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  1. Websterk149

    Warren RTC 4-18

    Heck yeah what a great room we had last night for our qualifier tourney! Mr. Caprino, luckily security was still at the school when Krulik tried walking his horse in so he had to load ol' girl back up into his trailer. Overall the numbers were out standing, I thought! We had Donte Winfield (champ) in the house working out and drilling with Mason Parris before the tourney started and we had Noah Warren (champ) show up and toss some kids around too! Tons of state medals there like, Mason Parris, Noah Warren, Lucas Waldenzak Logan Bailey, Bryer Hall, David Pierson, Antwaun Graves, Alex Mosconi, Logan Wagner, Brayden Lowry, Sammy Fair and qualifiers we had Alex Streuder, Jared Rowlett, Anthony Mosconi, Andrew Wilson and David Below, heck of room and tourney to be in if you ask me! Lewdwar, I'm glad you gave him a hug for us, if need be, we have some ribbons still in the trash he can have if he'd like and bluemonster I think Alex might've taken a left on Post instead of a right because we did not see him. Thank you all for coming out last night, hope to see practice like that next week and sorry if I forgot to mention someone!
  2. Websterk149

    Warren RTC 4-18

    Hey, quick reminder that Warren Central's RTC for tonight, but our doors will still be open for our Last Chance Qualifier tonight instead! You can still come in and see Krulik's hunting pictures and "Flat Bill" Jimmy's fresh jump suits and shoes but there will be no RTC practice tonight! Strictly wrestling for the qualifier and it starts tonight at 6, enter thru door 14!
  3. Heck of a tourney this weekend at Warren Central! We had the great pleasure of not only getting to watch studs wrestle freestyle and Greco, but also Saturday morning we had Chris "Lights Out" Lytle in the house talking about anti bullying and what all he is doing, which if you don't know about his anti bullying foundation you need to get to knowing it cause it's one awesome cause! Then another stud, Malachi as our spotlight challenge match to help spread autism awareness! Spoiler alert: Malachi won his autism challenge match in incredible fashion and if you weren't there in person, you missed out. Below is a link to watch the video of his match, also be sure to go to Warren wrestling's website if you'd like to buy Autism Awareness shirts and singlets! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2135620613337441&id=2008285652737605 Thank you all again for coming out to wrestle and support autism awareness and anti bullying! It was super fun and awesome weekend for it!
  4. I am excited about a few things this weekend. Being able to spotlight autism and anti bullying. We can use our great sport for many good reasons as stated below. Hope to see you here this weekend to show support for these issues. Please plan on attending the 2nd Annual Warren Central Autism Awareness Greco & Freestyle Wrestling Tournament Friday, April 13th and Saturday, April 14th. This exciting event will take place on the campus of Warren Central High School and will be located in the WCHS Fieldhouse. All spectators will not only witness amazing wrestling from wrestlers representing schools/clubs from across the state of Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois… they will also have access to community resources and will hear fromChris “Lights Out’ Lytle, a retired UFC Fighter, Indianapolis Fireman and 1993 State-Runner Up at the IHSAA State Wrestling Finals, Saturday morning about promoting his Anti-Bullying Foundation. There will also be a young wrestler participating Friday evening who has Autism… our “spotlight” match! A portion of the proceeds of this wonderful event will benefit the Indiana Special Olympics program. Please help the Warren Wrestling Club and the wrestling community in promoting Autism Acceptance! Contact: Jim Tonte or Stephanie Tasseff at WarrenTournament@Comcast.net for more information.
  5. Websterk149

