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  1. Thanks to all who came to this years Rumble In The Bowl. Top team awards.... 1. Tech Fall 2. Franklin Co 3. Lynx 4. Winchester
  2. coachi123

    Cathedral Six Way 1-15-11

    Bottomly 4-1 lost to Cathedral House 3-2 lost to Catherdral and Pike
  3. coachi123

    Connersville vs. Richmond

    Connersville 68 Richmond 6 Connersville is now 17-2 for the season
  4. coachi123

    Connersville Brackets 2010

    Great job to all teams. Fun finish with things so tight at the top. Roncalli, EVR, Carrol, Catherdral, all wrestled well. Also very nice ran tourney and thanks to all teams who helped with the fast clean up of the gym and mats. Jerry
  5. coachi123

    Connersville Brackets 2010

    103 some could be wrong Winners bracket elmore Westerfield Johnson Mc Ginley Krumlauf Condo Speaker Kuhn 112 spealer Ables Hummel King Gettinger Shook Noah? George 119 Vankook Schmith Millrion Julien Ferrell Dotson? Fuller Venesizia 125 Got redrawn due to forfeits Kieffer Cahill Poynter Powell Port Bottomley Harrell Moody 130 only no a few harvey Taresh ? ? ? ? Muninga House 135 Raley Clark Handley Dowdy Woodall Sartain ? Kieffer 140 Rueguer Louzon Lefever Eldridge McCoy Wright Shaw Kieffer 145 Edwards ? ? Fellers Tramill ? ? Maple Try to get some more but got to get to bed
  6. coachi123


    I have sent the brackets to Y2 they will be up as soon as he has time
  7. coachi123


    Schools at the classic Class A Batesville Broad Ripple Centerville Hagerstown Hamilton Heights Indian Creek Milan Northeastern Preble Shawnee Oh Triton Central Union County Class AA Arlington Beech Grove Cathedral Connersville Dekalb Franklin County Lebanon Pendelton Heights Roncalli South Dearborm Western Class AAA Bedford N. Lawrence Carroll(Fort Wayne) Columbus North Evansville North Evansville Reitz Ft. Wayne Northside Greenfield Central North Central Richmond Valparaiso
  8. coachi123


    I may be able to have a list tonight and even brackets to Y2 by Wed.
  9. coachi123

    New Castle 8 way

    Wf 44 N c 30
  10. coachi123

    Tri Sectional

    Leeka was turned in. Did not get ranked ;D
  11. coachi123

    Rankings Updated January 27th at Midnight

    Ryan Leeka Senior Tri 119 19-0. 2X S.S Qualifier
  12. coachi123

    Delaware County Tournament

    Maybe Yorktown should step out completely and just let it be a four or five man bracket. If they don't care enough for them to call it a varsity meet then it does not mean anything to yorktown. Add New castle to the Henry Co. meet and its a blow out, so NC is not in it. It should be varsity for all or none.
  13. coachi123

    Undefeated Wrestlers

    Ryan Leeka Tri 125 19-0
  14. coachi123

    TEC preditions

    Hello anyone out there!!! Tri wrestles this weekend at the Henry Co. Tourney following a very long lay off. I have notice some people getting into their weights for conference. Seems like this would spark a little TEC chat. UC did a nice job at the Classic( Where was Hall and Lumpkin?) I will officially agree that UC is the best team in the TEC, I still think it will be close.... Good luck this weekend Coachi
  15. coachi123

    TEC preditions

    Just my opinion, but Union Co. will not have five champs. I can see Phillips ans duck being champs anywhere they go. I'm not so sure anyone else is a lock. Fuller, Rogers, and Gesell could be right there, but again not a lock. here are some of my picks right now...( I have not seen Union City wrestle) 103 Un. Co. 112 Cv 119 Tri 125 open 130tri 135Hag 140Un. co. or ...... 145Cv 152Un. Co. or Win. or Cv 160NE 171open 189Un. Co 215 Tri Hwt. Win Just something to get some talk started, I really don't no all the heads up matches that have already happened. Lets see some picks!!!

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