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  1. Good sources tell me that Paul K will be heading to Wisconsin and Nick to State College spring semester Families can share facts if they feel necessary
  2. HUGE Congrats to Paul Konrath National Championship in Fargo Making Southern Indiana and MVHS proud J Rohlman
  3. Union County Junior(11), Brock Ervin, will be going for his 4th hOLIDAY Classic title this year He won his 1st as an eight grader What a fun kid !
  4. InterMat has S Micic at #2 in the nation at 113
  5. InterMat has C Red at #11 in Nation at 106
  6. Lannert with impressive pin in rd2
  7. Boehm over Sanders 6-1 B -TD2 B-NF3 S - E1 B-E1
  8. Bieberstine 45-0 Knura 34-1 beat by Bass at Evv semi state Karl 37-2 Boehm 52-3 And my pick for the toughest class this year Iyan Bass. 45-0
  9. Heavyweight hmmmmmmm......... Andy Schneider dominated the 90s from Mt. Vernon
  10. Post the same in two years and the answer is absolutely Howe Based on results as of today....I go with Griffith and IU grad ! !
  11. 106 Brown Kuhn Seng Arney 113 Davis Stock Mastison Johnson 120 Welch Johns Johnson Goebel 126 wedding Vanhook Pierre Hoehn 132 Moody Schoeder Meiring Oakley 138 Lannert Kelly Hoehn Frymire Thats all for now
  12. Can someone please post the brackets ? I'm dying over here Trying to understand how mi amigo from the westside determined his picks ! !
  13. Huge Thanks to the 126lb Finals Match Two class act kids from class act families Would pay money every weekend to see that match over and over Good Luck to Logan and Brock in 2012
  14. Does anyone have information on who is participating in the Jan 7 2012 Paoli Invitational ?
  15. Quick Pin update as of Dec 10, 2011 138 lbs Jon Hoehn - Mt. Vernon (Posey) over Mt. Carmel (IL) 16 seconds at Princeton Community 6 way
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