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  1. I began coaching at Mishawaka a year after I had graduated from there, and spent 2 years learning from a HOF coach. Moved on from there and spent 6 years at Jimtown, coaching the likes of Kenny Kerrn, Hunter Watts, etc. I had the privilege of learning under another HOF coach. Three years ago, myself and friends/coaches that I trust, took over a program that was in desperate need of a revival. Our first year at Bremen we had 5 kids at the High School level, 13 at the middle school, and 19 came out for the first time for our youth program. Last year we had 11 at the high school, 30 in middle school, and 35 in our club. Going into this year, we have 20 at the high school level, expecting 30+ in the middle school, and we just ended our introductory youth camp with over 40 kids. Our Club is expected to have at least 30+, starting next week, and we are competing in elementary duals in a few weeks. For the first time in about 5 years, Bremen should have a full high school lineup. None of this would be possible if I didn’t have coaches around myself that helped out as much as they do, parents believing in the process, and our philosophy. Good things are in motion and it is exciting to see what we are accomplishing in terms of rebuilding a program. Everything else will fall into place as we move forward! Call us butter, because we are on a roll!
  2. 12/19/2019 12:00 AM
  3. 12/05/2019 12:00 AM
  4. Barbarian Apparel. I've used them for both Jimtown and Bremen. Great pricing and fantastic material.
  5. We will not have our RWO this week. Sorry for the inconvenience. We will resume next Monday at 5:30pm!
  6. Back at it tonight at 5:30pm! Enter Door 16. Bremen SuperCade 2, is this Saturday!
  7. Back in action tonight at 5:30pm! Enter Door 16
  8. There will be no RWO tonight. See everyone next Monday!
  9. Back again tonight at 5:30pm! Come join. Enter Door 16
  10. Monday at 5:30pm! Enter Door 16. What's the point of this? To reach the next level. Why not go? There are plenty of kids to wrestle. #RiseToTheOccasion and take advantage of this RWO. There is always someone else outworking you, especially if you don't do anything. Come hang out, have fun, and get a lot of live wrestling in with other talented studs that are striving to be the best at what they do! That is all. I'm out!
  11. Another solid room last night! Thanks to all that came. Next Monday should be no different. We expect it to be a jumpin room, with little ankle biters all the way to seniors in high school. These guys range from big to small, so there will be a lot of talent to choose from and all of the coaches that are in the room that can roll too!! There are no excuses to not use this opportunity to reach the next level.
  12. Back at it again tonight at 5:30pm! Enter Door 16 and turn left.
  13. Come join us tonight at 5:30pm in the Lions Den! With a lot of schools on Spring Break this week, us included, there is still an opportunity to get a workout in. Our doors are open for anyone that is still in the area looking for a scrap. I'm sure you can find one in the Den. Especially, those that are competing at Scholastic Duals this coming weekend. Enter Door 16 and turn left.
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