assistant job openings as well. If interested, contact Jim Tonte at jtonte@warren.k12.in.us
  7. Websterk149

    Warren Central dual

    Warren Central is also looking for a varsity dual to add to our schedule this upcoming season. If interested and would like to know more details, contact Jim Tonte at jtonte@warren.k12.in.us Thank you!
  8. Websterk149


    We are currently looking for 2 more JV teams to invite to JV State Duals Invite on January 19th, 2019!! Teams already committed consist of: Perry Meridian, Brownsburg, Portage, Avon, Cathedral, Warren, Fort Wayne Carroll, Evansville Mater Dei, South Dearborn and Lafayette Harrison. If interested you can PM me on here or contact Jim Tonte at 317-371-2654 or jtonte@warren.k12.in.us Looking to get these spots filled up asap!
  9. Websterk149

    2018 Head Coaching Changes

    Warren Central is still looking to fill varsity assistant job! Looking for a coach that coaches year around which includes elementary and club. Pay is as high as most head coaches. Teaching openings include social studies, math and English. Wanting to fill asap! Contact Jim Tonte if interested at 317-371-2654
  10. Websterk149

    2018 Head Coaching Changes

    Warren Central varsity assistant job open. Looking for a coach that coaches year around which includes elementary and club. Pay is as high as most head coaches. Teaching openings include social studies, math and English. Wanting to fill asap!
  11. Websterk149

    5/16 Warren RTC!!!

  12. Websterk149

    2018 Head Coaching Changes

    We potentially have coaching positions open at the Warren Township middle schools and high school. For more information about the openings and ways to apply contact Jim Tonte at (317) 371-2654 or jtonte@warren.k12.in.us
  13. Websterk149

    5/2 Warren Central RTC UINDY!!!

  14. Websterk149

    Warren RTC 4-18

    Heck yeah what a great room we had last night for our qualifier tourney! Mr. Caprino, luckily security was still at the school when Krulik tried walking his horse in so he had to load ol' girl back up into his trailer. Overall the numbers were out standing, I thought! We had Donte Winfield (champ) in the house working out and drilling with Mason Parris before the tourney started and we had Noah Warren (champ) show up and toss some kids around too! Tons of state medals there like, Mason Parris, Noah Warren, Lucas Waldenzak Logan Bailey, Bryer Hall, David Pierson, Antwaun Graves, Alex Mosconi, Logan Wagner, Brayden Lowry, Sammy Fair and qualifiers we had Alex Streuder, Jared Rowlett, Anthony Mosconi, Andrew Wilson and David Below, heck of room and tourney to be in if you ask me! Lewdwar, I'm glad you gave him a hug for us, if need be, we have some ribbons still in the trash he can have if he'd like and bluemonster I think Alex might've taken a left on Post instead of a right because we did not see him. Thank you all for coming out last night, hope to see practice like that next week and sorry if I forgot to mention someone!
  15. Websterk149

    Warren RTC 4-18

    Hey, quick reminder that Warren Central's RTC for tonight, but our doors will still be open for our Last Chance Qualifier tonight instead! You can still come in and see Krulik's hunting pictures and "Flat Bill" Jimmy's fresh jump suits and shoes but there will be no RTC practice tonight! Strictly wrestling for the qualifier and it starts tonight at 6, enter thru door 14!

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