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  1. Bremen goes to East Chicago whereas Northwood who is 10 minutes down the road goes to Fort Wayne. Warsaw goes to East Chicago as well. In order for them to get to Penn for the Regional they have to pass Northwood and Jimtown, who both go to Fort Wayne. It makes no sense. Both Bremen and Warsaw should be going through the Fort Wayne Semi-State.
  2. 5:30pm tomorrow! Be there!!
  3. Today at 5:30pm! Enter door 16
  4. Tomorrow at 5:30pm! Enter Door 16
  5. Today @ 5:30pm! Enter Door 16 and get ready to scrap.
  6. Back to the grind on Tuesday, April 13th! Enter Door 16 and the Lions Den is to your left.
  7. Today at 5:30pm!! Enter Door 16
  8. Tomorrow at 5:30pm, enter Door 16!
  9. Tomorrow at 5:30pm! Enter Door 16 and wear a mask!
  10. It's GO TIME! Next Tuesday, March 23rd @ 5:30pm! Enter Door 16 and wear a mask until practice. If symptomatic, don't come. Already have coaches bringing in groups of kids!
  11. Gregg was an outstanding man. Very tough day for this community. He was one of my all time favorite coaches.
  12. Starting March 23rd Tuesdays 5:30-7pm! Enter Door 16 at Bremen High School. Wear a mask until practice starts. Please stay home if symptomatic.
  13. Thank you for the opportunity to be in the Vote! D, thank you for the kind words! Can't wait to get a group together to come down to the burg.
  14. It is cool to see programs like yours work toward being successful. Proof is in the pudding. Put the work in to build it, the athletes will come. My program has come a long way from nothing and we fully expect to be a contender because of the work we are putting in to make our program fun, interesting, and competitive by utilizing the offseason with as much mat time as possible. I started am offseason tournament when I was at Jimtown. We brought in teams like Brownsburg and others. I carried it over to Bremen, inviting teams like Brownsburg, Wawasee, FW Carroll, Franklin Central. We attend offseason tournaments, RWOs in our own room, other RTCs/RWOs. Midwest RTC recently opened up which is about 45 min from us. Midwest Xtreme opened not too long ago in the Mishawaka/South Bend area. There are opportunities out there, you just have to seize them. Again, it is not easy by any means. It takes passion, dedication, etc. Bremen is on the right path with parent and wrestler buy in.
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