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  1. We were there and didn't hear that announcement about starting earlier but may have been because we were packing up to head out to eat. We were in line to get ice cream when they started, not real happy that we missed a few good matches either.
  2. He is a good kid!! I noticed him drilling with his opponent after that last match as well. He is a child and he will make mistakes but he ALWAYS works hard to try and correct those mistakes, including how he handles wins/losses. He is passionate about this sport and I feel he is no more unsportsman like than a whole crowd of fans from a certain school boo'ing him all day and cheering on his opponents just to spite him. That also didn't go unnoticed by me. We are proud of you Caleb and can't wait to see you wrestle this weekend!!
  3. The team is looking phenomenal and are hungry this year!! Big things are happening for this program
  4. I don't know your family personally but know several families who do and all have spoke highly about Vinny, and how great of a kid he is. He has made a lasting impression on many people involved in this sport and while that won't take away the sting of last nights outcome I hope you all know that he is a champ in many eyes because of his class. Thank you for raising a great kid who has been a great role model for the younger generations!
  5. Praying for you all! This hit me hard when I was told Sunday. Your family has always been so friendly and sweet to everyone. Could you post arrangements for those of us that are local?
  6. I watched it on my lunch break today, there was another lady in the room with me who just didn't have a clue. I tried to explain to her WHY it was so funny but I don't think she really understood. Soooo perfect though!
  7. Our wrestling team is heading up to show their support!
  8. We have 2 four wheel drive vehicles that can carry 6 and 5 extra people, I know if our school isn't allowed to participate and if allowed I will be making sure my son gets there and would gladly grab any and all kids that wanted me to pick them up! What a sad scenario if some schools won't allow wrestlers to travel to sectionals that might still be held.
  9. I babysit a little guy with DS and this pulls on my heartstrings in a MAJOR way! I will be sharing and hopefully we can get him on sports center!!!
  10. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D I just saw the update on fb and got cold chills!!! I am soooooo excited to hear he is back!! We love watching him and cheering him on, this weekend wasn't the same without him on those mats at Connersville! BEST news I have heard today!!!!
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