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  1. 138 is the weight to watch! Dowell takes it! Missed the first half of the season!
  2. Not to be a smart ass or arrogant, just a question on rankingls. You have connor allen rated 14th at state at 138 yet hes 5th at evansville SS. Dowell and Crowl who are 3rd and 4th arent rated at state. Just curious how that works?
  3. My apologies, thank you for taking time to give us a great review on Jeff sectional. 132 is gonna be a tough weIght class. Dowell hasn't wrestled wise, beat Brown 15-8 in the HHC finals last meeting, beat Hopson by fall. I am a proud parent. Again, my apologies. Nice review!
  4. Typical response from a mater dei parent also I see! Brag on my kid? Really?
  5. Are you serious? 132 is Dowell! Brown and wise are gonna get a clinic! Dawgs take sectionals, hands down!!!!!
  6. Agree with most of the ppredictions with 2 exceptions: Dowell at 132 is the dark horse, him and Brown have split 2-2, last match Dowell manhandled him 15-8 taking the Hoosier hills title. Heavyweight I have to go with Landrum as the favorite! Dawgs take the sectional title!!!!!!
  7. Anyone care to make predictions?
  8. Schirmer vs. Dowell will b the match to watch at 32. Kids only unknown because of wrestling in Colorado last year.
  9. Tristin Dowell (NA) vs. Remo Heistand (Yorktown)
  10. Tristin Dowell is from New Albany Wrestling Club
  11. I have to agree that wrestlers being able to manipulate their trackwrestling profile can cause some issues. think that should be done away with. But.... From what I saw, in about 4 of the weight classes, didn't look horrible.... I've seen alot worse.
  12. http://www.iswa.com/Tournaments/2013%20Middle%20School%20State%20Finals.pdf
  13. Probably more than someone who actually says "mommy and daddy"
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