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  1. benni hanna 79

    Most anticipated Al Smith match-up?

    What about the match between drake stein and tyler willis. and also ayersman and garcia. and gregory against wisler. wartman against rattay. and berry against dillenbeck
  2. benni hanna 79

    who will make it to state from mville semistate?

    Look out for alex stewart of laporte at 160 he is easily the strongest 160 pounder in the whole state
  3. benni hanna 79

    why does everybody hate on tyler willis

    ohhh wow everyone. we're talking about the difference between 2nd and 4th. Cuz neither one was gonna win and if u dont get first place it doesnt make to big of a difference
  4. benni hanna 79

    state finals

    i know what u guys think but a time ago connor mullins traveled all the way up to munster just to wrestle kyle ayersman and he was way to much for kyle to handle. connor is one rough customer
  5. benni hanna 79

    McMurray vs McCray

    idk how much of a blowout this match is really gonna be and thats if zac makes it to the final we all forget sean only beat t.willis 1-0
  6. benni hanna 79

    Merrillville Semi-State Predictions

    also danny not only beat hawkins in 2OT he pinned him in 2OT he is way way better trust me he was my sparring partner for like 5 years plus no one has worked harder than him and no one deserves it more than him you all underestimate the power of the knox kids jimmy krause is another one
  7. benni hanna 79

    Merrillville Semi-State Predictions

    Have you guys even looked at the brackets these are the most retared picks i have ever seen in my life! Check it. 103 brooks petrov stevens overby 112 ayersman beck coppinger rodriguez 119 bradley hawkins gregory escobedo 125 petrov napules wisler hicks 130 tsirtsis schrader clark son 135 wartman guerra marcuccilli kearney 140 porras brady manbu flamme 145 roach torres surma hodge 152 lynde stahl schultz wethington 160 mcmurray vlahos quiroz white 171 bell wiseman krause nethercutt 189 atwood king fowler motton 215 cleveland lentz gallegos seaman 285 travis howe thomas nixon and i saw both of the bradley v. hawkins matches and danny is a much better wrestler
  8. benni hanna 79

    Sarah Hildebrandt from Penn High School

    congrats sara you must be well schooled to be out muscled and still beat every guy in your weight class. Also good luck to the Penn program you guys are looking sharp on the mat. From: LaPorte Wrestler
  9. duckworth is going 171 this year despite all the confusion
  10. benni hanna 79

    Top 20 Scores for 12/12

    Merrillville is one of if not the best team in the state so until you see them lose to a good team i suggest everyone shuts up about them
  11. Greg Wedow of Laporte at 285 should be ranked he has hung with number one and number three in the state and has shown great wrestling skills. Also there was no match with a kid from Caston. You must confusing La Porte (DAC) with some other country school population 200.
  12. benni hanna 79

    Who is the Northwest Indiana power school this year?

    well off topic laporte has a good freshman and sophomore squad and might surprise the DAC in two or three years but for now they are suffering

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