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  1. Antknee

    Bremen RWO

    Here we go! Tonight @ 5:30pm is another chance to get mat time under your belt. Take advantage of this. State Qualifier for the Lions and former Indiana Tech wrestler, Tyler Moser, will be in the room!
  2. Antknee

    Bremen RWO

    5:30pm this coming Monday in the Lions Den! Don’t miss out on a chance to get better and help yourself prepare for HYWAY State coming up on March 30th! If someone can latdrop Coach Tyler Moser (Bremen State Qualifier), they get a free shirt!
  3. Antknee

    Bremen RWO

    It's time! It's time! Tonight at 5:30pm we are back, dude! Quality mat time, a lot of live, and the opportunity to get better while having fun. Tap, snap, or take a nap. You make the decision! See everyone later today! #CallUsButter #BecauseWeAreOnARoll
  4. Antknee

    Bremen RWO

    I've never met anyone that regretted working hard. Come bring the pain next Monday @ 5:30pm! This is the time to better yourself and reach your potential.
  5. Bremen High School will be hosting the 2nd annual SuperCade Duals on Saturday, May 11th. Last year we had a great day of quality wrestling. We had 8 full teams last year, with guys from all over the state. This year, we are looking to get up to at least 10 teams. We have solid commitments from several teams thus far and are looking for more. Brownsburg (4x 3A Team State Champs) and Franklin Central are locked in! If you are looking for a competitive team duals tournament, this is for you! Please, contact me at BremenWC@gmail.com if you're interested. Flyer is attached. SuperCade 2nd Annual.pdf
  6. Antknee

    Bremen RWO

    March 11th we open our doors for a Regional Wrestling Opportunity! Come join the party at 5:30pm. Enter Door 16 and immediately turn left. You will head straight into the Lions Den.
  7. Antknee

    Bremen RWO

    Beginning Monday, March 11th, Bremen High School will host a Regional Wrestling Opportunity at 5:30pm! Come get better in the Lions Den and get one step above your competition. Last year was a great first year and we hope to make this year even better!
  8. Antknee

    Laplace vs Brewer Friday night

    Get your popcorn ready! It's gonna be a show.
  9. Antknee

    Regional Format

    Penn uses 3 mats for the first round, then they go down to 2 for the semis and finals.
  10. Antknee

    South Bend Washington vs. Bremen

    South Bend Washington
  11. Antknee

    Bremen vs. Mishawaka Marian

  12. Antknee

    West Noble vs. Bremen

  13. Antknee

    Bremen vs. South Bend St. Joseph

  14. Antknee

    Bremen vs. Mishawaka Marian

  15. Antknee

    Triton vs. Bremen


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