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  1. coachi123

    2015 Head Coaching Changes

    Mike Bottomley resigned from Connersville
  2. coachi123

    Please Help Me

    My heart and prayers to u and Bonnie. U and Bonnie have been like family to.me. U have been my mentor my entire coaching career.
  3. coachi123

    Top 3 or Top 4 at Central Regional?

    Never mind u guys are right. I'm wrong. Hope the ISWA don't forget what they did wrong and learn from it. I'm sure they won't be looking for support from Indiana mat. Nick did u have any kids wrestle that had a waiver? I helped a few kids in the process and have no regret for getting them more mat time, and supporting the ISWA. Not one of them were going to win a state title, but they did feel important getting to be there. Shame
  4. coachi123

    Top 3 or Top 4 at Central Regional?

    Um NO THANKS. Ill have my stance on this and everyone else can have theirs. I have nothing to gain by any of this. Just saying that I didn't like Joes approach. Joe would delete any post that he didn't agree with since he is the big dog. I think he is throwing gas on the fire instead of trying to help. I'm not the only that thinks it.
  5. coachi123

    Top 3 or Top 4 at Central Regional?

    That's funny. If its dignity these guys have more of then I guess I never had any to begin with. There never was going to be a winner in any of this.
  6. coachi123

    Top 3 or Top 4 at Central Regional?

    Sorry had to take off this championship belt off to unbunch these panties. Again, my argument is not with what the ISWA did. It was wrong for them to make people believe they had no choice but go to 2 tourneys. My beef is how tough it must be to put those dirty waiver kids on blast from your computer. Telling the ISWA they should be put on notice. Really!
  7. coachi123

    Top 3 or Top 4 at Central Regional?

    So who's fault was it last year? I'm sure you have someone in the ISWA you can blame. All inclusive or to qualify, no matter what,there are or have been waivers. So if there are empty spots we as a state should not fill them even if the "qualified" kids don't want them? I give Joe. You win. Coming soon the IMWA(indiana mat wrestling association) all qualify for State(if u wrestled 1 tourney in September)
  8. coachi123

    Top 3 or Top 4 at Central Regional?

    I thought those tears might dry up but I was wrong. Tip of the week: If it's not dead, run over it again then kick it.
  9. coachi123

    Possible Exemption to 2 Tourney Rule

    Preaching to the choir. I'm a high school coach, club coach , official plus 3 kids of my own playing sports. I didn't say Joe didn't do anything for wrestling. I said Joe's approach for this situation is wrong. I was at state from weigh in Friday till the last match wrestled Sunday. I talked to many people, on all sides of the issue. Not one has blown this up like him.
  10. coachi123

    Possible Exemption to 2 Tourney Rule

    I'm not the poster child for the ISWA, but Joe's stabs behind his computer does not help. Maybe Mr. Y2 will take over the origination the same way he does Indiana wrestling websites. I'm a big nobody, but this is not the way to help an organization that has been here for the kids for sometime now. I have been around for a while now. I've seen the ups and down. Now suddenly one saint thinks he has all the answer for all of Indiana wrestling? I approached u twice this weekend and not one word was said about all the problems. I guess u and Nick were to busy with your own show??
  11. coachi123

    Open letter to Y2

    Fill out the waiver for little Billy that u want in, and let everyone else make there argument themselves. What good are you doing for wrestlers or wrestling by putting kids on blast for wanting to compete. Maybe the ISWA dropped the ball or should have waited till next season to start this new qualification? I'm not sure what's right, but help in the matter instead of throwing all under the bus.
  12. coachi123

    Open letter to Y2

    Funny this comes from the guy who complains about no tourneys up north. Might have had something to do with getting a tourney going up that way, then had only 2 wrestlers show up. Does that sound right? Why would you stir the pot? Seems like you would worry about your situation and not everyone else's. The fact that you have to make 2 of a 4-5 week freestyle season is ridiculous to me as well. I certainly would not cry about kids getting in if the ISWA let's them thou. I had 1 kid register for 3 tourneys. Wrestled a total of 2 matches at 1 tourney against the same kid. I'm sure he is fit and ready for state after paying, I'm mean winning his medals. Y2 you should be the guy that promotes wrestling for all not what just affects your area. Come down and see how the east central side of the state is. The north should be thankful
  13. coachi123

    Connersville's RTC

    Connersville RTC will be combining with Richmond RTC. Thursday nites at Richmond. See RTC schedule for times. I will be running club practices at the new Sports Plex in Richmond starting March 9th. Times for each age group will be posted in a few days or contact me. Jerry
  14. coachi123

    Richmond Regional?

    LOL I missed more then that one MR. Hill.
  15. coachi123

    Richmond Regional?

    I've heard that a few wrestlers are out for Regionals. Does anyone else know of any changes. Thanks

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