    4/11 Warren RTC

    Another week, another Wednesday, another reason to come to Warren and get rowdy on the east side and get better! This week we have Thomas Pompei comin in from Indiana tech! He is going on his 4th year there, where he has lead them to being ranked as high as 2nd place in coaches poll, earned top 10 finishes in NAIA national duals in all 4 years under his reign, producing program's 1st national champ, as of right now, has 14 NAIA All Americans, 3 NWCA scholar athletes and 1 Academic All American Personal: state medalist for Hamilton Southeastern, 4 time conference finalist, 2 time champ for Trine University, Academic All American as well. Earned bachelors in elementary education, 5th grade teacher before going to Indiana tech. Coached at Prarie Heights (conference and sectional champs, 2 All State wrestlers), apart of several team Indiana trips for folkstyle, freestyle and Greco. Named 2012 ISWA Coach Of the Year. Room: This room has to be up there highly in toughest RTCs in state. Week in and week out we have had high number of state medalists, multiple state medalists and state champs enter our doors thru door 14 and it's only getting bigger! Even coach Krulik finally got beat up by some boys from Avon that were tired of him showing them hunting pics! Come out at 6:00 PM on Wednesday 4/11 and get better at the greatest sport alive! Coach Krulik will add more as well, he's out riding bareback horses in the woods somewhere so I can't find him.
  6. Websterk149

    Suite Tickets

    Mr. Webster here, I have suite tickets available for tonight and tomorrow. $100 a piece. Can text me at 765-969-7927 or email me at kwebster2@warren.k12.in.us NEED THEM GONE ASAP PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!
  7. Websterk149

    Upsets, surprises and great matches

    145 Antwaun graves over slivka 6-3
  8. Websterk149

    “Automatic” State Champs

    Respect that, I haven't seen a couple of the other kids wrestle yet so I don't know about them except that they are all right there even with each other I would think. IF Silas and Walton made it to face each other in the finals, talk about fireworks.
  9. Websterk149

    “Automatic” State Champs

    some bias on my end but with Silas you have to pack a lunch, bring a friend and cancel your afternoon plans to keep up with him. Have yet to meet another kid as smart, mature, humble, thoughtful and also a tremendous wrestler like Silas. I will put my money where my mouth is and pencil him as 2x automatic champ, won't say this year just cause. (don't hate on me, just showin love and giving my opinion)
  10. Websterk149

    “Automatic” State Champs

    I would put Davison in the 3/4 lock. If there is one of those lol for Walton, I do see him winning, but he will have his hands full just because imo I think the top 7 are all legit and we all know crazy things can happen at Bankers.
  11. Websterk149

    “Automatic” State Champs

    I would say more of a quarter-lock. McIntosh, Hunt, Slivka and Sellmar are all right there imo.
  12. Websterk149

    Richmond Regional

    Right on, thank you, I am not totally knowledgeable on all of the matches and was more so going off my knowledge from tri sectional, better records and programs. i have heard that the Hall kid is peaking at the right time, hopefully I get to see him in action. I haven't seen Otto wrestle but was very impressed with Vredeveld last weekend. I think Gabe Phillips is going to be the best Phillips so far to come thru (no disrespect to the older ones) that is why I put him 1st but 126 is kind of a toss up just because all 4 guys seem to be peaking now. I agree with 132 on it as a toss up as well and I just went with my gut feels on it. Richmond regional is going to be competitive across the board definitely.
  13. Websterk149

    Richmond Regional

    Never done these before but I'll predict some because I'm bored at work. 106: Otto, Condo, Vredeveld, Schneider 113: Black, Sollars, Lonneman, Busby 120: Stapleton, Wells, Owens, Buchanan 126: Phillips, Hall, Ragle, Hanna 132: Phillips, Boggs, Negangard, Brown 138: Pugsley, Walton, Ragle, Wolf 145: Lohrey, Humbert, Otto, Redd 152: Browning, Clark, Rohrig, Roberts 160: Coffman, Hines, Delk, Purtha 170: Calderon, Reeves, Webster, Hunter 182: Allred, Rolfes, Jackson, Griffith 195: Bohman, Utterback, Berger, Pierce 220: Parris, Clouse, Rohn, Browning 285: Wisner, Koors, Ahrens, Snipes **I do not know anything of common opponents or much of who has lost to who outside of the Tri sectional so don't hate me too much.
  14. Websterk149

    Freshman/Sophomore State

    Isn't there a last chance qualifier in the Indy area? I'm not fully aware or informed on the Fresh./Soph. state but I thought I read where there was a last chance qualifier in Indy and I thought it was done during/at Indy Nationals tourney.
  15. released tomorrow on track at noon