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  1. I'm going to call the biggest upset alerts. 220 - Mason Parris over Kobe Woods. Penn is a team that does a lot of film study. Woods is a very beatable kid, and they won't have as much film on the Lawrenceburg standout. 182 - Andrew Davison over Blake Rypel. Davison looks very sharp this year, and has gotten more mat time than he has in previous years. 132 is such a stacked weight class. We all know how awesome Chad Red is. But we've also seen some matches come down to the wire that shouldn't have (IE: Jason Tsirtsis v Devon Jackson). Also, some upsets in championship matches (IE: Chad Biddle o
  2. Antwan is on the team. He has had to deal with injury in the past so I don't know what his deal is. All I know is he better get some mat time if he wants to make it under the lights.
  3. Thanks guys this really helps because I've always been really good at baseball, but I've been wrestling since age four. I love it, but at La Porte they really don't have a good wrestling club, nor a good middle school team so I spent more time on football and baseball. Wrestling kind of got lost in the mix just because of my location and I can do nothing but appreciate the comments about the benefits of playing multiple sports to help me be encouraged that I made the right decision. Thanks.
  4. Nice. I just want to know how to advise younger kids that enjoy playing sports or my own kids if they truly want to have success.
  5. Being a 3 sport athlete and severely injured sophomore year I never had the time nor the money to attend wrestling camps or to practice before late October. Do you think that wrestling year round helps a wrestler improve drastically or just improvements here and there? I was just wondering whether it's better for someone to stick to one sport or to keep playing them all.
  6. Majority of Indiana guys are underclassmen. It will be a long day.
  7. I see. I'm more of an outdoor guy myself. The only time I'm on the computer is this website.
  8. Oh I see lol. I just figured it as case closed, but that works too.
  9. Not understanding why I was quoted for agreeing with you lol.
  10. Don't know what a ruzzler is but da region developed a great wrestler that just commented. Midlands placer as a freshman.
  11. If anything Molloy kicks his feet up and they roll creating a scramble in which Neil has a better chance of actually getting the takedown. Walker's hips are too high.
  12. I still take Steveson in this matchup. Mappes squeaked by Masengale and when Jake moved up with the big boys he found out there's some stiff comp at 82
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