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  1. Notable wins 1/13

    120 Gavin rose over chase Wilkerson 2-0. Went to 30 second over times.
  2. Notable wins 1/13

    Dang beat me to the punch on this update. That was an awesome match from two studs.
  3. Notable wins 1/13

    At HHC 126 lbs. Unranked delta Payne Balckburn over #14 Xavier Curtis 5-3
  4. Undefeated????

    145 slivka cathedral is undefeated still I believe
  5. Finishes

    That may be one of the most exciting overall 3rd periods I've ever seen lol especially 2 heavyweights just cuttin loose and goin at it like they were
  6. Finishes

    Jared McKinleys (Perry) headlock in the 2012 state finals against Josh Kieffer (roncalli) I'm not a headlock guy but that was one of the meanest headlocks I've ever seen.
  7. Lesnar vs. Snyder

  8. I know i am late on this thread but i saw a question get asked on here and not get answered and would like to know the answer as well. Does anyone know about tommy forte? Haven’t heard anything about him in awhile and was curious, enjoyed watching him wrestle in HS a lot. Thanks!
  9. T.E.C. Thread

    No, i know they’re not i was just asking/curious cause i went to Shenandoah and wrestled all these programs for 4 years but was never in the TEC conference and never went to watch back then and was wanting to come watch but can’t cause Doah is in the MEC on the same day so I’ll be going there instead
  10. T.E.C. Thread

    Thank you! I should’ve guessed that cause Shenandoah has there conference on the 20th, as well!
  11. Middle School State (Regionals)???

    What about doing 4 regionals? Sort of like guys semi state to state route? Or do you think 4 would be to many. Either way i like the idea a lot of regionals to middle school state. Makes the day there a lot less shorter and more organized.
  12. T.E.C. Thread

    When is the TEC can anyone tell me? I went to Shenandoah but competed against all these schools and would like to come watch this this year if i can..thanks